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Friday, November 26, 2010

The three options for replacing Fabregas against Villa

By 1970’s Gooner

It seems certain that Arsenal have to make do without Fabregas for at least two weeks although to my mind, taking into account Fabregas’s dodgy hamstring on the other leg, we will probably have to do without him for longer.

So Arsene Wenger has to come up with a more lasting solution to this problem rather than conjure something for just the Villa game. There are three options available:

1. Promote Jack Wilshere

Arsene Wenger has insistently be playing Jack Wilshere along side Fabregas in almost all games that Jack was fit. This looks like he is fast tracking him in order to prepare him to eventually take over that role.

So Wenger could take the courageous decision and promote Jack to a more central role behind Chamack where he could utilise his magic left foot and try and pull the strings.

I wouldn’t put it past Wenger in taking such a bold move. He sometimes does tend to prioritise the development of a player ahead of a particular game’s needs…

I don’t disagree that Jack has what it takes to develop into a major player for Arsenal Football Club. But to play in this vital position away at Villa Park may prove too early for him.

I hope that Wenger shies away from this option.

2. Rosicky takes central role

Wenger may not want to disturb Asrenal’s established line up too much so he could opt to give Rosicky a more central playmaker’s role. He has been getting back to fitness after that long lay off and his maturity and dexterity could provide the answer.

Nasri could also share the play maker’s role by coming infield, as he does tend to do anyway, switching positions with Rosicky now and then.

But I think most of us would go for the next option.

3. Nasri comes to the fore

The more viable option is to bring the in form Samir Nasri into the middle and play Walcott and Arshavin on the wings.

This is the more obvious and sustainable solution as Nasri is a natural play maker and would relish the opportunity to pull the strings from midfield.

This is what he tends to do anyway as he never stays on the wing too much.

We all saw how he weaved his magic from this position in the France team when they so outplayed a very pedestrian England side in the friendly at Wembley. It was like watching Arsenal play…


Sagna Djourou Squillaci Clichy

Song Denilson


Arshavin Chamack Walcott

P.S I hope that Djourou stays in the team as he has been our best defender so far


Anonymous said...

please not rosicky

French Gooner said...

sagna djourou squillaci clichy


nasri wilshere

theo Chamakh RVP

Drop denilson as he has been our weakest link consistently.

Anonymous said...

Let Nasri stay at his on-form position and not ruin it. Wilsheres won't cut it. And others are out of the question. Put Rosicky there. He does it well at Czech national team.

Anonymous said...

Nasri should not play central.he dallies on the ball too much and this slows down our attacks.rosicky plays one touch football and is very direct.if he scores a goal his confidence will multiply and it will be a massive boost.

Anonymous said...

or you could change formation


Anonymous said...

Please, it's Chamakh not Chamack.

Anonymous said...

Noooooooooo, not Song and Denilson in the same team. One (preferably Song) or the other but not both.

Anonymous said...

Please no Denilson or clichy.

Sagna Djorou Squillaci Gibbs
Theo Wilshere Arshavin

Anonymous said...

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