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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Four Arsenal players score high ratings in the Premiership Team of the Week

By Aries

Eurosport tend to like devising their own ratings lists. You will remember when on this site we reported recently about their top 20 European teams.

This list was, prior to the defeat at Seville, headed by Arsenal due to their excellent unbeaten form in the Premier League and in Europe.

Eurosport have also devised a way of arriving at the top Premier League player for each position every week. This is done by using the player ratings as reported by five national newspapers, Guardian, Times, Sun, Mirror and Mail.

The top performer of the past week was Wenger reject David Bentley, following his two-goal display for Blackburn against Newcastle, with a rating of 43 (out of 50).

Arsenal’s Alex Hleb described as the "Minsk Maradona" with his magical display at Villa is joint second with Fernando Torres of Liverpool with 41 marks.

Three of Arsenal’s French contingent also make it in the super 11. They are Bakary Sagna (35), Gael Clichy (35) and Mathieu Flamini (39).

Surprisingly no Manchester United player makes it on the list.

Team of the Week:

Brad Friedel (Blackburn Rovers)- 36

Bacary Sagna (Arsenal) - 35
Joleon Lescott (Everton) - 39
Martin Laursen (Aston Villa) - 38
Gael Clichy (Arsenal) - 35

David Bentley (Blackburn Rovers) - 43
Mathieu Flamini (Arsenal) - 39
Steven Gerrard (Liverpool) - 38
Joe Cole (Chelsea) - 36

Alexander Hleb (Arsenal) - 41
Fernando Torres (Liverpool) - 41

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Anonymous said...

we will soon be having all 11 players in the team of the week!

Anonymous said...

torres has been outstanding since his move to liverpool and so has been hleb. Hleb's close control and his brilliant vision has made him the best performer at arsenal. I think one day he will be able to run with the ball looking like it is tied to his feel.
1.Brilliant dribbler
2.'' '' passer
3.'' '' character.


I still cannot say that he is a good dribbler or a passer. Most of the goals he scored has been one on one vs the keeper. His best was against chelsea. He is not a morientes and a luis garcia. Lets see who is the best

Anonymous said...

Interesting comparison between torres and hleb. They play in different positions of course but both have been top performers for their clubs

JJ said...

Should there be a Salary Cap in Football?
Personally I think there should be! It’s just getting to be stupid money in football at the top of the premiership!
It’s always the same teams at the top proving that football success is based purely on money which ruins the idea of it being a sport! They’ve done it in rugby, basketball, hockey and American football and it makes the sports more competitive and better to watch!
I do a little Online Spread Betting from time to time and most matches don’t hold much surprise who is going to win, its boring! I want to see a team at the bottom pulling off an amazing season beating last seasons winners in a close fought battle!
Make things fair! It shouldn’t be about money!

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