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Friday, August 24, 2007

Palacios is set to move to Birmingham not Arsenal

By 1970’s Gooner

It looks that Wilson Palacios travels will have no end.

Steve Bruce the Birmingham manager has revealed that Palacios has been with them for the last three days having a trial.

This was after Bruce was contacted by Arsene Wenger and recommended that he have a look at the “magician” as he is called in his home country, Honduras.

I'm speaking to his agent today," Bruce told the club's website. "We're trying to construct a loan deal to bring him in to have a better look until Christmas, but I don't know if that's possible yet.

As has been reported by "Arsenal Analysis", Wilson Palacios has, for the last month and a half, been travelling around Europe trying his luck with various clubs leaving a big gap in his home side’s line up as he is considered their top player.

His travels took him first to Serbian club Red Star Belgrade where he impressed.

However the deal was not concluded as their offer for the player was dismissed by Osman Madrid, as way below his valuation of the player.

There were also rumours that Italian club Cagliary was interested but again Olimpia’s director denied there was anything in it.

Palacios next traveled to France and had a trial with Monaco but they seemed unable to take him on as the quota for foreign players has already been exhausted.

Bruce revealed that Wenger told him that Arsenal have too many midfielders already.


Gunner4life&beyond said...

This is ridiculous, if that's the case then why have him on trial then? Too many midfielders, maybe, but not enough wingers.

1970's gooner said...

I think you are right. Wenger was probably trying to get him on the cheap; if he was good that is.

Its for the other positions that Wenger should be looking at players.

Honduras Visitor said...

Well so I think thats the end to Wilson playing for Arsenal, but I will still support Arsenal through the season, and if the deal is closed with Birmingham, will support them as well. thanks to the Arsenal fans that wanted to see Wilson on their team. Maybe in a time not far away he could play with this team

1970's gooner said...

Yes I agree with you Honduras visitor.

We would welcome your support for Arsenal. Stick with us and you shall enjoy football as it should be played.

I would welcome your comments throughout the season on Arsenal matters on this site.

Is there an Arsenal supporters club in Honduras?

Honsuras visitor said...

There is no fan club here in Honduras, but we do follow the EPL. Mainly Arsenal, Man Utd, Chelsea and Liverpool. I have definitely liked the most Arsenal, since the days of Berkhamp. But I think the best team has been the one that reached the ECL finals.

1970's gooner said...

yes I agree wiyh you. But this current Arsenal team with a few additions can go a long way.

Hondureño said...

Everybody in Honduras will support Arsenal... its incredible how everyone here is wearing Inter de Milan jerseys... because David Suazo is playing there... all these transfer romours made us feel we were part of Arsenal... i personally supported Chelsea... but whn all this happnd with Wilson, i started to like more arsenal! and we were very proud about wilson... and thankful with arsenal because they gave him a chance... and really, thats all he needs, a chance!! too bad arsenal didnt sign him up, all there is left is him showing all his magic with birmingham!
Maybe some other day in the future he will play with arsenal...!
(and let me tell you i am a fan of the enemy of wilson palacios team.. i HATE olimpia... but really.. wilson palacios is a great player)
----- El Hondureño

Anonymous said...

Palacios was on trial in Red Star Belgrade for some 10 days or so, and coach and everybody said that he was really good, fast and attractive player. Better ofensive than defensive. He came to Red Star on recommendation of Vladimir Jugovic, maybe the best Red Star player in 1991, when they won Champions Cup. So Red Star was really eager to sign Palacios, but his manager set terms that were not acceptable for RS, too high. Palacios liked Red Star, he was really fast in fitting in and wanted to stay, didn’t want to go back to Honduras, all his family(even 4 brothers playing football) wanted him to sign and make his Europian way. He cried and begged manager to lower the price, but manager stayed on his terms, so Palacios left Belgrade in tears. Fans were a little bit upset Red Star didn’t sign him…

Anonymous said...

Honduran visitor - well lets hope Wilson helps save my club (Birmingham) he sounds like a great player and we certainly need some of those! Thanks Mr Wenger for the tip!

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