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Monday, September 14, 2015

Arsenal are title contenders

By 1970's Gooner

There are three important reasons why Arsenal are real challengers for the title.

Firstly Manchester City cannot improve further.

They have reached their peak too fast and too early. The only direction is downwards as they cannot keep up winning performances game after game. They have also finished with their transfer business so cannot improve the squad any further.

Secondly Arsenal are slowly but surely improving with every game and the room for improvement is very evident. Let's be more specific.

The team has improved their defensive performance with Cech reaching his best form and the back four, with Gabriel now installed at the heart of it, having only let in 3 goals in 5 games with none conceded in 3 of those.

This is a very important statistic that should not be overlooked. It means that instead of loosing a game we will be drawing it and instead of drawing a game we will be winning it.

Similarly in attack we have been creating chance after chance after chance and when the finishing begins to improve then we will be racking 3s and 4s per game.

That's why there is a lot of room for improvement because when our forwards find the form of last season then all of Arsenal's areas on the pitch will be as efficient as you can get.

And of course Arsenal have the cash and are willing to spend it, if needed, on a player who will be able to improve the team, like Ozil and Sanchez for example.

The third reason is that a major title contender, Chelsea, seem to be out of it already, leaving room for Man Utd and Arsenal to contest the title between themselves and City.

I consider Man Utd as capable to challenge if and only if Rooney finds form which is doubtful at the moment as he seems to be getting past it. They can of course rectify that in the next window but it may be too late for them by then.

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