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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cesc : “I want my own TV show!” Watch it on video

By Aries

Cesc has teamed up with Nike to host his own TV show set to be broadcast on May 19.

It will be a one hour live show which will be performed in front of a studio audience.

The show’s preview video, which you can watch on the video bar on the right hand side of this page, shows Cesc in fine acting mood.

He is pretending to be a spoilt footballer discarding all the extravagant add ons that his agent offers him, wrecking his office to bits and finally demanding something….well watch it on the video.

Cesc has been developing into a world star this season with his face and name becoming world known enhancing his image no end.

This has been in tandem with the quality performances he has been putting for Arsenal culminating in that super goal he scored at the San Siro.

He has been a level headed lad…up to now. Let’s hope it all doesn’t go to his head.

For ticket information to the live event go to


Angelo said...

Wow this looks so bad. Nike are looking for a new duo to be their main advertising pull after Ronaldinho and Thierry and have evidently picked Ronaldo and Fabregas. Ronaldo doesn't really need that much promoting, he's going to win the pfa player of the year and is constantly in the press, whether it be for his scoring or his sexual exploits. Cesc on the other hand....I think they're trying to squeeze him for all he's worth.
I guess it might give people an interesting insight into what Cesc is like off the pitch, not that I actually care as he doesn't seem particularly interesting.

Anonymous said...

I am worried that this stardom will affect his football

Anonymous said...

I think he is perfectly entitled to explore other avenues. As we all know Cesc is a very mature 20 year old man! He has played at the highest level in every competition open to him and yes - he is 20 years old!! Let him enjoy what he has. I have seen interviews with him and I get the impression he is intelligent. He talked about missing out on uni and the like and how it was a priority for him to achieve that at some point........

Rohit said...

watch all the goals and highlights on the arsenal v readig game here

Steven said...

Wow... a cesc show on my birthday!

Sadly, i live in Asia.

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