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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Are you English or Goonerish?

Hi Fellow Gooners! Wrighty7 here

Are you like me and fed up of England raising your hopes only to be let down time and time again?

Well from now on, I'm no longer English and I would like to set up a new Nationality ...."Goonerish"!

As you know, Arsenal have exciting times ahead. The future of the club is bright and we should celebrate this new era by throwing the shackles of being English away and create a new nation called "Goonerish".

So cast your vote as to whether you are "Goonerish" or "English"

You might feel both of course but which do you feel stronger?

Ed: Tell us what you think on the issue by leaving your comments. We will publish the more intresting (and publishable ones) in a future article on this site.


Anonymous said...

goonerish sounds about right for me.on a serious note :what is that guy/gal on arsenal muse on about? the coward does not allow for post/comments either. always spewing out some gibberish or the other. with all his ill-gotten wealth assl*cker kuntmanov could hire a more literate person to do his dirty work for him

Abby said...

Well, I put down Goonerish, but admittedly I'm American. So I can't be English anyway.

However, our football team did win away on Wednesday...

Sue said...

Goonerish all the way!

Anonymous said...

Goonerish all the way, Im Danish, but I would say the same about our national team. A weekend like the last one without prem footy just is no real weekend!

Anonymous said...

To Abby

American football has improved a lot with many American players playing in the UK and elsewhere in the world.

Do you think that you can beat England right now?

Richard said...

In response to anonymous - Arsenal Muse is an anagram of El arse Usman

Anonymous said...

Goonerish! sounds good. feels good. i feel really very sorry for the 3 lions . i'm actually a zionist but i really wish they'll make it to the championships at least if its still possible.

Anonymous said...

Agree with anony at 8.17 just who is this Arsenal muse idiot and have looked for his comments link but found nothing.

Memo to self, try to remember not to open his blogs as it will no doubt wind me up further.

gooner geezer said...

GOONERISH all the way. i'm Zimbabwean by birth and my country won the Africa Cup of Nations final last...err.....errr.....errrr, Houston we have a problem!

Joe said...

Got to be Goonerish, international football is just a waste of space and despite being English I couldn't care less if England win or lose. If Arsenal lose, however, it's game over for the week.

And as for Arsenal Muse, what a load of shite. Switch on the comments if you've got the balls, Muse Boy/Girl (and buy a grammar checker).

Anonymous said...

Always have been Goonerish. I can't see how anyone can cheer for players whom we spend most of the time hating. When Eire had three Arsenal players in the 70s, I bought an Eire scarf and went to Wembley to watch them play England. Arsenal every single time, every single match, every single player.

Anonymous said...

Goonerish all day long!

Anonymous said...

Racists like you need to be crushed and spitted upon if football is to survive.No gooner need to respond to your silly "quiz"

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