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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Unlike Reyes, Wenger doesn’t mind the weather. So is he staying?

By 1970's Gooner

My take of the Wenger interview on Sky is that he is more likely to stay at Arsenal football Club beyond his current contract rather than go!

All the newspapers and other electronic media have followed Sky’s spin on what the Arsenal manager said after the friendly game at Barnet (Arsenal won 2 – 0 Adebayor and Nacer Bazarite the scorers. You can watch the goals on the video window!)

Asked if he thought he would stay beyond his existing contract, he told Sky Sports News: "I have shown my commitment in the past."

Pressed on whether that meant he would be staying, he added:

"I will come out at the right moment... maybe when you don't ask me the question but I am not bothered about the English weather…..”! (you can listen to part of the interview on the video window)

The last reference to the weather was not reported by Sky.

Now what the hell has this got to do with whether he is staying or going you may well ask?

Well, the interviewer prior to asking him about his own intentions, asked about Reyes’s future.

Wenger, who was in a jovial mood, joked that Reyes wanted to leave because he didn’t like the rain and the English weather in general. And that he (Wenger) couldn’t change that for him!

And that’s why when asked about his own commitment Wenger, after saying "I will come out at the right moment" added “but I am not bothered about the English weather…..”!

I choose to interpret this as a positive sign.

It has been reported that a new deal is already on the table for him. I feel that the Board will not have gone into the trouble of drawing up a new set of terms and a contract if they did not feel that their chances of succeeding were good.

Wenger will not say anything about his future on a Saturday afternoon after a friendly match standing in front of a camera on the side of an empty pitch. He will want to do it properly at a press conference at the Emirates.

When he chooses.