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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Complacent Arsenal think that by just turning up at the Emirates victory is guaranteed

By 1970’s Gooner

Nonchalant, arrogant and naïve. These are the words that a lot of fans are using at the moment.

This is indeed how best this Arsenal and a lot of past Arsene Wenger sides, can be characterised.

All these negative attributes arise from the youthfulness of the players and indeed of any youngsters that you may come upon in everyday life.

The Arsenal youngsters got carried away with the emphatic recent successes at traditionally very traumatic away venues in Blackburn and Bolton, the eulogies from the press and fans alike that followed these results and the fact that a youth team put six past a second tier league team midweek.

So you could see it as soon as the game against Hull started that the player’s attitude was not right. I was getting incensed at their lack of urgency, their almost lethargic pace and the wastefulness in front of goal in again trying to score the perfect goal.

This latter attitude comes from the obviously wrongly held belief that “if we miss this chance we will score the next that we our bound to create. It is Hull after all, they are going to lie down and succumb to our obvious superiority and invulnerability”.

All this attitude was artificially reinforced by the lucky own goal that admittedly Walcott helped create. Now that Arsenal was ahead all the above arrogance and naivety was unfortunately allowed to continue.

The result was that Fabregas, the maestro who usually dictates the momentum and style of play for Arsenal continued to make mistakes with his passing and allowed the slow pace to continue.

But at least this did not necessarily result in punishment so much because Fabregas is usually more involved in the attacking and creative side of Arsenal’s game.

The complacent attitude showed its ugly head in the defensive side of the midfield and in the defence.

Denilson was nowhere to be found when Geovanni picked up the ball after some inept Arsenal defending which first started from Clichy’s uncharacteristic inability to clear.

Geovanni was allowed time and space to move with the ball, pick his spot and unleash an unstoppable shot.

From then on it was quite difficult for the Arsenal players to switch into a different mode from the one they were in prior to the 62nd minute equaliser.

And once again, eight minutes later, we failed at a set piece; we have conceded three of our four goals so far from corners.

On this occasion Gallas was guilty of looking away behind him just as when the corner was being taken. Cousin was thus able to steal a march on him and rise almost unchallenged to back head the ball into the net.

There is every chance that Arsenal will route Porto. This is because the players will now get a kick up the back side and they will respond by being professional, ruthless and pursue a result to prove the doubters wrong.

Because that is what gifted but inconsistent youngsters are prone to do.

Eboue comes of age


Danish Gooner said...

I have read a lot of bullshit in various blogs.We lost but played well !!!!!! Hull deserved their victory !!!!!!! But the biggest drivel was that the defeat was an anomaly !!!! Listen if we want to achieve something we must learn to be clinical to defend set pieces and to be fully concentrated for 93 minutes if we do those things right we will cakewalk the league if not we will have many Hull games.I almost leaned over to puke my guts out when some journo scum said that Hull deserved their on earth can you deserve to win a game where you have had the ball for 30 % of the time and had 3 shoots at goal compared to your opponent who had 15 shoots at goal and the ball for 70 % of the time.Still i would not like to take anythinh away from Hull but deserved it they did not.

Paranoid Gooner said...

1970s Gooner - you are right on all counts. Fulham should've been as much as a kick up the back side as we needed. I think far too many of the youngsters are believing too much of the hype of the past week. I think the players' complacency was reflected by some supporters yesterday too - there were quite a few empty seats there yesterday, which I think was because as it was 'only Hull'.
Danish Gooner - I think Hull deserved it because they tried their best for the whole game

Anonymous said...

Remind me if I'm wrong but Adebayor, Van Persie, Eboue, Clichy, Sagna, Gallas, Toure, Sagna and Almunia aren't exactly youngsters. Then you've got Fabregas who has plenty of first team experience. That leaves two 'inexperienced' youngsters in the side, Walcott and Denilson.

Anonymous said...

to anon 4.31

the majority of the players are youngsters mate. even if they are 21 or 24 with games behind them they are still young in their mind. and it is in the mind that a lot of victories are achieved.

A player is mature whenhe reaches 26 -28 and we have very few of those!

Anonymous said...

Facts more of Hulls shots were on target than ours. 70% possession and 1 goal and 15 shots 85% off target is a waste. If anybody thinks thats a good performance we are in trouble and the players will continue under performing concede from basic set plays like corners. Right now if a team has a game plan we struggle lets not kid ourselves the article was right it was a arrogant performance by many players. I did not see 80grand a week doubled your wages shooting!

Anonymous said...

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