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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Arsenal have renewed belief again

By 1970’s Gooner

Everyone considered the away game at Stoke as the next big test for the Gunners. Like Bolton away used to be before big fat Sam thankfully believed he could manage at a higher level than he is actually capable of.

And sure enough it looked that we couldn’t find an answer to the long throw ins and the physical side of the game.

It seems that our defensive coaching is surely lacking, as again players at the far post went AWOL.

Both Sagna and particularly Eboue just walked away from the far post. Surely they must have been told that it’s the second ball that has to be defended as much as the first.

How naïve and annoying it is to concede an away goal with Arsenal players abandoning their position from a set piece, again.

Remember Clichy’s walk about for Chelsea’s fist goal at Stamford Bridge?

And once you go a goal behind in an away game then it gets even more difficult giving the home team belief and something to hold on to.

But the way we fought back will have given a strong boost to the player’s belief, especially with Chelsea dropping points again.

It seems that Terry’s off the field behaviour but more importantly Cech’s replacement hilariously combined to bring about a defeat that a lot of you couldn’t foresee.

You see, it’s not only Arsenal that has to put up with replacing important players through injury. Now it’s Chelsea but next it could be Manchester United. We have had our share of bad luck you might say…

Of course what stood out at Stoke was the Arsenal players’ reaction to Ramsey’s horrific injury. They played football and run the opponents rugged eventually getting just rewards.

This of course was not the reaction that came after Eduardo’s injury at Birmingham two seasons ago where Arsenal’s challenge began to fall apart.

In a strange way the happenings in yesterday’s game could spur Arsenal on to strongly challenge for the title this time rather than wilt away.

It must be said however that after the Ramsey injury two other factors worked in Arsenal’s favour.

The first and most obvious one is the fact that Stoke had to play with ten men. The other was their obvious and increasing tiredness partly explained by their efforts against Manchester City in the Cup a few days before.

Nevertheless there were some other very encouraging signs to come out of this game.

The first is the obvious increasing fitness levels of several players like Clichy, Nasri, Rosicky and Bendtner.

The second is Bendtner’s scoring form. His second in successive games and what a centre forward’s goal that was!

I tell you Bendtner will flourish in this position and will prove a very significant player in our challenge for the title. He also offered an outlet or plan B. Something that was not there ever since van Persie has been out.

And we hit Stoke with a piece of their own medicine. A high ball into the box rather than messing about around their penalty area with short passes to feet.

The third is Sol Campell’s fantastic fitness level and form. I am astounded. He looks great and plays like he used to, like he never left Arsenal. And his experience is vey valuable.

I hope Wenger does not rest him for the next game though I fear he will…You know what I am thinking don’t you? Silvestre….oh my God.


Anonymous said...

Gallas will be back for Porto. Our next game is Burnley on Saturday though, so I'm not sure why you're talking about that...

Anonymous said...

Well, we completely fucked up the defending again for their goal. It is incredible that these players don't seem capable of learning.

Apart from that, I loved the commitment we showed. I loved the aggression (controlled, not like Shawcross). I loved the tempo and I loved the way we matched their attempt to swamp us in the first half. After the FA Cup, they were never going to keep that up for very long and it showed; we should do that to every team who tries to come out of the blocks quickly and kill us in the first 20 minutes. I loved the way we took their sting and then imposed our game on them and kept it at a high tempo.

I think this was one of our better performances for a long, long time.

Credit to Clichy too. I have given him a lot of stick for two or three years now but who played with massive energy yesterday and didn't put a foot wrong. Ramsey, too, was really looking the part, until Shawcross's intervention.

Well done Arsenal. I am very proud.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, I'd like to say what a great article and image of the lads huddled around together. Last night I watched MOTD but knew that Ramsey had broken his leg.

It's my biggest fear whenever Arsenal play because we simple get no protection from referees and players feel they can gain an advantage by playing to the whistle which invariably means putting in over zealous challenges to stop us from playing.

Before I go into what last nights result means to our season I'd like to analyse the "intent" of Shawcross' challenge.

Firstly I've heard pretty much all the englih pundits and media alike say two things "there was no intent" and "the lad was too quick".

Anyone and especially Arsenal fans who could gain enough courage to watch the tackle in slow motion or even see the photos of the tackle will imho see why there WAS intent by Shawcross.

Firstly is the ferocious lunge that RS goes to win the ball. he doesn't simply go to nick the ball away so that one of the stoke players can start an attack, but attacks the ball as if to kick it out of the stadium.

His intntions therefore are to kick the ball as hard as possible and hopes the on rushing player feels the force of that. Now most us know that a true 50-50 tackle no matter what level you're playing involves a determined rush for the ball to try and retreive the ball, this usually results in a clash of bodies or one player pulling out the challenge to avoid getting injured.

In poor Ramsey's case he wanted to play the ball and not the player (a Typical Arsenal player, looking to knick the ball and start an attack). RS on the other hand wasn't about to get undone on a 50-50 he wanted to get ball and man.

Even if Ramseys foot isn't planted on the ground RS' challenge would have definitely required some medical attention for Ramsey.

That was RS intention, people may say he never meant to break his leg but why approach a 50-50 with such power and force. As wenger says it's unacceptable. e's right the media and pundits know it it's unaccaceptable.

The media stated that Ramsey was too quick, but this is far from xcusable, again why is Shawcross putting in a challenge which he knows he's not gonna win?
My heart feels for Ramsey and his family and the Arsenal players who witnessed another horrible incident in their football lifetime. These images will remain with them forever as it will for Arsenal fans all over the world.

The reaction of Ramsey's face, Cesc and Vermalean reduced to tears almost, Campbell screaming at the ref and the stoke players and clichy/bendtner holding their hands on their heads said it all to me. "Not again", "why us" "WTF is going on?"

But it was the reaction which I feel will drive us forward in the final 10 league games of the season. Cesc's penalty, and Vermaelen's close range effort is the start of what I beieve will get us 83-85 points.

SOL was immense last night like as if he'd never been away what a guy he is, his presence and commitment in the back four was unquestionable, and his hunger at the end was undeniable. This guy is the real deal like a boxer coming out of retirement one last time to get a shot at the title.

can we get 30 points out of 30? I think so for sure!!!

I honestly believe we'll get 15points from the next 5 games vs burnley, hull, west ham, birmingham and wolves. If we can get 3 points off of Spurs and mancity in bewteen wigan we'll be definitely finish the leage seaso unbeaten.

30 points would leave us on 88points, and remember chelsea still have to play man u and liverpool (back to winning ways again with torres back) as do man u plus they have to play man city...Lets hope Adebayor/Toure/Viera/Sylvinho do us a huge favour.

I'll end with Aaron get well soon - i just read the the operation was successful, we wish you a speedy recovery and hopefully a league title medal.

Goons_with_Guns said...

This summary made for good reading, 1970's. Good work.

Anonymous said...

I’d just like to add my thoughts on this. I am an Arsenal fan who was at the game on Saturday; not that that validates any of my points but I would like it to be known that I am a genuine fan with at least a element of knowledge about the game.

Firstly, anyone who could ever believe that Shawcross went in with any malice is moronic; but I think that is a point made on several occasions that probably doesn’t need repeating. There is no way he would have gone in for that challenge any differently had Stoke been playing, for argument’s sake, Hull. He is a professional who I would expect to play the game with the same commitment whatever the circumstance. I do not think people go out to try to harm Arsenal players, and misfortune has clearly played a role in the extent of the 3 injuries Wenger has been referring to recently.

All this talk of intent or malice, however, detracts from the main point, and that is that the challenge was reckless, and a poor one. If the challenge were 100% fair and clean, Ramsey would be fine today. I think it highlights the point that reckless and thoughtless challenges need to be cut out of football, but there is one main reason for this, and that is the modern pace of the game.

Football has become so much quicker over the past 10-15 years. The players are more slender, technical and quick. All this means that when you go into a challenge at pace, you are more likely to see outcomes like the one yesterday. I know football is a contact sport, and I’m not suggesting cutting out tackling or making the game a non-contact one. What I am saying, however, is that unfortunately because the game has changed, the rules need to adapt to reflect this and protect players’ safety. People need to have it drummed into them that reckless and thoughtless challenges, such as yesterday’s, are not acceptable, because as the speed of the game increases, it is more and more likely that someone is leaving the stadium in an ambulance if you tackle in this manner.

The same thing has happened with the two-footed tackle. These types of challenges have become almost taboo nowadays, and people have little sympathy for players who get dismissed as a result of these kinds of challenges, even if they win the ball. Football’s governing bodies have decided that due to increased pace in the game, these challenges are more dangerous and need to be stopped, and hats off to them. In my opinion, we have a better game for it. You need a physical side to the game, but dangerous challenges need to stop to protect players.

Anonymous said...

I actually agree with Wenger that the fact that these injuries have happened to Arsenal are not co-incidence, but not for the same reasons. I think it is because Arsenal players are the epitome of the modern footballer: slender, technical, quick, athletes. This means that they are more likely to get to the ball just before their opponent in 50/50 challenges. If the opponent comes in with a thoughtless challenge, injury in these situations is a lot more likely. The more football progresses, the more players are going to be of the stature of Arsenal’s current players, and therefore the more these challenges will cause such damage. This is why I believe it needs to stop. Players need to be taught how to tackle properly and cleanly; a point Paul Hart made on Goals on Sunday this morning that I completely agree with.

A final point I would like to make is one someone may have made before, but I’m not sure. At the game yesterday, a lot of the Arsenal fans off to my right were getting very angry with the Stoke fans whilst Ramsey was receiving treatment, and I wasn’t completely sure why; but I heard from fellow Arsenal fans after the game that some Stoke fans were singing “He’s only got one leg”.

I cannot and will never get my head around this. I know football fans can be idiotic in the heat of the moment sometimes, but as a human being I can’t see what could go through someone’s mind to behave in this manner when a fellow human is just yards away from you in such agony. It makes me lose faith in the human race when I think that such people could exist

Anonymous said...

Arsenal had 3 very good penalty shouts that match and were given the one that was least a penalty. If Ramsay had been given the 100% penalty earlier in the game, events would have unfolded differently, and maybe he wouldn't have got crippled.

- The game had a perfect example of how well the FA and the refs are policing football. Shawcross ends someone's career (This isn't an overstatement. Eduardo came back eventually but he will never be the player he was) and will get a 3 game ban. Alex Song had his arm pulled by Delap in a shoulder to shoulder challenge and will get a 2 game ban with no opportunity to appeal an obviously wrong decision. Sounds fair to me.

- Cesc Fabregas is a f**king hero. If JT wants to see how a real captain should behave, just have a look at Cesc.

- Last time this happened Arsenal went to pieces. This time it looks like it will galvanise the team. I never really had any realistic hope of us winning the league this year, but now I'm beginning to think it just might be possible. Assuming we have 11 players to put on the pitch.

Anonymous said...

Amidst all the recriminations over Shawcross' uncontrolled lunge, there are
a few points to make about the game at Stoke.

1. Cesc Fabregas showed real leadership on the pitch. Arsenal haven't had much of that since Vieira left, and the contrast with Gallas two years ago was immense. His second half performance was magnificent, and for the umpteenth time this season he was the player who made the difference. If we lose him in the summer, at least we'll be able to look back with pleasure on watching the development of the player who I think is the finest of his type ever to play in our league.

2. Peter Walton is very lucky that the result went the way it did, after a very weak display of refereeing. The penalty he gave was far less clear cut than the two that he failed to give. There is no doubt whatsoever that he would have given free kicks elsewhere on the pitch for the blatant fouls on Ramsey and Bendtner. Failing to give penalties was just feeble. If I hear another manager moaning about penalty decisions favouring the big clubs, I may commit murder. And now Arsenal will lose Song for two games because Walton gave him a yellow card for something that wasn't even a foul. At least he got the red card right. Yes, the challenge was more reckless than malicious - he was off balance and moving at speed - but there was really no other way of dealing with the situation than to get Shawcross off the pitch. For those in the mailbox who take issue with Wenger's reaction, I'd have more sympathy with your point of view if Stoke players hadn't publicly stated their intention to rough Arsenal up. You can't have it both ways.

3. Arsenal have coped incredibly well with a large number of injuries this season - their squad is evidently far stronger than most people seem to think, and arguably deeper than Chelsea's and United's. Even where Arsenal are weak - in goal - Fabianski may be less of a joke as a stand-in than Hilario. Or rather as a "stand-up" as the commentator so amusingly put it on Wednesday. And it's good to have Bendtner back - his height is very useful at both ends of the pitch.

Anonymous said...

So Premier League officials: how many more horrific injuries to Arsenal players before you decide that the "get in their faces" approach is just a license to disable talented players and ruin promising careers? Eduardo was of course a foreigner thus inherently less worthy of our concern. But Aaron Ramsey is arguably the most promising Welsh player of his generation. A young talent from our own backyard who, thanks to the poisonous propaganda of the media, has fallen victim to the lax refereeing that Arsenal suffer week after week.

If only refs like Peter Walton showed a card after the first one or two "physical" tackles rather than let them go, as it is just those foreign pussies not liking it up them, perhaps technique and skill might have a chance and Dudu and Aaron might not have to relearn the game after a year out. English officialdom and every manager who has ever told their team to let Arsenal or any team "know they are there" should hang their heads in shame.

Anonymous said...

I'm hearing a lot about how Shawcross is "not that kind of player" and that it wasn't that bad of a challenge and that because Shawcross was crying it was not a bad tackle. I am absolutely livid. Of course he is "that kind of player," he just snapped an opponent's leg in two.

But more than that, I firmly believe that the injury to Ramsey is a direct result of managers and the media going on and on about physicality and crunching tackles being the key to beating Arsenal. This has become conventional wisdom. Whenever anyone complains about Arsenal players being targeted they are written off as being soft. They say Arsenal do not like it when the game is taken to them, and this idea is often taken to an extreme. It is not a coincidence that this sort of horrific leg break has happened twice in two years.

Come on Arsenal!

suresh said...

We saw the effect that Eduardo’s injury had on the squad approximately two years ago. Not only did we go on to draw the game, dropping vital points, but Gallas’ sulk seemed to substantiate claims that he wasn’t fit to captain the club and our confidence took a major knock. What followed was a complete collapse in our title challenge. The Stoke game was different though. In that game something seemed to happen to the squad, it was as if they left the pitch with a different mentality to when they walked out for the second half. Just as Eduardo’s injury ended our season, Ramsey’s injury could have inspired our players.

Too often this season we have played as if it didn’t matter, as if there was always the next game, the next season. I think a few realised that it can all be taken away so quickly. The reaction we gave after that incident was something special. Not only did we go on to win the game convincingly, but we showed the type of togetherness that has not been apparent for years. Wenger has talked about spirit in most of his post match interviews this season, but I have seen little evidence of it until this game. Gallas has tried to manufacture group hugs before games in the past, but the huddle at the end of the Stoke game was real. The leadership shown by Sol Campbell in particular, but also by the captain Cesc Fabregas, was something that hasn’t been seen since Vieira’s departure. If we do go on to win the league, then this incident could be the catalyst – and it would be fitting if we won the title in Rambo’s honour.
Also there is the effect that the incident will have had on Ryan Shawcross, the guilt of doing such a thing to a fellow professional. Shawcross has to deal with that, he left the pitch in tears. Initially many people were defending him, but now, particularly amongst Arsenal supporters, there is anger. As when Martin Taylor injured Eduardo, people want action, they want longer bans, they want changes to rules, they want Shawcross to be made a scapegoat. I would suggest that there is a difference between what Taylor did and what Shawcross did.

Ryan Shawcross is a quality player, Taylor is not, that is the main difference between the two incidents. Shawcross regularly goes in ‘hard’, but 9 times out of 10 wins the ball. That is a skill, especially in this day and age when usually any sliding tackle is given as a free kick and even a yellow card. On the other one out of ten occasions someone can get hurt. Taylor on the other hand just thinks because other players are better than him that he can kick them (which is what I used to do when I was a kid). He regularly goes in with no intention of getting the ball. Also, the reaction was different from Stoke to that of Birmingham. Birmingham responded in a way that suggested we somehow ‘deserved it’. Stoke and Shawcross were full of remorse, Birmingham and Taylor were not.

Anonymous said...

I have to say although they were all terrific on Saturday, Sol was incredible. Not only did he slot in and put in a great shift, the way he carried everyone and got the team together to grind out that result was great!! Four things really stood out for me:

1) When Stoke scored I noticed he was the only player to put his hand up and call for offside. I know it wasn't but every team in the league does this with throw in's etc to sway the game.

2) When Rambo got injured his reaction was great. He let the ref and the other players know how furious he was and you could see this having an effect on Fabs and co. I actually thought for one second that he was gonna floor DeLap such was his emotion!

3) His celebrations when we scored were fabulous. He rallied everyone and let them know how important every point is, something that I think has been missing. Sometimes when we score we don't show enough emotion and release, something the invincibles did with every goal, and it showed our young ones just how important it is to get every point you can in this league!!

4) At the end after watching it again, he was the man to start calling playes over to huddle in the middle and get that feeling of togetherness back!!

I think now we will do it, and I have to say that without Sol playing on Saturday that result could have been very different! I am glad he's back with us, what a performance!!!

Anonymous said...

I’m sure that Ryan Shawcross meant no malice or intent with his tackle on poor young Aaron but that’s actually very irrelevant. Today you, like myself and nearly all of our fellow gooners that i’ve read, heard and spoken to, have finally, and rightly so, vented our genuine and deepest feelings at what has been happening and has now happened again to one of our young lads.

The frequency of these kinds of incidences should be negligible within our modern game by now and have been confined to the dark-ages where they belong; along with some of those pundits and hacks who, unfortunately, used to play in that way and still advocate it. What really confuses me most, however, is how the two-faced, xenophobic, incompetent and irresponsible British footballing media, and authorities, continue to act as supporters of this policy of play which will ultimately (rather naively on their part) conclude with a British national football team NEVER EVER again winning another international tournament as the rest of the footballing world and authorities continue to move on to develop a more civilised game that does not tolerate such physically harmful tactics. I have never felt so angry and despairing after any game of football as I feel today!
To have to constantly accept the over-exuberant tactic of “in their face” physicality against our players, without anyone ever being held fully accountable when it goes wrong (hiding behind a banner of “no professional footballer ever goes out to intentionally hurt another fellow pro”), is totally irresponsible, and is bordering on criminal in the real world! To keep saying that these incidents have a greater chance of happening to Arsenal because “of the way that they play”, and “anyway – Arsenal used to stick their foot-in when Viera et al were playing for them”, is utter nonsense and has actually given dangerous carte-blanche and license for it to continue as it does. The question one has to ask is, if we were Barcelona or another big European “footballing side”, or if Ramsey had been Xavi or Iniesta, would this type of play be allowed to continue in Britain? I don’t believe so. When any footballer or team play football, as does any employee or employer in their chosen profession, they have to take full responsibility for ALL of their actions and they should accept the consequences with a commensurate punishment should an ill-event occur (for example look at what occurs in the various forms of rugby)! This, for some bizarre reason, never ever seems to happen in football and therefore people never learn and change is never made.

It is now seriously time for the myopic British footballing world to finally start reflecting properly before it becomes too late and, perish the thought, before one of its “golden-boys” (i.e. Rooney, Gerrard or Lampard) suffer the same career-threatening fate rather than a very talented young lad from Wales who may now never get a chance to go to the world cup. Would they be as dismissive and defensive then?!

All my best wishes to you Aaron and i’m sure you’ll be back playing again soon after a full recovery; becoming one of the best players that Arsenal and the British Isles have ever produced!

Anonymous said...

Let’s see how long it takes Pulis to break out the “Northern cloggers kick Arsenal and get away with it” excuse template.
"Wouldn’t hurt a fly"… check.
"Heart of gold"… check.
"Loves his mum"… check.
"Has been in to see Ramsey to give his best wishes"… check.

It’s time Arsenal got behind the players and took out legal action against individual players making these horrendous tackles.

In the light of continued Sky anti-Arsenal bias and general newspaper collusion when it comes to anti-Arsenal agendas - and in particular encouraging the kind of over the top disgusting tackling which has seen us lose the third player in four years to the same kind of tackles - it is clearly the only thing that will discourage talentless musclebound athletes like Smith, Taylor and Shawcross from perpetrating their assaults.

I’m sick of “English” football.

Anonymous said...

I still feel absolutely sickened by events at the Britannia Stadium yesterday.

The image of Aaron Ramsey lying there in agony won't leave my mind. I feel for the boy so much. I don't mind admitting that I had tears in my eyes and was on the verge of crying.

I feel distraught for him. I really do. Nobody wants to see anything like that. The looks on Thomas Vermaelen and Cesc Fabregas' faces said it all.

Speaking of tears, don't fall for Ryan Shawcross' and his crocodile tears. By all accounts he is 'deeply upset' and 'there was no malice' in his tackle. His Stoke City team-mate Danny Pugh said that Shawcross is not that kind of player.

Well, I'm sure that Aaron Ramsey doesn't agree and I'm also think that ex-Gunner Emmanuel Adebayor may have something to say about it.

I don't care what anyone says, idiots like Ryan Shawcross go into these type of tackles with intent. Especially against Arsenal. It's happened too many times in recent seasons to not be coincidence.

Sides like Stoke City believe that to level the playing field against Arsenal they have to 'rough us up'. I understand that football is a physical game but when tackles fly in that borderline on assault then something has to be done.

How do you deal with it? Le Grove make a good point about introducing foreign refs. Ref's from overseas will not be influenced by the media and their 'it's OK to kick Arsenal' ways. If xenophobia runs through our media then you can't tell me that referee's don't feel the same. There needs to be more protection and perhaps even season-long bans for players who commit horror challenges like Shawcross did.

I often wonder how the English media would react if golden boy Wayne Rooney was the victim of such a tackle resulting in him having a career threatening broken-leg. I have no doubt that there would be outrage.

What we've seen is a little Welsh boy hurt by an English man and it's OK. I'm actually English and I can see that we live in the dark ages in regards to football. Until the day comes when we actually see the light and admit that tackles like this are disgraceful I can't see any progress made. England will never win the World Cup with this attitude and we will never deserve too.

This caveman attitude is the reason England will never win a World Cup in my lifetime and I'm not surprised. We'd rather see players kicked than encourage skill and some of the nethanderal Stoke City fans prove this.

I'm not blaming all the Stoke fans, some were admirable and actually clapped Ramsey as he was stretchered off the pitch but the others; I just hope that someone close to you doesn't suffer the same way.

It was sickening to hear some Stoke supporters mocking Aaron. Chants and hand gestures were aimed at this 19 year old who had just suffered a career threatening injury. There are many words for those type of people but I'd think two sum them up; Scummy Cunts.

Yes, those two words are horrible but I think they are correct.

I'll finish by saying that I wish Aaron Ramsey all the luck in the world. I hope that Arsenal win the title for him. Two years ago we were in the same boat when Eduardo suffered from another assault.

Maybe we didn't have the mental strength to win the league that season but yesterday we showed the kind of bollocks that Wenger says we have. To win after what happened to Ramsey showed courage.

Ramsey must show courage now and I'm sure he will because he is a ballsy little character. I'm confident that he will come back stronger and hungrier as a result of his horrible injury.

My fingers are crossed for you Aaron and I'm looking forward to seeing you bossing the Arsenal midfield for many years.


Yes, some may argue that Shawcross didn’t intend it, that he isn’t malicious, that he isn’t that type of player. Well, someone who was speeding down the road and then hit a little boy didn’t intend to do that either but he did hit the boy and is responsible. That’s how I see it. This was no accident. And it’s unacceptable that we’ve suffered such horrific career-threatening injuries: Diaby (1 May 2006), Dudú (23 February 2008) and now Ramsey (27 February 2010). Is it any wonder that Wenger cries foul?

And we were denied at least three penalties. Bloody referee.

Anonymous said...

Another video of Saint Shawcross maiming a player during his loan spell at Royal Antwerp (Belgium).

Anonymous said...

We need to try and stick to the facts otherwise we’re as bad as the lunatics in the media.

That still makes it 2 breaks in 4 years though, and if you’ve broken 2 legs at the age of 22 you really should be thinking long and hard about your style of play.

What’s even worse than the challenge is the vile stuff peddled in the media as you’ve mentioned, about how Wenger should shut up moaning (Collymore) etc. Thankfully Martin Samuels (I know, a sensible article in the Daily Mail, mental) amongst others are rightly pointing out the challenge as wrong and the sort of thing we need to take out of the game. It’s a shame the level headed voices are being shouted down by morons and idiots trying to gain exposure.

Old Baconface hasn’t helped either by calling Shawcross with his support – the man is a thunderc*nt, and probably still sucking lemons after Rambo turned him down to join the Arse.

This whole “Shawcross isn’t that type of player” argument is plain wrong, as anyone can see, but also elementary – a tired driver who falls asleep at the wheel and kills a family of 4 on the motorway didn’t mean it, but it doesn’t make it any worse. If you consistently enter 50/50 challenges overly hard with your eyes closed (check shawcross’s face in the photos) you have to take responsibility for the repurcussions.

You’d also have to be a total lunatic and a horrible human being to deliberately injure another footballer – to my knowledge only a handful of people have ever admitted to that (Roy Keane, surprise surprise) so again it’s a pointless argument whether there was malice or not. Of course there wasn’t malice – but there was a level of incompetence that should not go unpunished.

But banning a player for 12 months? That sets a dangerous precedent and a slippery slope – for exactly the same reason UEFA could not uphold Eddies ban for diving, the FA could not possibly introduce a retroactive ban (a ban called after the event) without also citing other dangerous challenges – the challenge from Birmingham (i forget the player) and Ballacks ludicrous challenger from behind that rightly saw him sent off at the weekend.

The best we can hope for is a rule introduced over the summer to address these challenges.

But that won’t happen as long as Shawcross has people queing up to defend him and the usual media dickheads set up as apologists for the great british sport of kicking Johnny Forro.

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