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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Flamini auction opens the door for youngster

By 1970’s Gooner

It appears that Flamini will not be with Arsenal next season. This looked a real possibility when the player refused to get down to serious business and negotiate a new contract.

He has rejected a new deal from Arsenal that would double his salary from 25,000 to 50,000 pounds a week!

This delay has been going on for more than 12 months and he has obviously let his contract run out so that with no transfer fee for his new employer's his services will be in tremendous demand.

Arsene Wenger has told the player that he will not be held to ransom over a new contract and has given him 11 days to sign up or find a new club.

It seems that the same thing will happen with Flamini as with Edu who refused to sign a new contract and then left on a free to go to Spain’s Valencia.

I myself realized that Flamini was really on his way out when he looked so eager to be substituted at Anfield.

As soon as he looked at his ankle he immediately gestured to be substituted. He didn’t want to wait for Gary Lewin’s diagnosis; he wanted to come out. This told me that he was saving himself for his up coming move to “greener” pastures.

So it appears that the auction will soon begin.

Bayern’s sports director Hoeness has already indicated that they are interested: “there are some very good players that are available on a free” he said recently.

Juventus have been linked with Flamini for a few months and the latest reports from Italy claim that Alessio Secco, their sports director, is flying to London to present Flamini with an official contract offer.

This says to me that the offer is most probably at its final stages after negotiations have already been finalized by Flamini’s agent and Secco.

But Milan are also in the bidding process. They are reported to have been greatly impressed by Flamini’s wonderful display at the San Siro during Arsenal’s win there in the Champion‘s League.

The Milan hierarchy realized that he is the perfect replacement for Gattuso who himself is showing signs of ageing (in football terms).

While Flamini can now sit back and mull over which club he wants to ply his football next season Arsene has to make plans for his potential replacement.

Gilberto will most probably go in the summer too so this will open the door for the younger midfielders in the squad to shine.

Diaby, Denilson and Song are to my mind very good players and could excel at that position.

Diaby in particular should be given a chance to show what he can do at his natural place in midfield.

Just like Fabregas when he was younger, Wenger has been using him in the first team, albeit out of position.

This shows that he has the belief in him and we will, I think, see him start many more games there.

Song too as I have repeatedly written about in the past has the potential to become a very good midfielder aside from his present position at the centre of the defence. Denilson however needs more time.

But all these players have not played that much in this position. And if some injury strikes then we will be desperately short again. So experience needs to be drafted in so as to bolster the squad and give options.

First choice would be to keep Flamini of course and I hope that Wenger manages to convince him to stay.


Anonymous said...

This is utter speculation. Flamini could just as easily stay. He may get more money, but without Cesc Fabregas and the rest of the Arsenal team around him, I would be very surprised if he does as well in another team. But if money means that much to him then farewell and thanks for the memories because as well as the players we already have, the style of play at Arsenal is very attractive to a number of players who would jump at the chance to play under Arsene Wenger.

Anonymous said...

It will be really disapointing if he decides to leave, he has just broken into the first team and has quickly become one of our most important players, we just arnt the same side without him. I feel that the only way to keep him at the emirates is to hand him the captains armband...

AS you say, I think it will be diaby that replaces him but the other man's name that is in my head is Song, He has impressed me in the last 2 matches and he was great in the ACN, I felt he was superb as a holdong midfeilder... But the gap in the standard of football is vast(no disrespect to african football intended)
It would be tough for him but i have faith that he would pull through.

C'MON ARSENAL... In Arsene we trust...

MeteorMonster said...

Unlike most Arsenal fans, I strongly believe Flamini's imminent exit will be a blessing in disguise. This will allow Song, Diaby, Denilson and even Toure to vie for this position which will bring more height, pace and much needed aerial ability to our midfield.

Anonymous said...

Denilson is a creative, passing midfelder. He's cover for Cesc, that's why he's barely featured this year. He's a great prospect, but he's absolutely not a holding, tackling midfielder like Flamini. Diaby is fundamentally an attacking player. People can't get over the fact that he looks a bit like Paddy Vieira and think he's a similar player. He's not. Anyone remember seeing him play central midfield for us ? No. That's beause he hasn't. So he wont be next season. Song is the only realistic replacement in the existing squad (assuming Gilberto goes). He looks good, but it would be a massive risk to start next year with him as first choice. I doubt it will happen. I also reckon it's still at least fifty-fifty that Flam will stay. Any move to Italy is a step down - what top player goes there these days. He'd be making a mistake to leave.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Flamini.

Seriously, he plays well with Cesc, but Cesc can't shoulder everything. Cesc and Flam are too short and not a world class pairing. I'm telling you, we could replace Flamini with a classier player, and I don't care if he leaves.

CJN said...

Arsene will let Flamini go and sign Luca Modric as a replacement. H would not have let this stiuation develop without having a backup lined up. He cant sign Modric and keep Flamini too. Flamini is worth the money he is asking and if he does go I wish him well, he's been a great gun this season.

Anonymous said...

Flamini is a good player but is trying to get greedy based on one year of good work, Greedy Greedy! He should remember that it was Arsene's faith in him that gave him this grand opportunity even to the place where he was called up to the French team! He should go if he thinks he is so great, it would bother me but, oh well! We have great prospects and i actually do think Denilson/Diaby could fill these boots if need be! He would be making a mistake, has Edu won anything since leaving, Henry doesnt seem happy, i rarley see Viera play nowadays and Reyes aint doing that much. U see these players who leave have not faired better than when they were at Arsenal. So, Peace out Flamini if thats what you want!

God Bless!!!

Ryan said...

I think Flamini is leaving possibly because he is harbouring resentment for being kept out of the first team for so long.

Anonymous said...

We don't find Flamini scenario in the leading clubs. Of course I know Brown has just signed for MU after prortracted negotiation. The thing if Flamini goes,the midfield may take a while to jel.Of course AW knows but at times his judgement could be flawed.

Anonymous said...

no convince only money is the most important

Anonymous said...

Denilson is not a defensive midfielder. Diaby is certainly not a defensive midfielder. Modric, his replacement? Do you guys actually know what Flamini's role in the team is?

He would be tremendous loss to the team and his replacement would likely cost GBP10m+, money which could be better spent if we keep him.

Anonymous said...

Diaby, Denilson or Song can learn

Anonymous said...

It's f*cking bullshit. Every time one of our players becomes great everyone tries to sign him. Look at Man Utd, how come you don't see that shit happening there?

Anonymous said...

Flamini Wouldn't be that hard to replace

Anonymous said...

I have said this in so many posts. Arsenal's success is in team. The system makes the players not the other way around. How many players have left Arsenal and made it big. NONE!. The only one who is close is Anelka and who did he really want to come back to, Arsenal of course. Wengers system of total football makes people look like stars, but its the system that makes them. If Flamini wants to go, then fuck off, he would never have been anything without the talent that surrounds him. Arsene found Flamini, he will find somebody else. I say Fuck trophies, just keep playing beautiful football that makes me stay up till 3am here in Australia just to watch wonderfull football.
Its a long way from as a kid in North London watching Arsenal play Jack Kelsey in goal and George Eastham in midfeild against Dennis Law and Georgie Best against Man U.
But I will take Arsenal 2008 any day of the week.

Sasuke said...

in utter vfairness i think it would be a blow if flamini goes personally, i think he has a vendetta against Arsenal for keeping him too long on the bench and this is his own way of paying the club back.well i think wenger is being quite immature in declaring that he does not need a player like david villa in bullocks if you ask me. our attacking bunch are too injury prone. van persie is a great player when he is in form but the truth is he cannot be relied upon as concerns is injuries. eduardo is out and might not get his full form until the 12months. adebayor has been tremendous for us this season but we need a player that can share the goal scoring burden with him. Arsene is taking alot of the fans hope for the club for granted and that is simply not fair.a player like fabregas should be rested from time to time that is why i appreciate the club going for a player like ben Arfa so that rosicky becomes an utility player and can sometimes be rotated with fabregas.

Nick said...

I see in todays newspaper that Flamini has signed for Liverpool. In that case we should sign Mascerano for 17m pounds as retaliation plus Kranjkar.

Plus Tevez & Villa and Lucio. Arsenal will be Champions next year.

Dhinhiwe said...

Arsene has to realise that his pay structure is wrong. It will not be long before he loses players like Fab & Hleb. The team makes a lot of money why does he not want to pay going rates.
Hargreaves, Tevez, are happy to start on the bench at Manure because they are well looked after.
I am not saying he should be paying ridiculous (West Ham)figures but he cannot afford not to look at his rivals and see what they are doing. This is the market. Wenger is stingy and he has managed to convince everybody that is the way to go but clearly it is not. I would not be surprised if Adebayor is on £15,000??? or even less and he is 3rd higest scorer in a difficult league!!! His salary could well be one tenth of Cristiano Ronaldo's. Arsenal's prices are the most expensive in the league so why is it so difficult to pay good salaries. If the board does not want to pay then perhaps they should make way for David Dein and others to take the club forward. The current squad have done enough to deserve a review. DIABY could never replace FLAMINI lets get that right.

Anonymous said...

I am afraid the Flamini situation is a total shambles. Once we got to the new year (after which he was free to speak to other clubs), I was convinced he would not sign a new deal. Before selling Diara, the club should have made it clear to Flamini that either he signs a new deal, or Diara would take his place. To have sold Diara before resolving this situation is total imcompetence.

Anonymous said...

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