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Friday, June 26, 2015

Apart from Cech no new major signings for Arsenal

By 1970's Gooner

Cech is having a medical today. The sooner the better in case that man Mourinho puts a spanner in the works. It is also very important to go ahead as the security Cech will bring will have a disproportionately much larger effect on the efficiency of the whole team.

And indeed the net effect might well be 10 to 15 points. Now that is huge. Cech's impact in a problem position for Arsenal will be as so obviously substantial as the sudden and momentous impact that Coquelin had on the rest of the team just by performing in a position that was so obviously lying vacant for so long.

But apart from that it appears to me tha Cech's transfer will be our lot this season.

Lets look at each position in turn.

Goalkeepers now no need.

Right back, Bellerin and Debuchy more than good enough.

Left back, Monreal and Gibbs again more than good enough.

Centre back, here you have only three players in koscienly, The BFG and Gabriel. I believe we need another defender here but I think Wenger will, wrongly, ride his lack wishing no injuries happen to two of these three at the same time! He will be assuming that if need be Monreal and Debuchy can fill in if and when needed. He certainly will not buy an established starter as this will unsettle the other  players.

In midfield there is a plethora of creative midfielders in Cazorla, Ramsey, Wilshere, Rosicky, Arteta. But he only has two defensive midfielders one of which is excellent, Coquelin and another whose efficiency has deteriorated, Flamini.

Here he needs to add another defensively minded midfielder to cover adequately for Coquelin. Again I do not see Wenger buying a first team starter as he would like to obviously continue with Coquelan who has been impressive. I rate him higher than Matic...

What Wenger might do is buy a young and promising defensive midfielder who could fill in when needed. Somehow however I do not see it. He will use Flamini and also Wilshere. Yes Wilshere, who in my opinion he will be ideal for this position. He has the aggression the physique and the technical quality. There are of course question marks over his ankles but if he has trully got over that problem then why not try him in that position if the need arises?

For the forward positions again we need a proven goal scorer but Wenger will look at the goals scored last season and see that the goals were shared throughout the team. So he will not want to rock the boat there. There is Giroud who scored 14 gols having missed 3 months early in the season. There is Welbeck and of course now there is Walcott (with the Ox ready to play on the wing if need be).

So there you are. We should be buying for three positions (cb, dm and cf) but Wenger is likely to look for solutions from within.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Arsene should tell Mourinho what to do

By 1970's Gooner

Arsene actually called Fergie an annoying man, if you remember. But Mourinho can be so annoying, really.

He cannot accept that a player of his has chosen to play for Arsenal. He fears us so much he refused us last season the loan deal for Demba Ba and now he tries to meddle with one of our younger stars in a kind of recriminatory retaliation asking for his transfer to Chelsea!

And that hack of his, Ray Wilikins, comes on Talksport without any time to waste and goes on about what a good addition to Chelsea's squad he will be.

Firstly we should tell him where to go. Arsene should tell him where to go.

There is no way that we are going to sell the Ox. We would rather stay with our current goalkeepers. Let's face it Ospina has been very reliable in this his first season and he is bound to improve as all foreign players do in their second season.

And secondly the Ox himself will not want to warm the bench like Salah and Cuadrado have done before him.

So you know what to do Mr Mourinho.

Friday, June 05, 2015

Cech likely to sign for Arsenal

By 1970's Gooner

It seems that Mourinho will be overruled by Abramovich and let Cech decide which team to continue his illustrious career. And Cech is likely to choose Arsenal over Manchester United as his family is settled in London; he will not want to force a change of school and city on his family.

The trouble is whether Arsene Wenger will want to bring Cech to Arsenal!

He has to take into consideration the existing three goalkeepers he already has on Arsenal's books. If Cech is to become the new Lehman, Wenger will have to let one of his goalkeepers go. And we all know how he loathes giving up on players he brought to the club and his commitment to them.

However Cech's impact on Arsenal will be extremely momentous. In two ways:

First he will bring the authority, presence and the top quality that Arsenal need to launch at last a title winning campaign.

But what is of equal importance is the lift it will give to the rest of the players who will feel that they have a world class goalkeeper to look after the nets.

Do not underestimate the impact on the fans too. We will feel that we are now (and Wenger) really, really serious about winning the title again.

In my opinion his transfer fee could be easily recouped by selling Szczesny and promoting the very promising Martinez.

The worse decision will be for Wenger to do nothing and keep the same keepers at the club.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Asrenal player analysis and ratings vs Chelsea

By 1970's Gooner

1. Chelsea's defence and overall team set up and organisation are slightly better than Arsenal's although Arsenal have improved a great deal this second half of the season

2. Ozil faded badly in the second half which was a major cause for the slowing down of the team and becoming much less penetrative

3. Arsenal's lack of width was a major weakness. All attacks were directed through the middle falling into Chelsea's trap. The full backs were not going forward too much and the wide players (Sanchez and Ramsey) were not really wide players. Walcott's introduction showed us what it might have been but alas it was too late

4. Giroud was ineffective

5. Coquelin is a much better defensive midfielder than Matic. He has more technical ability and vision.

6. Mertesacker has improved a lot when compared to the start of the season.

7. Arsenal are now up there with Chelsea in terms of competitiveness. If Arsene Wenger buys a quality keeper, Central defender and another Coquelin type of player we will win the League

Ospina 7

Bellerin: Was not going forward enough but was good defensively. Kept Hazard quiet. 6

Monreal: The left back of the Premier League. 7

Mertesacker: 7

Koscienly: Up there with the Terrys. 8

Coquelin: 8

Cazorla: Disappointing first half improved somewhat in the second. 5.5

Ramsey: Is wasted on the wing and came into his own when moved in the middle. 6

Ozil: Very good in the first half but very disappointing in the 2nd. Should have been substituted. 5.5

Giroud: 5

Sanchez: His effort cannot be disputed. The only one who went direct on them. 6.5

Friday, April 03, 2015

Analysis of Wenger's selection for the 11 vs Liverpool

By 1970's Gooner

The long term injured players are back in the squad along with the returning international players and Arsene Wenger has difficult decisions to make on a number of positions.

Lets start with the difficult ones.

Walcott or Welbeck or Ozil for the one remaining flank position as I would expect that Alexis will start on the other flank.

Walcott would have a good chance of starting because Welbeck has a problem with his knee picked up on international duty. Wenger said that Welbeck has a small chance to play. Really? A small chance or is he playing mind games with Rodgers?

In any case, let's reserve judgement until we eliminate Ozil from contesting a start on the flank. I believe that Wenger will start Ozil but he will loath to move him on the flank as the player's recent fine form has materialised when he was deployed through the middle as a number 10.

Which leaves the choice between Welbeck and Walcott. I believe that if Welbeck can start he will start. This is because Welbeck has been in very good form recently scoring goals against Man Utd and on international duty. Wenger will want his good form to continue. Additionally Walcott has lost confidence and has not convinced when he was given his chance by Wenger. 

This means that Ramsey will start on the bench. If he was fit I believe that Wenger will have rested Cazorla instead as Ramsey is picking up form and has also scored for Wales in Israel and for Arsenal at Monaco.

You do not disrupt such form when one of your key players is performing so well. However he did come off in Israel before the end of the game. Taking into account his recent injury problems I believe that he will not be risked by Wenger from the start.

The rest of the selections are straight forward aren't they?


Bellerin   Gabriel  Koscienly  Monreal

Coquelin Cazorla


Welbeck   Giroud   Sanchez 

Bench: Szczesny, Debuchy, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Ramsey, Flamini,Walcott

Prediction: Arsenal 3 Liverpool 2 (Walcott will score)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Arsenal player ratings and analysis vs Newcastle

By 1970's Gooner

It could have been a walk in the park. We scored 2 goals in the first half and were dominating the game. Yet the Arsenal players acted as though the game was already finished at half time thinking that the Newcastle players changed their boots for flip flops in the dressing room.

We were slow, sleepy and unready to combat the tenacity with which the opponents turned up for the second part. Our marking was not as tight and the cover for players began to be overlooked. Once they scored it was game on. Something we could have done without taking into consideration that the players were tired from the CL game at Monaco.

Credit to the players though who fought hard and kept the result. Credit to Arsene Wenger for putting Bellerin on to help the underachieving Chambers (he is not a right back), Rosicky to help keep the ball more and Flamini to bolster the midfield (he should have kept Sanchez on though and taken Welbeck off).


Had a good solid game again with some very good saves especially the point blank header and the deflected shot. 8


Out of his depth IMO. He is too slow for a right back and lacks positioning sense. He was continually being overrun or out of position. 4


A strong performance and was a leader there at the back. Mistimed his interception in the box however which could have resulted in a penalty. 7


Made no mistakes, played it safe when he needed to and was strong in the air. The BFG is not getting his place back that's for sure. 7


A reasonable performance and kept a good balance between defence and attack. His run of games in the early part of the season as a centre back has helped him regain form enormously. 6


Strong and solid until he got hurt again on his nose which made him loose concentration and give the ball away a few times. Overall THE defensive midfielder we have been looking for. 7


Had a quiet game today probably suffering the effects of the overexertion in the CL game. Made no significant runs forward nor did he control the midfield as per usual. 5


He disappointed me today. He was below par his usual high standards. He over kept the ball on occasion and only got in the box once when he should have scored. Was surprised that Wenger did not sub him. 5


He hasn't reached the heights of earlier in the season but he is still, through his work rate and ability to run forward with the ball, an important player for Arsenal. 6


I was disappointed with his performance today. He is quick but his decision making throughout was lacking. He went passed the defender in the second half in a quick counter attack as though he was not there. But inexplicably chose to shoot from a tight angle instead of passing to the unmarked Giroud or Ramsey who were ready to put the game out of reach. 5


Had a wonderful MOTM performance, scored two quick goals and held the ball up very well when we needed to come out of defence in the second half. 9

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The newspaper journalists are unfair on Arsenal

By 1970's Gooner

I am surprised at the negative way the British press is reporting Arsenal's failure to progress in the CL. They make it sound as though we were rubbish over the two legs, that we are an also run team and that we are not serious contenders for major honours.

Although there is an element of truth in this I feel they are missing the wood for the trees. They are forgetting the following:

- Arsenal have won 20 of their last 25 games! Inclusive of this win at Monaco who have not let a goal in in their last 14 home games.

- All these know it all journalists seem to forget that their PL champions elect, Chelsea, were knocked out of the CL at home, in the same round as Arsenal, by a team playing with 10 men since the 31st minute while they were 2 1 up!

Yet no one of this fine journalists dared to SERIOUSLY challenge the mental attitude of the Chelsea players, their apparent naivety at seeing the game through and come to that their ability to see this PL campaign through.

- Were it not for a run of a large number of injuries at the beginning of the season, a World Cup hangover and Wenger's stubborn refusal to buy defensive reinforcements during the summer, Arsenal would be above Chelsea at the moment in the PL.

- Even after all this I believe that we can mount a serious challenge for the PL THIS season. Chelsea are beginning to run out of steam while Arsenal are gathering a very strong momentum. There are still 9 games to go (Chelsea have 10) and all you need is for Chelsea to lose two and draw two... Ok you may feel that is stretching it a bit but is it really? They have to play us at the Emirates don't forget...

- And finally one must consider that Arsenal have only last season managed to bring the stadium debt to comfortable levels. This means that Wenger's astute management during the 9 lean years can now end and he can reinforce the team with high quality players. As he has been doing. 

But this cannot be done in time zero. You need time to build a title winning team just as Chelsea and Man City did. Wenger is in his first season of a three year project (contract). Believe me he will deliver. 


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Why did Ozil have to start? Why did 9 other players have to start?

By 1970's Gooner

It was a shocking performance from every one of them. There was no urgency, tactical awareness or a plan of how to break the opposition down. There was also no width which allowed Monaco to flood the middle of their defence and defend well.

Giroud missed three clear cut chances. A header, a cut back from Sanchez and skying the rebound from the goalkeeper after Walcott's shot was parried. If he had scored from only one of them the outcome would have been very different.

Sanchez was just a busy bee again. Welbeck tried but wasn't good enough.

Cazorla was ok in the first half but faded in the second. He played too deep and there was gap between him and the rest of the forwards. There was no urgency nor did he make enough of those surging runs.

All four defenders had a bad game. Mertesacker the worst. He was so much at fault for both their goals. The first one he could have moved his body out of the way. The second he sold himself  way beyond the half way line thus allowing them a clear run on goal outnumbering the rest of the remaining defenders i.e Koscienly!

Why oh why does Ozil have to start? He offered nothing tonight. He offers nothing in big games. He is dozy, shies away from the rough side of the game and gets so frustrated that he just gives up. Like last season we are playing almost with 10 men. Wenger has to own up that he made a dud buy.

Still why did he not sub him at half time? Why did he not sub him in the second half then? We would have had a better chance to come back.

We had a terrible night where nothing went right. They had a great night where everything went right for them. It will not be like that in the return leg.

We can turn it round at their place and run them close. We might even qualify....

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Adrian Durham anti Arsenal what an absolute clown!

By 1970's Gooner
I feel sorry for Adrian Durham.
It seems that he is and feels inadequate to be a smart, objective and penetrating journalist like so many journalists serving their profession. So he tries to make a living for himself by adopting the most distorted and extreme views on anything that is news.
He does this intentionally to rile and wind up the fans so that he gets the reaction and the readership that justifies his continual employment.
His latest tirade is against Arsenal for the Daily Mail. His take is that Arsenal fans intentionally talk up and elevate their players into heroes with fantastic ability compared to the top players in the world.
Here is what he wrote today:
They don’t win big trophies, so in order to try to keep themselves in the picture towards the top of the table, and keep up the image of a big club still up there with the big boys, they have to over-promote their players on a rotation basis beyond their true abilities.

If Arsenal were as good as their fans believe, they would top the Premier League and be favourites for the Champions League'.

Here is a summary of what he wrote:
  • Mesut Ozil cost £42million and was billed as Arsenal's world-class star
  • Aaron Ramsey was next big thing before attention went to Alexis Sanchez
  • Francis Coquelin was also supposed to be the next shiny superstar
  • The spotlight has turned to Spanish playmaker Santi Cazorla
  • But few managers would sign him over Eden Hazard or David Silva
  • Arsenal fans keep themselves in the picture by over-promoting players

He compares Mertesacker to Kleberson!! He forgets that the BFG won the World Cup!
He concludes that Real without Ozil won the CL but with Arsenal only the FA Cup. He forgets that Germany with Ozil won the World Cup.
He says that no team will sign Cazorla ahead of David Silva or Hazard. Yet he accepts that Athletico Madrid might want to get him on board. Yes Athletico who have won La Liga ahead of both Real AND Barcelona.
And he goes on and on...
I borrowed a description that a Stoke fan used to describe him on Talksport radio: 
'What an absolute clown'
He ends his piece in the Mail with this:
'If these players really are as good as Arsenal fans want us to believe, the Gunners would be top of the Premier League table and favourites to win the Champions League.  But they’re not'.
And I ask him:
So therefore all the Manchester City players are crap because they are not top of the PL and are not favourites to win the CL!!!!
All Chelsea players are crap since they are not favourites to win the CL!!!
All PL teams are full of crap players because they are not top of the League and are not favourites to win the CL!!!!
Adrian Durham: What an absolute clown......

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Five surprises in Arsenal's line up vs Leicester

By the Coach

Arsene Wenger is expected to make more changes than many pundits have dared to predict for tonight's game against Leicester. And most of the changes are intended to give a rest to some players who have been out with injury recently and not wishing to play them after only a three day rest.

In defence Gibbs is due to start instead of Monreal who has been a regular recently but who needs a rest. The rest of the defence remains the same.

In midfield Rosicky comes in for Ramsey who has been way below par recently. Cazorla keeps his place and is given the chance to prove that his abysmal performance at the Lane was just a blip.

The third change is the most surprising one as Flamini is due to be given a rare start in place of the awesome Coquelin who is also rested.

Remember most of these players played three days ago and Wenger may feel that his squad is big enough and strong enough to make rotation a viable option especially with regard to bringing that awful injury record down to reasonable proportions.

And the last changes in attack are Sanchez for Ozil and Walcott for Welbeck.


Bellerin   Mertesacker  Koscienly  Gibbs


Rosicky  Cazorla

Walcott  Giroud  Sanchez