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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wenger priming his stars for a sprint run in

By 1970’s Gooner

All is not lost yet. We were very close to the three points which would have been achieved with our second 11 and then everybody would have been praising our “strength in depth”.

But we were done by a combination of bad refereeing, too many changes and defensive lapses.

The referee gave Wigan a non existent penalty as there was no contact on the player who in any case was clearly outside the area! And to top it all a clear handball from Nasri’s free kick inside the area was completely ignored. Sickening really when you consider that Fabregas’s similar handball was punished.

But I feel the real reason for dropping the two points were the many changes made by Wenger. Most of the players looked rusty and could not play together as a unit. Just like the away games at Shacktar Donetsk and Braga.

Wenger should have made changes to rest players but not as many. In my opinion Djourou should be starting every game even if there are two days between games. I don’t think he would have scored that own goal….You don’t see Ferguson resting Vidic and Ferdinand too often do you?

Arshavin had a big impact on the game but he is useless defending and tracking back. Eboue needed that support but he often was no where to be seen.

Diaby, Denilson and Rosicky found it difficult to jell.

Wenger should have kept the spine of the team intact. Fabianski, yes. Djourou in the centre of the defense. Song in the middle of the park to provide strength and penetration and van Persie in attack.

Wigan would have had no chance with these players starting.

Still Wenger knows that we are only half way through yet. There is a long way to go and his aim is to prime his key players so that they are fresh enough to be able to put in a sprint on the run in.

Manchester United are not really playing that well this season. They are certainly not playing better than us.

Chelsea are struggling to find form and I don’t see them putting in a run to catch up the lost ground. They will drop more points as they find that their narrow home win against Bolton proves to be a false dawn.

Manchester City are blowing hot and cold and they don’t look capable to put in a consistent run.

And don’t forget we have home games to come against the Manchester teams.

Arsenal though can do it. We have most of our key players back (van Persie, Fabregas and Walcott) and when Vermaelen returns (to play alongside Djourou) no one will be able to catch us.

And this draw at Wigan would be long forgotten….


Anonymous said...

Whenever Arshavin plays (left midfield) his lack of taking his defensive responsibilities seriuosly leaves us exposed on the left side.Every team we play looks to exploit this...& yesterday was no exception. If a central midfielder covers for him it simply leaves us exposed elsewhere. He has great ability as an attacking player, but defensively he is a passenger that the team can't afford.
The most complete team performance
for some time (against Chelsea) came on one of the rare occasions when he didn't play...that's no coincidence.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed ur analysis, it's realistic optimism, not the extremely polarized views of defeatism or grossly misplaced faith.
However I wish the players share ur sense of can-do vigour, cos judging from the evidence from our on field displays, there is a very clear indication of "social loafing" with a lot of our boys. Is it tactical, psychological or physical ineptitude I'm not sure, most likely a mix of all three.
I come from a place where "action speaks louder than words" so to be honest looking at their body language I don't think the players want it as bad as us fans.
That is my lament.

Anonymous said...

My prediction was 5th after the 4 xmas games and I will be right.Team selection against Wigan was arrogant and utter stupidity on so many counts, we were on a high from a great performance, we had most players fit for once, we have had a 2 week break, keep the momentum going, make the changes in the 2nd half if leading team, any pub team manager would have done this.3good points followed by 3 more guaranteed against Wigan = 6 good points,rst your best players against Birmingham so their fit against MC would have meant at least 8 points. Now we are under pressure, confidence not what it would have been and we will loose at least 3 players against the thugs at Birmingham leaving us with a weakened team low on confidence against a team gaining confidence. = total 4 points and 5th in the league. It was not rocket science, now its all over when it need not have been just shear stupidity.

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