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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kanouté: “Arsenal have problem at the back”

By 1970’s Gooner

Frederic Kanouté speaking on the eve of Sevilla’s first Champion’s League game at the Emirates has pinpointed what he thinks is Arsenal’s major weakness and how Sevilla can beat them.

The Sevilla newspaper quotes him as follows:

“Arsenal is a team that plays very rapidly in attack, it plays to feet, and I believe that it can have problems at the back because it is very offensively minded”

Kanute a summer transfer target for a lot of Premiership clubs (some newspapers included Arsenal in that list) got two of the four goals Sevilla scored in their demolition of Recreativo Huelva by 4-1 on Sunday night .

Sevilla were very impressive against Recreativo Huelva going 3-0 before the opponents could reply.

They also missed a penalty with the Russian international Kerzhakov, who played against England at Wembley last Wednesday, firing way over the bar.

He eventually added a second and Sevilla’s fourth with an impressive shot from a diagonal position just inside the area. He is another player the Arsenal defence will have to watch carefully.

Kanoute considers that Sevilla are now stepping into a competition which is of a higher level than the UEFA cup they have won on successive occasions.

“We are prepared to give a higher level of performance. I know that it will be more difficult to play before teams such as Arsenal”

Kanoute has also said that he considered Cesc Fabregas to be Arsenal’s main player, “the engine of the team” and the way to stop Arsenal playing will be to block the opponent’s key players.

If we can manage that and start quickly as always then we can achieve the win”.


Anonymous said...

Kanoute can believe what he likes. We will still beat them well

Anonymous said...

They haven't got a chance of beating us! They are a good team but up against a better on fire team right now! Come on the Gunners!!

Anonymous said...

Both teams play proper attacking football. We are going to watch a scintillating game wit lots of goals. Arsenal will come on top.

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