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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Player analysis and ratings Vs Birmingham

By 1970’s Gooner

In the end it was a much easier win than any one could have imagined. As I wrote prior to the match we needed to score more than one goal and/or play Djourou. Both happened and it was a pleasure to be able to really enjoy an Arsenal game with both feet up without getting too nervous.

I feel so much secure when Djourou is in the starting eleven. I have been going on about him, I know, but I do really feel that he has been a revelation this year. He is big, tall and is defending very well. When Vermaelen returns they will be a perfect partnership which will provide the defensive security which can propel us to the title.

Fabiansky is slowly but surely becoming a pair of safe hands. His shot stopping has always been good but now he is learning to deal with the high balls and this is even more pleasing. Examples of both were in evidence against Brum. 8


Had a solid game combining with Walcott very well. His crosses however need improving as very few made it beyond the first defender. 6


A good defensive and attacking display today. He often got forward putting some very good crosses. 7


Excellent. See above. 9


Had a good game without mistakes. He is a no nonsense defender who is not afraid to boot the ball out to row Z if he has to and I like that. I think he will grow much better when he gets more used to the Premier League. 6


I keep saying to myself “he is only 19 today this boy”. He has blossomed so much its unbelievable. He is mature, skillful but also possesses that British grit and strength. This combination of attributes are pretty rare. Missed a sitter. 7


He is not yet at his top best from a long lay off but even his second best is pretty enough for most teams in this League. He was at the heart of everything good today and had a hand in all three goals. 9


He was dominant in the middle of the park battling it out with Bowyer and Co without too much trouble. He is immense in this Arsenal team providing that defensive cover that we need. And he gets forward too though today he kept more at his defensive duties.8


What a player he is turning out to be. Now he is maturing, he is 23, he is so much more effective. He knows when to pass and more importantly when to shoot. What a goal he scored today. By dropping his shoulders he put the defender off balance and then unleashed a shot to Foster’s right hand side. 9


He is a much more effective winger this season. He is able to pick his cut backs and his crosses well, something he was not that good at last season. He is also getting among the goals. His pace and trickery, which he has learned to use to good effect, troubled Birmingham’s defenders no end today. 7

Van Persie

He is getting back to match fitness now and the more he does that the more effective he becomes. He needs a few more games to get to his best but like Cesc even at his second best he is a very effective player.

He also combines well with Cesc and Nasri which adds to the overall team built up and performance. Chamakh is more of a front target man whereas van Persie often drops back to get involved in the play.

Scored the free kick (through the gap that Cesc left in the wall) but also missed a few sitters! He will get better as the season progresses which will help the team in the run in for the title. 8

Man of the Match: Cesc Fabregas


danny-kelly said...

wow didnt realise Carson was in goal for Birmingham...

Anonymous said...



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Kr said...

Wow you don't seem to like kos I thought him and djouro were brilliant his tackling is amazing

Anonymous said...

Eh, by your own admission, Kos had a good game and didn't make any mistakes, yet you only give him 6/10?

That is a little bit sus, Djourou and Kos were very impressive today dealing with the majority that came their way.

Personally, I don't see how one could be rated higher than the other, for me, they were both 8s.

However, as is often the case, Djourou is flavour of the month and Kos is not.

Anonymous said...

Koscielny is garbage.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again I've always enjoyed ur posts.
Sure everyone has bias but you tried to be honest in your assessment which I liked.
No sugarcoating with "keep the faith" or lamblasting "off with his head".
I thought you were quite generous with the ratings but that's ok with me, for the team that turned up had the fire in their eyes, which is all that matters to me.
Let's hope they get fired up for every game from now on.

Anonymous said...

Koscielny was our best player today I thought. He won everything, solid in the air and perfect on the ground. But he plays so much better when he has Djourou alongside him. That combination is excellent.
Also I thought Fabregas was good but 9? It's not as if he was magnificent. He was fine, that's it.

Anonymous said...

The dumb clueless twat who claoms Koscielny is garbage can fuck off to Le Grove where snide, vile piss poor comments are creamed over

Anonymous said...

Great win, 2nd half we were champion quality, I hate the vile knockers who post as much as I hate spuds, chavs & shitty... Who I hope we play to our best against, huge game... Kos is twice the player with Johan
Arsene Knows

J.Astamaan said...

Djourou-9 Koscielny-6
Are you blind? Why does Kos always get a crap rating even though its obvious he's doing most the defending, Djourou had a ok game but nothing in comparison to Kos, I think he's new and an easy target for wingers but hey the fact is he is a better defender than Djourou and even though he keeps proving himself some clowns prefer to ignore it....Wake up!!!

Belvedere said...

Pretty good analysis. Ratings seemed a bit off but I'm still too foggy from a well-earned hangover to labour/labor the point.

Hopefully the same squad can play on Wednesday against a clear title contender.

Anonymous said...

the guy who writes this shit sounds like he is 10 this blog is SHIT!

Anonymous said...

They've got (or at least had) one of the meanest defences in the PL. Man U struggled for a draw there (less than a week ago) and Chelski lost there. In their previous nine home league games this season, Birmingham had conceded a total of seven goals and in one match, we score nearly half that number again. THIS is the Arsenal we've been waiting for! This is the side we can put out when we're not wracked with injuries. Cesc, Nas and RvP are the class trio a side with eyes on the title needs. Theo, Song and Jack are an excellent supporting cast. Fabianski is looking more and more solid, as is the rest of the defence. And let's not forget we have the likes of Chamakh and Arshavin on the bench, with Ramsey and Verm to return soon (I still think Arsh is a lazy git but what a player to be able to bring on for the last 20 mins - even he can run around for 20 mins!). We could still do with one more CB (the Mertesacker rumour are resurfacing) but the one downside to the team looking so good is that it will probably convince Arsene he doesn't need anyone else. Injuries permitting, we don't need anyone else and we are due some luck on that front, but please Arsene, don't rely on it and don't let this chance slip. Otherwise, one very happy Gooner here having one very happy new year! C'MON YOU GUNNERS!!!

Yor said...

I think Fabregas played the great, but what about Kos and djourou. They couldn't get better.

Anonymous said...

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