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Friday, February 22, 2008

Manchester United, Chelsea and Real copy Wenger’s youth transfer policy

By 1970’s Gooner

Arsene Wenger’s transfer strategy has began to bear fruits with the young guns stunning everyone with their beautiful football and their relentless pursuit of the Premiership title.

Arsene Wenger has for some time now abandoned buying established stars since paying huge sums of money for their signatures has proved no guarantee of success.

He has instead created a world wide network of scouts who scour the globe for emerging young talent which has the potential to be moulded into what Wenger considers football excellence.

He has undoubtedly been proved right as the Arsenal squad is now full of Academy players who have gone through Wenger’s tutelage in the art of playing the beautiful game.

As first reported by Arsenal Analysis one such player could have been with Arsenal since last season but his Brazilian club “Corinthians” refused to sell him.

Arsene Wenger was first to recognize Dentinho’s abilities and prospects who is regarded as one of South America’s hottest talents.

Now it seems that Spanish giants Real Madrid have seen the light and have decided to adopt Wenger’s approach to transfer policy by trying to attract young talent to their Academies and nurturing them into first team players.

The Spanish sports paper “Marca” reports that one such player is Brazilian wonderkid Dentinho.He is the one on the right of the photo.

It is reporting that Real Madrid’s technical Director, Miguel Angel Portugal, has shifted the emphasis away from the known “Galactico” approach.

The club was investing huge sums of money to buy world renowned stars such as David Becham and Ronaldo, whose contribution however was doubted by many in Spain.

He has now focused on finding young players who have the potential to become first team players with a budget of a few million euros.

Chelsea and Manchester United: Me too!

Now it seems that both Manchester United and Chelsea are also following Wenger’s strategy of buying young rather than breaking the bank every time they need to buy a player.

In Chelsea’s case it’s rather breaking Roman Abramovic’s pockets than the bank. But nevertheless Abramovic has so far spent 576 m on his pet team which is not an unsubstantial sum at all.

And they need to do it as their academy has not really produced any first team squad players of note yet. As a result they tend to pay through the nose to get the players they need.

Players like Schevschenko (31m), Drogba (24m), Philips (24m), Anelka (12m). Or if they get them on a free pay huge salaries to attract them.

If you look at Manchester United they have not produced any academy player of note since the excellent bunch of Beckham, the Neville brothers, Nicky Butt and Ryan Giggs.

Ok they have Wes Brown, O’ Shea, Fletcher and Piquet but they hardly can be compared to the ones above can they?

Ferguson tends to buy what he needs and like Chelsea he pays through the nose for it. Ronaldo (17m) Carrick (18m), Saha (12m), Nani (15m) Anderson (17m), Hargreaves (26m), Ferdinand (20m) and who knows how much Tevez has or will cost.

Now it seems that both Chelsea and Manchester United have been more quiet on the transfer front in the last window. Chelsea have only recruited Anelka and United Manucho from Angola for a few million pounds.

Indicatively Arsenal have only bought 15 year old Luke Freeman from Gillingham for a few hundred thousand pounds!

Now these two teams have been trying to snatch the latest Arsenal recruit to be, 15 year old Ignasio Miquel, who currently plays for Cornellà.

He is considered to be the next Spanish starlet to follow in the footsteps of Cesc Fabregas and Fran Merida and is recommended to Wenger by Francis Cagigao his scout in Spain.

He was the one that spotted these two youngsters but also recommended Lauren and Almunia.

Manchester United has even sent a letter to the Catalan club registering their interest in the player.

It seems however that the boy is sold to joining Arsenal especially after meeting Cesc Fabregas at London Colney when he visited there with his parents two weeks ago. He also shares the same agent in Joseba Diaz as Cesc’s.

But Manchester United are trying to find their own gems too.

According to Spanish newspaper “Marca” they have even sent Alec Ferguson’s brother and United scout Martin Ferguson to attend last weekend’s encounter between Sevilla and Espanyol in the Primera Division and also to watch a few youth games.

Chelsea are in fact one step ahead. Vincenzo Camilleri a 17 year old who plays for Regina’s youth team has been made a substantial offer to join Chelsea.

The boy refused to play a match with Regina’s youth to travel to London with his mother in search of an agreement with Chelsea. His club however have taken the case to the Italian Federation and they hope to UEFA and FIFA!

Chelsea are also after 15 year old Marc Muniesa who belongs to Barcelona and is captain of the Spanish national Sub-16. They have to fight Barcelona for his signature however.

It looks like where Wenger goes the others follow.


Anonymous said...

i think you will find that OH cost £17mil and ronaldo was £12M depending on apperances

Anonymous said...

Interesting. They haven't really come from your academy have they?

They have been pinched from others.

So really what you're saying is, Real Madrid, Chelsea and Man Utd are all now pinching players which other clubs have developed.

Yep, that's correct.

Wrighty7 said...

Great post,
Wenger has always been light years ahead of his rivals and this post only proves it.

Anonymous said...

you twat! you obviously know fuck all about football, as man u have been head and shoulders above anyone in that respect for years, and i'm not even a united fan you fuck wit!

spear-o said...

great post

Anonymous said...

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