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Sunday, February 07, 2010

We’ve had enough Mr Wenger (and Mr Hill Wood)

By 1970’s Gooner

There’s something that either Mr Wenger or the Board are not telling us.

It has been patently obvious that the team needed a few more players of stature, experience and strength to transform it from very good to great.

The Board keeps coming out with statements that the money is there for Arsene to spend. Yet we see no real investment in the team. The only signings are those that are desperately needed to keep the team going. Not the ones that will have added more quality options.

Signings like Arshavin’s when the team really needed a player to help it make the Champions League places. That was last year.

This season it was Vermaelen. But again really desperately needed as Toure was on his way out.

Good signings but the absolute minimum.

And again this policy on living on a shoestring was repeated when van Persie and Bendtner got injured. NO SIGNINGS.

Except Sol Campel’s when Wenger realised that if either Gallas or Vermaelen got injured his only other real option was Silvestre! Another signing on a shoestring...

The result of this policy of stinginess is that when a first team player is out then there is a huge gap in quality and experience left to fill as the rest of the squad is littered with rookies or old has beens.

Examples are aplenty.

Song goes to the ACN and Denilson has to fill in...

Diaby gets injured and Ramsey has to fill in...

Van Persie and Bendtner are out Eduardo and Arshavin have to fill in....

Clichy and Gibbs are out young Traore has to fill in....

If either Gallas or Vermaelen get injured it will be Sol Campel or Silvestre, God forbid...

If Fabregas gets injured it will be young Ramsey...

Almunia is bad enough but if he got injured or dropped it will be the untried Fabiansky...

If the money was really there and Wenger chose to ignore it then I would call it CRIMINAL. For all that this team needs is a few signings that would have complemented this exciting pool of young players.

If the money is not there, which is what I suspect, then the Board should come out and tell us straight and proper.


Anonymous said...

The money is there i have seen it. It's just Arsene believes in the squad, and also the players that he is after are not availble. Just can't buy rubbish can we.

Anonymous said...

Yes there is we have no money,sack the board

Anonymous said...

Totally agree, we are being short changed.

Fuck off PHW Gazidis do your job properly, wenger am losing my
"trust" in you

Anonymous said...

cunning plan by the professor,imagine playing poker against wenger, you would be skint

Anonymous said...

its really frustrating when you know all this team needs is a top keeper and a top striker(who is not injury prone)to really push on,i think porto could be sticky,they break quickly and can score goals,im a little worried now about that 1

Goooooner said...

Wenger has never been the type to spend for the sake of it, I'm sure if he could have signed someone he would.

My main problem with Arsenal at the moment is Almunia. He's clearly not good enough, and often he barely even attempts to make a save. This afternoon, when Drogba hit the crossbar from a free kick, he literally gave up and watched the ball fly past him. Stephen Hawking would have made more effort to save it....

Sorry, a bit off topic, but I feel better for venting.

Anonymous said...

One exception - Ramsey is actually VERY good. He is the obvious replacement for Fabregas, who will certainly leave this summer in my view.

But the current situation is a disgrace. An absolute disgrace, Either Wenger is telling the truth that he believes what he spouts (in which case it is time for him to go), or he is manfully covering for some problem we don't know about, such as a well-massaged financial disaster at the club.

But the fact we desperately tried to sign Sorensen (who is losing his place at Stoek) on deadline day - the best we could come up with as an instant replacement for Almunia - does not bode well.

Anonymous said...

Money is there - look at AFC's annual accounts - a term of our financings from bank is that a special ring-fenced account is held specially for the managers transfers/wages' needs - cannot be used for anything else - i.e., in the event of a take-over, etc. The banks realised we need money to improve so how the board not support this? Also, our transfer abilities have gone out the window since Dean left - no-one to push AW! All the incoming personnel (the Greek, etc - have no footballing abilities - they are "marketing men" - US style - check out the way Sam K does his business in the USA). The Russian at least wants to give us extra money (proposed a massive multi hundred million rights issue- but the board won't dilute their share holdings because they look to the AFC property potentials). Go figure - this is about their business dealings not football.

Captain Flak said...

Remember,United beat only one of the top 4 on route to the title last season, and we weren't one of them. Last year we couldn't beat the dross, this year we struggle against the big boys. Wednesday sees our last involvement with the big 4. We must beat Liverpool or they'll only be 2 points behind us given a win!! After that, City at home and Spuds away are our only top 7 games. We have a lot to play for. Let's hope for some luck with injuries and go for it. We're a good side. Let's get the defending sorted and start banging in the goals again. Up the Arsenal.

Anonymous said...

Wenger gets a cut of the transfer kitty he don't spend.

Anonymous said...

I kind of wondered (hoped) that the reason wenger didn't buy is because he is leaving/moving upstairs in the summer.

either way get rid of him, i am tired of him

Anonymous said...

1970 gooner,well done sir you are on the money, if Wenger had the money and choose not to spend it this is crimminal on the other hand if Wenger had no money than the board has to go,

Well done sir

Anonymous said...

Apart from his 'We were the better team' madness here's another 2 of his lunatic comments today

1. Fabianski 'has a problem with Chelsea'. WHAT!!!!!, then tell the mentally weak gimp that we have a problem with him being touted as our future number one. I mean it's unbelievable. Can you imagine Ferguson saying 'Rooney has a problem playing Liverpool'.

2. We were still a bit uncertain at the start of the game. When you went into it we were completely dominant. That's how I explain that we conceded the first corner. Incidentally I would like to check if before the corner it was a free-kick for Chelsea, I would like to see that.

Well I've seen it Wenger as it was a free kick to Chelsea. Theres no point in going into the first goal but can anyone explain what on earth Clichy was doing wandering off the post pointing like an idiot.

Anonymous said...

I liked his comment "They are more experienced. Their average age is 29, ours is 23.

begs the question "why the fuck do you keep buying young inexperienced players then" doesn't it

Anonymous said...

In what other language do you need to be told that Arsenal has no money to compete in the market? Being constantly told that Wenger has the money if he wants and, the latter saying there is simply no quality in the market is all BS. Read his comments on the BBC about Chelsea today. He is praising thier experience, age and physic etc, meaning, he wishes those qualities on his side. Yet, when players such as Huntler, Nistelroy, Dzeco etc come up he looks the other way. He tells us that a trophy will come this season. Friends, smell the coffee, there is gonna be no trophy in the next 10 years unless the guys who put us in this mess are out. Off all the top 4 teams we are the only one selling our captains when they are needed most, simply because 'there is enough money to purchase if and when the manager wants'. We sold Viera, Henry and, DEFINITELY, Fabregas in the summer. Do you blame any quality player for wanting out when there is no sign of ambition?

gazzap said...

I think wengers time is up. tactically this guy is inept. no other top manager in the world would pay so little attention to defending. we cant seriously expect to win anything in this day and age playing this way. wenger thinks its still 1998, when it was easier to win things. the bar was raised but wenger did not improve, and neither can he learn. I want him gone now, and if Cesc leaves then OK, we can deal with it.

Anonymous said...

The Boars should come out & address the situation. They can't hide back Wenger. If something radical change doesn’t happen in the summer, the Emirates stadium will be half full. Mr. Wood & co; you have been warned.

Anonymous said...

The Board should come out & address the situation. They can't hide back Wenger. If something radical change doesn’t happen in the summer, the Emirates stadium will be half full. Mr. Wood & co; you have been warned.

Anonymous said...

The Boars should come out & address the situation. They can't hide back Wenger. If something radical change doesn’t happen in the summer, the Emirates stadium will be half full. Mr. Wood & co; you have been warned.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the triple post. I get some problem with the connection

AfriX said...

I believe they do not have the money & for some reason Wenger has decided to take pressure away from the board by claiming he's not choosing to spend. Maybe the reason he's mr fall guy is bcoz the stadium which is the source of the money drain was mainly Wenger's idea. It's pretty clear this squad is good enough to finish 3rd or 4th but not win major trophies. Pity the manager doesn't take the realistic trophies seriously. Am impressed by the fans who help the manager stay comfortable in this situation.

Anonymous said...

the money has to be there. where could it hav gone?
we need a new goalkeeper, a world class one at that. its the only position that we really lack quality in.The ones we have just dont fit in with the squad.

Another thing how can you people lose faith in Arsene have you forgotten the time when our team were called the 'invincibles' and if he stays and makes those few crucial signings i believe we will be invincible again!

"In Wenger, We Trust"

Spanish Breakfast said...

Its fairly obvious that the club is making a profit. That doesn't mean that AW has the money to spend. Where is Ivan Gazidis? I distinctly remember him saying that a CL place alone is not acceptable and how he will turn the screw on AW if thats how the season pans out. Well where is he? Just because money is there doesn't mean the board are asking AW to be frugal to ride out the recession. The fact that we didn't even go for a loanee to sort out our striker crisis seems crazy. AW has spent before we moved to Highbury. There is a complete change of attitude by the club since the move. Like I know we are down about the way the club is being run but would we rather be in united position financially and winning trophies? Thats the question. Still what i do blame AW for not replacing Almunia. A keeper is the foundation of any great team and ours isn't fit for the championship. We've had to endure Almunia being at fault for goals for 2 crunch home games against United in the past season to attempt to sign Sorensen on the last day of the transfer window. That is not good enough. Coming out with it now just hurts even more. Second only to Benitez readying Alonso's replacement 5 months too late.

Anonymous said...

it would cost the club 10 million quid to cut all our season tickets by 300 quid , what the fuck are they doing with all our money ? quote- will be able to compete with the best in europe financialy to buy the best players when we move stadium , bollocks . almunia walcot edwardo denilson on 50k plus what a joke , fabregas must be as pissed off like the rest of us , who would blame him if he left . clear the bullshit out of your eyes wenger

Anonymous said...

We can't keep signing players because of injuries. We should have looked at loans probably but heh.

Eduardo is a strong player that has unfortunately hasn't been able to find his form properly. He's having an off season unfortunately. We have many forwards and signing more of them just because we can and not because they are better than what we have/can add a lot to the team is stupid.

Man Utd have Rooney and Berbatov... and that's about it in terms of notable forwards and they'd struggle if both of them were injured (more so Rooney).

Chelsea have Anelka and Drogba. Really that's about it in terms of notable forwards for them.

We've been unlucky with injuries but to state we need to BUY when we have a fairly big squad at full fitness is silly.

If we panic buy we could end up with someone crap that can't cut it in our team or in the English top flight.

Look at the impact of our last few signings, Wenger and his network of scouts look closely at the players so that they don't end up with complete duds on a ridiculous wage.

Denilson isn't that bad and a year ago you wouldn't even be talking about Song. Wenger proved himself right with Song (and it seems Diaby as well, which is nice) but unfortunately Denilson hasn't developed as nicely as we'd all hoped. He's still a solid backup to have. In fact our midfield backups of Ramsay, Denilson and Merida (for now) is quite reassuring.

Defence is our weakest area in terms of backup but with Djourou back in a few months to have replaced a solid backup like him by signing someone else who may or may not cut it in the team seems silly to me.

Anonymous said...

THE PROBLEM IS OUR FORMATION ,451 AND 433 ARE BAD I DONT KNOW HOW U CANT SEE THIS AFER 2 SEASONS 1 OF BOTH =this is george the g man we changed our formation when we were strong always at 442 just had wrong mentality and aproach and not as strong squad (after invincibles).now we have been playing stupid 451 s which ruins all end of last season cup chances any one can see if they look at it and consider it ,against weak clubs maybe but any half decent ones no ,since these messed up formations every week week out we look vulnerable and we never did with 442 we were only caught by one goal if ever did we lose and they would just sitback and try to defend and as i said due mentality inexperience and aproach and squad we sometimes could not break them down but now we know what to do and with 442 we will domininate if we see 442 you will see ,and so after this ludicrus 451 we went too another experiment 433 much better and effective anything better than that 451 but i still saw the vulnerability in it even in the everton game and all of them i s have been screaming this since i saw us with that joke 451 and have still to this day just not as much with the 433 as i thought maybe since we looked good and won even though looking vulnerable but now my fears are more clear if not certain ,dont get me wrong i think we could pull it off with any formation if anyone can its arsenal .we never looked vulnerable or like conceding with 442 and now we do since these crazy formations in my opinion we were surgicaly dismatled by man city because of this as with these two formations is no balance 433 weakness in defence leads to weakness in attack and 451 vice versa to me this is clear to see as i am a great very talanted footballer and have experince in formations so with this 433 we our very defensively weak especialy on the break with the 442 we will have harmony invinceable defence midfield and attack surely some one must agree does anyone agree,only with strong tall and creative engine players in midfield wud we pull it off barca pull it off but this is in the spanish league which is nothing compared to the premiership eccept barca ,real and they have messi who in there games comes back to win the ball and is always back until they have the ball and then he gets forward

Anonymous said...

If Fabianski isn't good enough to replace a Sunday league keeper, why give him a new contract??

Anonymous said...

I don't know but I suspect the money is there, Wenger is just being stingy. i mean look how long it took us to buy arshavin, because we were refusing to pay an extra few million. we nearly lost out on him and had he not been so keen to get out of zenit or had another club come in offering more, we would have probably done

I still think the daftest thing he did was selling Adebayor and not buying a replacement. Most of us were happy Adebayor was sold but we thought we would be getting someone better. No one. He just left us with Eduardo, RVP and Bendtner in the miracilous hope none of them would get injured.
I mean we were struggling last season because of our paper thing squad. What does Wenger do? sells two players and buys one. I dread to think where we would be without vermaelen and cesc this season.we have to credit arsene for bringing vermaelen in and getting rid of toure who wasn't the same player, but more work needed to be done.

when fabregas sadly departs, I bet Wenger doesn't spend much or any of the money on enhancing the squad. He will tell us all how Ramsey is Cesc's replacement and there is no need for anyone else

Abhishek said...

i don think we need 2 blame wenger if v rnt sure of what is happening inside the club...der is sumthng majorly wrong inside the club 4 which wenger is not responsible...he is just a ftblng manager...if our plyrs lack the desire to win or even battle for the ball den its nt wengers fault...las week against united..walcott is waited 4 30 seconds 4 sum 1 to come inside the box for his main prob is ders not even a single plyr in de current arsenal squad who knows how 2 WIN a major trophy except fabregas nd arshavin...we need vieira, bergkamp, petite, pires....and henry...

Anonymous said...

How can you come to this conclution after a match where we dominated chelsea at their home. We were the better team. Two mistakes, and they scored two, but the future holds lot of promise. Chamakh will sign in the summer. but for this season, don't lose hope. Both will play liverpool,Aston Villa, Tottenham, and Man City, and they wil play each other. We are still in the race, although as outsiders, but still in with a chance. Come on you Gunners

Anonymous said...

I learnt Arsenal televised matches will be screened on Adult channel called Television X from now on. Apparently they won the right to broadcast 11 c*nts getting pounded for 90 mins is too explicit for Sky Sports....

Anonymous said...

need strikers, Eduardo has never been great, even before the injury - too slow, head down, etc.Van Persie is good but he is a bit light weight like majority of our team, gets pushed around. NB, may be the knight in shining armour if he ever gets a chance. He should have plad today from the beginning.
Almunia is a nice guy but he blows as a keeper & Clichy really need to get back to his old form, he seems weak, unsure & confused.

Anonymous said...

Money! Money!, thats what this is about. As long as we qualify for CL thats all that matters to this lot including AW, they could not give a monkey if we dont win anything as long as they get their MONEY, MONEY is that what you think of ARSENAL, AW ,GAZIDIS. This club is bigger than you. You will be forced out if you think that the fans dont care about this club.

We the fans require you the Board to finance at least THREE TOP quality players this summer ONE will come free (Chamak) the rest better be known. be warned!!!

Anonymous said...

Why oh Why, do we cross the ball as if we have a huge centre forward waiting to head the ball into the net? If this is the tactics we are practicing in training then give me a call. Im not a qualified coach but Please, sombody tell AW to but his glasses on for christ sake. Secondly Walcott, what use is the guy, he may as well played for chelsea the amount of times he gave the ball away, he would been better off playing Eboue on the right from the start. Mabye it s time for Banfield to take the realm.

Anonymous said...

The real problem is the lack of spending on proven quality, yes. Thats a given.
But is it becuase money isn't being made available or is it because Mr Wenger is too stubborn. His philosophy of growing a team from scratch, of allowing youngsters to grow together into a team who know each other so intimately they can play beautiful free flowing football. This philosophy has one very obvious flaw. You can't produce this team if you keep selling all the best players and replacing them with youngsters who don't even seem to have the potential to play for arsenal let alone filling the void of the departed player.
Yes we have good youngsters but how many can you actually say deliver for the 1st team on a consistent basis.
Denilson? Song? Clichy? Bendtner? Fabianski? Vela?
None of these players seem like they will ever fill anyones boots let, not to mention actually be good enough to play for Arsenal.
I really feel that come the summer that if we are without a trophy then Mr Wengers time is up.
Now I know it sounds rash and I know it sounds harsh considering all he has done for the club but something has to change.
Five seasons without a trophy is just not acceptable. Yes we play attractive football. Yes we're probably the most entertaing to watch, but we are also the most frustrating. The problem areas on the pitch are there to see. Every year its the same comments coming from fans,pundits and journalists alike. No plan B, no one who can defend, no physical presence in midfield.
We have a goalkeeper who the word average actually compliments.
We have wing backs who have forgotten that first and foremost they are defenders.
We have 2 defensive midfielders who can't tackle or read the game to position themselves effectively.
We have one quality striker and 2 almost but no quite standard strikers. Well one almost but not quite striker and one useless bean pole pretending to be a striker.
I think a change at the top is needed. Mr Wenger has done all he can do. His legacy is so huge that no new manager could destroy it completely. He has left the club in a great position for success but I feel he is no longer the man to deliver that success. I feel replacing Wenger would be the smartest choice. And who's to say that would me he would have to leave the club. A role on the board would be perfect. He can still aid the club with his vast knowledge of the game and amazing global contacts but allow someone else to take control of the team and make it their own. I feel someone like Martin O'Neil would be a perfect replacement. Proven track record, not affraid to spend, teams play attractive football. Obviously he would not be everyones choice but the real point is that a change is needed be it Wenger or be it the Board, something needs to change.

Anonymous said...

no team bought anyone in reality we are still in third, we have a squad who have proven they can beat everyone else in the league, so we lost to united and chelsea everyone thinks the board and wenger should go but who will come in? no one. Arsenal and Arsene do have a strict rule in regards to spending money on wages or fees, and can you blame them look at what is happening all over the league. United dying under debt, liverpool languishing and chelsea being paid for by one man. If Arsene does buy who would be able to come in at the right place who can fit in straight away? People who write these blogs are fools, plastic fans. I suggest you go support City or Chelsea if you want big money spent. We do need stronger taller players of that there is no doubt, lets see what happens in the summer.

Diana said...

Why don't you wait and see who wins the Premier league this season. Then 'go'off and support them. I usually just read this 'canned' crap and ignore it. You are after hits . . . ain't ya? Go on admit it ( i fell for it didn't i? )

Anonymous said...

As an arsenal fan, it is blatent that we neeeeeeeeed a targetman. Theres no Centre Foward in arsenal that is available that can change a game and grab it by the scruff of the neck. we had a chance to get a striker in january and i dont know why we didnt yet it was clear.

Edin Dzeko, nobody approached him at all! Im sure we could have negotiated a deal during the WHOLE of the january transfer window.

Chamakh has made it clear about Arsenal. And he doesn't cost THAT much compared to all these other strikers.

Something to think about - Champions League Final, if we get there and Van Persie can't play, what side can we put out?

Robin Van Persie is world class and his left foot is a LETHAL weapon. And not just that, his skill and mentality can change a game. Who is Van Persie for Arsenal Right Now?

Chelsea - Drogba, Manchester United - Rooney, Liverpool - Fernando Torres, Arsenal - .........?

Anyway enough of that.

I'd love to see This Exact Team Play One Day on top of their game:


Clichy Vermaelen Gallas Sagna

Diaby Song Fabregas

Rosicky Arshavin
Van Persie

Aminul Hasan said...

the formation is a problem. If we dont have a good center forward so why wenger used 433 formation. he should change back to 442. eduardo n vela upfront or arshavin n eduardo or arshavin n vela or arshavin n bendtner or eduardo n bendtner.

I dont think so 433 is a good formation arsenal. To make our season back on track, i suggest wenger change the formation.

Another thing i notice that actually we played a boring boring game, why i said like that because when we have the ball we only play the ball in center of midfield not same as a 4 years ago where the likes of henry, pires , viera, bergkamp, lyungberg played a very fast and direct football.

Anonymous said...

Sorry AKB the truth hurts. same old, same old. This was not an abject performance like last week but it was an equally ineffective one. I suggest that our number one priority in the summer is to buy (sorry AKB not a dirty word)a competent left back before a goalie or even a centre forward.

T2T said...

Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic!!!

Arsenal is currently #3 in EPL, arguably the hardest football league in the world - at least in the top three.

AW has during the time he has managed Arsenal become the most winning manager of all times at this club, Arsenal and Real Madrid are the only two teams qualifying every year to the knock out stages in CL, we have developed superb training facilities and a top, top stadium. He breaks even on the transfer budget making Arsenal capable of long term success. He has developed the Academy to produce quality (British) youngsters.

Why spend a s***load of money if the quality isn't there. Ruud van Nistelroy; you must be kidding. A "has been".

Who should we buy then - in the summer 2010?
1: A match winning keeper: But where will we find one and a club willing to sell a 25-30 year old top keeper?
2. CB? maybe, we have Gallas and Vermaelen with Djourou as the back up and Campbell as #4.
3. DM: Yepp; Currently we have only Song - can we get Flamini back in the summer?
4: Striker: Yepp; someone like Drogba - big, strong, who puts in an honest day's work and deadly in front of goal. However, f we can get Chamakh on a free transfer in the summer, it makes sense to wait in stead of trying to buy someone in January who may or may not fit into Arsenal's team quickly.
5. We have creative, offensive, small midfielders in abundance, Fabregas, Arshavin, Ramsey, Rosicky, Nasri, ...We don't need another one.

End game: This summer - look for a first class keeper, a DM and a strong point man. AW is doing the smart thing trying to sign up the current players on long term deals. That's cheaper and makes more sense than buying new ones. Try avoiding African and South Americans due to the international demands.

Anonymous said...

We need David Dean back to push through the transfers, he has been a big loss

Anonymous said...

clichy, denilson and Almunia should get the fuck out of arsenal

messi said...


Anonymous said...

The fact is that no one apart from Wenger and the board knows how much money we have. Another fact: none of you have any idea about how to manage a top football club. Wenger knows his stuff. He made Arsenal. The fact is this is Chelsea and Man U's time. Chelsea had serious investment. Man U were huge before Wenger. We beat a lot of small clubs this year. Last year we beat all the big clubs. We have some great players. Wenger is clever and doing the best he can to balance the books and develop youth. I love Wenger and would like him to be at the club for life.

This articles examples of back up are silly. Most clubs don't have the strength in depth it's asking for, not even Man U. Eduardo was great before he nearly got crippled. After his "beach goal" who would've bet against him being ace.

Anyway ... calm down you greedy lot.

Anonymous said...

how can he be the best manager now?

it was his past.

Truegunner said...

Same guys keep scoring us. Gives the impression we have failed to master these guys. In Chelsea, it is Drogba, Man U it is Rooney, Leeds used to be Viduka, Robbie Keane etc. Another thing i've failed to understand is why we can't shoot. We still want to pass balls in the 18 yard box. The coach just sits and watches this crap. This guy must be missing some wires upstairs!!! Alumnia is also total rubbish but one fails to understand why he is left to play. If he needs to regain his form let him do that in training.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

the truth is that Mr Wenger has no respect for the fans. he feels the fans doesn't deserve to see the best players on display for arsenal. that's it for me. i quit been a fan of the arsenal. mr wenger thanks to you cos' arsenal just lost a fan.

Anonymous said...

Yes we need strikers. Eduardo can't stay fit, perhaps it's time to let him go.

RvP was our first choice centre forward and we've hardly had a decent season out of him.

We need two first choice strikers to lead the side, and Edu and RvP are not them.

Wenger needs to make some hard choices about how long he is going to give some people. We can't have - and the fans don't deserve - another Aliadiere.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:01

"i quit been a fan of the arsenal. mr wenger thanks to you cos' arsenal just lost a fan."

Well you obviously never were one so go and fuck yourself.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you have people more interested in profits and losses than in winning games.....
What I really fail to understand is why we had Arshavin as the spearhead ? Surely, considering we had Sagna and Walcott to put in the crosses, whe should have had Bendtner up top with Arshavin just behind him ??? What's the point of crossing in to Arshavin ? Heck, the guy is shorter than me !!

Jasmine said...

I think what's most frustrating, as 1970s Gooner points out, is that we have had these gaps in the side for years and haven't plugged them. Our first 11 is pretty awesome (apart from Almunia) but the injuries come every year, and Wenger acts as if we have been crucified. We sold our first striker over the summer for a packet of money and didn't replace him???

Another interesting thing, as a supporter of St Kilda FC in the AFL in Australia, I can tell you that we used to have injuries every year and thought it was all a case of bad luck. However, we eventually changed a number of fitness staff, getting in conditioning coaches and others from clubs that had had a good run with injury, and it has been completely turned around. I don't think the injury thing is all down to chance, we should be having a look at the staff.

Anonymous said...

Although it is clear from all these comments that fans are as upset as I am, no-one really has come up with the answer
We must establish somewhow whether our lack of a decent goalkeeper, strikers etc is down to Wenger being mean or that there really is not the money there
We need to be told the truth not all the BS that is being issued right now. Only then can the right course of action be campaigned for.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just heard Arshavin out for 3 weeks with groin strain

khoune said...

why arsenal lose again? the answer is that:
1. wenger have a careless with the defending.
2. when the team could not score goal the players were not sure in playing form themselve.
3. arsenal`s strikers are too smalls ,then are not strong enought to score goal from the big arsenal need the very strenght striker for winning the title otherwise arsenal no need to think about the win.
4. the very important thing for arsenal is to get the very good goalkeeper like van desar or peter Cesk. almunia is not for the title winning.

Anonymous said...

Time for wenger to step down and let hiddink take over

Anonymous said...

it is simple as that. 5 years without any trophy means Wenger out!!!!! He only will bring Chamakh but we need a striker like David Villa or Edin Dzeko. You could see that yesterday. Chamakh for free is ok but we need another ones as RVP wont get injury free ( sadly ). Also need a new world class GK and new CB to push for Vermaelen. In the big games he also made big big mistakes. Finally make Gibbs the left back we desperately need as Cashley Cole left. Hope someone will really push preassure on Wenger now!!!

Anonymous said...

almunia,eduardo,silvestre(old nd nt gon improve),bendtner,vela,walcott(young bt spoilt,cant improve,probably d big guys lyk gallas is afraid of makin d headlines again by talkin 2 em)rvp,clichy(an injury a season is gud enof 2 ruin em)sorensen,campbell,mayb aghahowa...dats unarsenalike,until we stop buyin dwarfs...d league..hw disgracin

Anonymous said...

What a disgraceful disgusting bunch of 'fans'we have at Arsenal.

Sometimes I am just embarassed by all these comments.

We have the best run club in football - which will ensure our future in these uncertain times.

If you want to go crazy, spend big etc. Please go and Support Man City....

Arsenal are forever.....right now we are not as good as Chelsea or Manu (we are not far away - but not as good), there was a time when they thought they same about us. Only 1 team can win the league each year, and guess what, they all want to win it also!

Please grow up and gain some perspective, I will support our great club, and I would not switch our staff or board for anyones...

Arsenal will be forever.....not many clubs can say that....

olawale said...

It obvious d board is very happy with wenger,if they are not he would ve been given d boot. All d negative comments should be expected because we all don't have d same level to tolorate lies from the BS board. Its a complete shame and makes it more clear that the arsenal board are all about selfish interest. Wenger had to wait to get chamakh on a free transfer,that is pathetic. What gives us d impression he would be a hit at arsenal. Wenger his doing his best at these turbulent time and should be giving credit for it,d main problem lies with the board who for no reason are killing our football. Dein left because of the board,he had seen what was on ground,the plans would lead to a trophy drought and he sought for help but he was axed. If arsenal fans are serious we need to hear from the board directly and not. From wenger,he has been the hero in all these and trying to take the blame. He obviously has his own faults but he should not be held solely accountable for all thses mess of turning nearly men to men. The fans should channel their anger to the right source...THE BOARD. We need to know their state of mind now,are we in for more trophyless seasons or what?

BabiiHype_Chi said...

r. wenger is complaining that we wre the better team and felt hard done by the defeat,but if he had signed a fucking striker during the January transfer window we would have at list converted one of those chances we created yesterday rather he keeps on depending on small arshavin and an unfit walcott and bendtner to do the job.
he is nothing but a greedy and arrogant human being.

Anonymous said...

If you have had enough, why dont you go and support another sorry excuse for an Arsenal supporter

Anonymous said...

Clichy and Gibbs are out young Traore has to fill in....????
How many teams have 3 top quality left backs??
Clichy, and Gibbs is top top class, and we should be very happy to have them.

Anonymous said...

I have commented earlier about the non significant/non importance of Arsenal financial statement health compare to the trophy (trophies). I got rejection from a few people, see link below (my comment as deanshidah).

Hope now everyone joining me to pressurise Arsene Wenger to buy establish and already very good players (Arsene please do not be stingy and frugal) because we (most of Arsenal fans) only want a trophy, period. We do not care about Arsenal financial statement! See Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis earlier comment also congruent with this, see link below,16368,1766_5622167,00.html

Anonymous said...

Arsenal will not win the EPL and definitely NOT the CL if Wenger continues his ways. Wenger has too much power, no accountability, and needless to say, dont care a d*mm about the club but only about him. Why bother, if sacked, he's go to Madrid or another why be bothered about another season of empty handedess.

Anonymous said...

AW, take a memo.

1. Get rid of Walcott(LOAN)
2. Get rid of Almunia
3. BUY GK, Striker & Def Mid
4. Take cold shower and wake up!
5. Check bank account (see still money left) Easy.

Anonymous said...

fairweather fans! If your going to turn on arsene, your not an arsenal fan. I find it funny reading all these armchair fans comments trying to mug wenger off! The bloke is a god!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

fairweather fans! If your going to turn on arsene, your not an arsenal fan. I find it funny reading all these armchair fans comments trying to mug wenger off! The bloke is a god!

Anonymous said...

There is money to spend, it's not the board's fault, it's Wenger's. Keep the faith has become the lie we don't believe anymore. Arsenal as a club is rapidly squandering its potential and we're going to struggle to hold onto our best players because of the pig-headed youth experiment of the manager. He had 40 million last summer from ade and kolo sales but that money's now been spent on 5-year contracts for 18 year old kids. That's where the money's gone. If you give a manager TOTAL power over transfers, wages and budgets then this is the outcome. The tragedy is nobody at Arsenal is prepared to call him to account - they're all too scared.

Ron said...


Goons_with_Guns said...

Really, you fair-weather armchair supporters? Then who the f**k are you going replace Wenger with you f**king numpties!

Stop writing out of your arses.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am also a life long supporter of Arsenal, we showed a lot of spirit in the Chelsea game so we should not blame the player but the Manager. There is no doubt Mr Wenger is a good manager but I would class him as a starter not a runner, it time for him to go. So many people have said we need additional players but nothing happens we need new start so Mr Wenger please go find another club to play the loverly football and let us find a manager who can make us great again.

Anonymous said...

buy buy buy!! were all those players you want to buy free in the Jan transfer window?
Name players AW should buy and tell us the cost to the club. Then we can talk and everybody will be able to judge...

Up the Arsenal!

tapinda01 said...

is wenger a shareholder ? sounds...

Anonymous said...

I'm a passionate gooner who's also lost faith with wenger and i think he should go at the end of the season cause time and time again against the top teams he comes up short.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say i agree Gus Hiddink would reignite us

Anonymous said...

"Arsene Knows". REALLY?????

Anonymous said...

I am afraid I fully agree with the skeptics out there who suggest it is time for Wenger to go!
Lee Dixon has suggested that defensively this team does not have what it takes! Well!the results back that up fully.
Sadly I think Wenger has been found out! He is primarily an attack minded offensive coach. But the problem with that is he does not know how to build solid defenses. When he arrived at Arsenal, there was a solid defense in place so he did not have to worry about that part of it.
However nowadays, he is faced with the job of building a good defense in addition to the attacking component. I just do not think that he has the ability as a coach to do that, he does not know how to coach defense, only attack.
It is time for him to step down

Anonymous said...

Fragility at the back will cost us big time this season.....Wenger, for the good of our beloved club,find yourself a new club and go.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but the shocking stupidity of this article forced me to comment.

Firstly, we lost this game because of basic mistakes by first choice players like Clichy, Vermaelen and Song. Signing another big name doesn't solve these problems. You would have to be a complete nut to think that if we stick a tall forward up front these problems at the back will be sorted out.

Drogba got a chance he buried it. Arshavin got one he hit it straight at Cech.

So when your big name signings like Vermaelen and Arshavin are not delivering in big games, how can u be dumb enough to think buying some more will change anything.

Arsenal are almost there but the problems we have are much more fundamental and are not down to signing players.

First get to the root of the problem then talk of solutions. It's tiring to listen to idiots who have been brainwashed by the media and cannot think beyond signings.

Anonymous said...

Wenger take a cut of the transfer kitty he dose not spend.

What Chelsea sang was true "Five years and we have won **** all"

Sack Wenger

Anonymous said...

I agree, thanks for everything but your time is up Arsen

Anonymous said...

I agree entirely with the very last comment made. Defensive fundamentals are of primary importance, signings are for the off season.
The same comment also said that individual mistakes need to be cut out and we all agree with that. I would add to that though that individual mistakes are always likely when the system is not working. By system I mean the coaching. If the defensive coaching is not adequate then the defenders will make errors on the field. Uncertainty is caused by not knowing instinctively what to do and what each individual's job is. A good defensive coach will have a method of defending set pieces, slow build ups, fast break etc. Wenger is not a good defensive coach unfortunately, and that is the problem. He allows his players to 'make it up as they go' and the results show that.
He demonstrated his lack of awareness of how important defense is in his team selection by not selecting Bendtner to start. Why is that significant you wonder? Because for the first corner of the match Bendtner would have had the job of marking Terry on the corner. Bendtner is decent in the air and is well capable of doing that job. Would he have scored? maybe, maybe not! However he would have given much needed height on defense, and he could have made it a little harder for Terry and company to simply gobble up Arshavin etc as they tried to burrow their way through the middle as Arsenal attacked. Arshavin is a wing player and the middle is too crowded for him. He is more effective in space running at defenders. Chelsea and MU are too good at protecting the middle and they just will not allow light weighted and smaller forwards to simply dribble their way through there. Not going to happen

Anonymous said...

It fills like hell loosing to big guns every now and then even the players contribute to that when they reach 18yard area they don’t try to shoot they keep passing we as fans sometimes we don’t like that you can do that when your playing with stoke or wolves. Big matches always decides the champion but if we cant win those I think even Liverpool will beat us for third place because I don’t see Arsenal changing nothing is new but if wenger could make the most of it during January transfer and add more power to the squared it could be nice. The way I see our team has no motivation at all players have to motivate themselves and work hard but the way we are playing now I still see that we will loose to Manchester City with their counter attacking football also to Fulham. What I can say is its time for wenger to let it go we have had enough of him let him agree to buy players trusting on something which have proved it self incapable of resisting challenges from big guns n staying 5years without silverware its bullshit. Just let him add more stash to the team let him do the right thing for us fans who have always trusted him but he doesn’t want to listen to our comments, does he not see that the team is week to win trophies. I TS ME BERNARD LONELY ARSENAL FAN FROM TANZANIA . We are trying to organize our self all Arsenal fans from Tanzania to come to London if Wenger will not make any transfer during the next big transfer window and for sure we will im a law student and I will
postpone my studies for that just because im fricked out of us loosing every time to Chelsea, Man city and Man united

Anonymous said...

This is for the guy that commented that manure and chilsky only have roony berbatov, drogba and anelka!!!
R U CRAZY ????
RVP and the tall idiot r not even is the same league of such scoring macheines my friend wake up we have injury problems evry week RVP is made of glass and bendtner can sort his long legs out !!!
Vela ?? Edwardo ?? please save us the imbaresment im not english but i LOVE Arsenal and it hurts me to c us in such a bad spot where everyone is laughing at the results we get and we still beleive how dumb r we ??
i suggest that the fans should make a stand and none of us goese to a home game so the stupid ass board will understand that they shouldnt miss with our emotions and come clean or just please QUIT !!!
Haitham from Saudi Arabia:(

Roland Rankin said...

The problem is Wenger BEE-LEAVES there is only 6 positions on the pitch.The reason I say that is because he keeps buying the same type of player. Wenger also thinks he can make players play in different positions ie Eboue into an attacking midfielder.Song into a holding midfielder. Denilson into:Well I dont know what he is trying to do with him.I BEE-LEAVE Wenger will con us all again next season ie RVP back such and such back from injury.We dont need any new players,and that will be it for another season.I BEE-LEAVE Wenger should be sacked. He has conned the Arsenal supporter long enough. Hiddick would be fantastic.If we couldnt get him what about Mark Hughes. I BEE-LEAVE he would make a good manager.He would install a backbone into the team.Man City were very foolish to sack him.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last comment, Hiddink would be an excellent choice for sure. If he came in, Arsenal would have a coach like Ferguson who believes in 3 departments on the field. 1. Defense 2. Midfield 3. Attack. Wenger just believes in midfield and attack, he does not have the expertise to build a good defensive approach to big matches.
When he came to Arsenal first, his defense was already there, the rest he built himself. This time round he has to build all 3 areas and he has failed. Time for change

Anonymous said...

"We"?,who's we,I never said I've had enough of Arsene Wenger, who are you to make that claim on my behalf??????
That's the trouble with these blogs, you all seem to think everyone thinks like you, NEWS FLASH, we don't!
Get a life support your team and manager or go support a another club.
just answer this question, and be honest, Where was the club before Arsene Wenger took over???

And yes I will forgive every loss and endure ten years with out winning a cup or medal as long as I can see fantastic football played buy my club which I have supported for over 40 years man and boy.

So do me favor and think before you post!!!

Anonymous said...

a part of arsenal fans always call himself fanatic and always being happy though being looser against manure dan chelsit. If they name other fan as armchair fana, please dont publish in net and abroad. Talks on the clubs would be better.

Anonymous said...

visit this site
its really funny

Anonymous said...

It may be the time to take a punt on Mourinho. He won the UEFA Cup and CL with Porto without spending any serious money.

Anonymous said...

How about Rafa Benitez in for wenger this summer....he would bring Reina, Torres and Mascherano with him....3 world class players we need

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So fellow Gooners, it’s been a tough week for all Arsenal fans and everything and everyone connected to the club. Our loss to Stoke in the FA cup was the first of three losses in four games, that now sees us 9 points behind the leaders Chelsea with a mountain to climb to gain some ground back on the top two. But in reality, our title challenge starts here.

Having played the two teams above us twice this season, no game that we will play this season will be that hard. Yes, Chelsea have been better than us in the two occasions that we’ve played them, but not by incredible margins. Our lack of strikers has been somewhat a feature this season in the big games, and defining – we all know what a fit Robin Van Persie can do for us – last season’s 2-1 win over Chelsea is testimony to that. But we’ve got to where we’ve got to and it’s time to give our title challenge one last push.

The difference in 9 points is 3 wins, and with the different runs in presenting the top teams, when you look at who’s got to play who, suddenly, you can see that glimmer of hope that means that we’re not out of the league title just yet.

We have a massive game against Liverpool tomorrow and a win would put a decent amount of distance from Liverpool onwards and the top three. But apart from tomorrow’s game, we have only Man City and Sp*rs to play who could be tricky – then it’s plain sailing all the way to the end of the season. Looking at the fixtures we have, they are all very much winnable…

Let’s take a look:

Liverpool (Home)
Sunderland (Home)
Stoke City (Away)
Burnley (Home)
Hull City (Away)
West Ham United (Home)
Birmingham (Away)
Wolverhampton (Home)
Tottenham Hotspur (Away)
Wigan Athletic (Away)
Manchester City (Home)
Blackburn Rovers (Away)
Fulham (Home)
We’ve done it before, under Arsene Wenger, when no-one expected us too and put together 11 wins in a row and taken the title. For the two hard games in the list above, Sp*rs away and Citeh at home, we may even have Robin Van Persie back in the team…

Whilst we’ve got this run in, let’s check out Chelsea’s – they have Everton (away), Man City (home), Man United (away), Liverpool (away), Sp*rs (away) and Villa (home)… games in which they could all drop points, easily – Man United similarly have arguably a harder run in with Villa (away) this weekend, and then Everton (away), Liverpool (home), Chelsea (home), Man City (away) and Sp*rs at home…. so suddenly there is a glimmer of hope that we can get our players back – well, they are nearly back and gaining match practice – and push on.

Anonymous said...

I love the Arsenal. No, I mean it, I really love the Arsenal. There are things I love more; my family, my home, and my dearly departed brindle lurcher to name a few. But apart from these, the Arsenal is my all consuming passion.

All of my work buddies and friends support different teams, and of all my family only my eldest son and father-in-law are fellow gooners. My missus worships the ground that Torres walks on, and her brother is a spud.

This past year I have had supporters of United, City, Villa, West Ham, the spuds, Liverpool and Pompey join me to watch games either in HD or via the internet. There is always plenty of banter and mirth making, but we are all bound together by our love for our respective teams.

Not many of us actually get to see our teams play in the flesh, and indeed if I get to come over twice a year to see us play, then that’s a good year. But we are all dedicated footie supporters.

I have often heard cries of anguish when their teams lose but not once have I heard any of them complain about off field issues. My wife never complains about Rafa or Hicks or Gillette or the Europa cup. My buddy Shocky doesn’t care that United are wallowing in debt. John, my brother-in-law doesn’t give a hoot that the spuds never amount to anything. And Arlo and Stan (Villa & WHU) are eternal optimists. I could go on but it’s the same story for all concerned.

I am not saying that all fans of other teams love every aspect of how their team is run, let’s face it United and Liverpool fans have plenty to complain about. However Ferguson, Benitez, and Zola are not the targets. Sure the press may occasionally have a half hearted pop at them but it isn’t sustained and the next issue will generally have a different target or theme.

So what’s up with Arsenal and Arsene? Why have the the press and the anti-Arsenal painted a great big bulls-eye on them?

It can’t be silverware, because in the last 10 years only three EPL clubs have more than us.

It can’t be league position because in the last 10 years we have never finished lower than fourth. We have been in the Top flight longer than any other English team, indeed it’s almost a century since we were promoted from the second division and we haven’t looked back.

It can’t be lack of European football because for the last 10 years we have had it every year.

It can’t be our financial situation, because ours is currently the best in the EPL. I know Chelsea and City have sugar daddies but they still can’t manage to post a profit in their respective end of year accounts, and we all know about the situation at OT and Anfield.

It can’t be our lack of youth training and recruitment, because ours is the best in the EPL if not the world. For instance, the whole of the Ivory Coast national team were recruited and trained by one of our worldwide soccer schools. Our youth and reserves teams are playing exceptionally well and have been for a few years now.

In fact we are doing so well on this front that it makes it almost impossible for Arsene to find better players in the transfer windows. Last year we signed two first team players, Arshavin and Vermaelen. Both of these deals went to the wire because Arsene will not pay over the odds for anyone.

Anonymous said...

It can’t be because our manager and most of our players are not British, because its 2010. Britain is truly a multi-cultural society, the French own and supply many of our utilities: power, water etc. and there is a great big tube linking us to the continent.

Most of our hospitals are staffed by immigrants, who also do most of the jobs that are ‘beneath’ us. Our national dish is Chicken Tikka Massalla, most of us drive to the match in cars made by non British companies or watch it on TVs or PCs manufactured abroad. Sky Tv is owned by an Australian, ESPN is American and Setanta is Irish (yes, I still get to see 3pm Saturday kick offs every week on Setanta).

It can’t be our lack of training and playing facilities. Our state of the art training ground in Hertfordshire, funded from the profit from selling Anelka, is the envy of all EPL teams and we play at the newest and best ground in the country.

It can’t be because our players continually exhibit anti-social behaviour in public because, driving offences aside, the most recent scandal was a photo of Bendtner with his trousers round his ankles looking bewildered as he left a night club, and we all know that the photographer paid his mate to pull them down at just the right moment, hence the bewildered look.

In short, they’ve got nothing, nil, nada. Not a leg to stand on. Every argument thrown up (literally) has been countered very eloquently by the Pro Wenger / Arsenal crowd.

In this lead up to the world cup, in which many of our players will be going to South Africa, the English press, as is to be expected, are whipping up a pro-English furore. Unfortunately for us (or fortunately) not many of our players will be sporting the 3-lions crest and so negativity towards the opposition (us) wrapped up in fervent nationalism is the order of the day.

This doesn’t bother me a great deal because English press = Engand squad = no brainer. The beauty of the internet is that anyone with an opinion can voice it quite anonymously.

This is where Anti-Arsenal has exploded. Any two bit scrote with a hangover and a bad attitude can vent their frustration free from the normal restrictions of truth, clarity and news-worthiness. To tell you the truth, I read Legrove every day, normally for the hilarity factor of the ‘bboooommmm’ first comments. Although I heartily disagree with most of their content, I have to admit that, as a diatribe, most of it is well written. Unlike many blogs with the word ‘Arsenal’ in the title.

The question still remains; why so negative about the team they love? I think it’s just another facet of the modern society we live in. Impatience is the new patience. As I pointed out earlier, over the last 10 years we have been very successful, but 10 years is 2/3 of a lifetime for a lot of bloggers and so the five-trophyless-years stick which they beat their keyboards with is pertinent to them.

We all know that if Arsene left, two things would happen. Firstly he would be able to walk into just about any team in the world. Secondly, we would struggle, probably for years, to replace him.

We also know that if Arsenal reverted to football 2.0, things wouldn’t change for the better. We might be able to buy our way to a trophy or two a-la United or Chelsea, but there’s no guarantee. We could always do a Harry and bankrupt our team for one bus-top parade. Or we could do a City, get a sugar daddy and still fail to play inspiring football or fill our stadium.

Personally I wouldn’t change a thing. Not the manager, not the team, not the press or even the anti-Arsenal. They are all now inextricably linked and are what make The Arsenal what it is today.

Anonymous said...

So we lost against Chelsea. This is no fun but we just have to accept it. This is football and in football you can win and you can lose a game.

In fact all the statistics were against us. So far this season when we lose a game we lose the next one also. We lost in succession against Manchester United and City, we lost against Sunderland and Chelsea and now we lost against again United and Chelsea.

So if you look at the statistics this season a defeat was on the cards and a possibility.

We had a very difficult fixture list. If there would have been 7 or 8 weeks between the last two games and we would have lost them then the feeling would be completely different. It not easy to accept defeat and two defeats in a row against other top teams is even more difficult.

But the fixture list is what it is and now we have after the Liverpool game a very different perspective in fixtures. The others are going to start playing each other and we are going to play mostly lower placed teams.

More important was the reaction after the previous defeats. After the previous round of defeats we dusted ourselves off, we came out with great determination to set things right. And now it is up to the team to show their reaction. Are we going to hang our head and let it all slip away or are we going to fight for themselves and for the fans ?

The answer could be found today in the second half. After the defeat last week the last thing the team needed was an early goal against, and that is what we got.

But we didn’t let our head hang down and we got a very good chance but Arshavin couldn’t take it. And instead of the 1-1 we conceded the second goal on the break. This was a very big blow for the team and some heads went down.

But in the second half we threw everything we have for the moment at them. Chelsea played like a bottom of the league team in the Emirates. All behind the ball and hoping on a counter to score a goal. And after some time in the second half the heads went up again. Again we had some chances but again we couldn’t take them. But the way we played and pressed was good to see.

Okay we didn’t score in the game but you could see that the team didn’t gave up and I really think that if we had scored a goal we could have come back.

I also think that there were some positive notes on individual performances. Clichy looked like he is coming back to the level we have seen in the past years. He was more solid than in the last games and looked better in his game and he also tried for the first time since his comeback some raids like we have seen them so often.

Anonymous said...

Diaby was back and looked really good for the first hour. He used his strength and was strong in midfield and in the challenges. After an hour his legs began to let him down and was substituted but he showed he will be a vital player for the rest of the season. Just have to keep him fit please.

Bendtner came on and although not everything worked out and it was not all gold, his physical presence was felt in the Chelsea defence. But we must not forget he like Clichy, have been out for a very long time this season and need time to get them back to their level. But they are coming back and will get better.

Now we have played the 2 teams that are in front of us. From now on we have to pick ourselves up and do like we have done after the previous defeats: start winning again and just look at our own game and just win those games.

If we can start a good run from now till the end of the season and with the determination I saw in the second half, don’t forget we played against one of the top teams in the PL and the world, we largely dominated play.

We got more possession, we got more shots on goal, we got more corners. Unfortunately the only statistic that will go in the history books is the one we didn’t win… goals scored.

Sunday’s result was negative but this team isn’t finished yet, whatever some will say, just let them. Wednesday next game, just bring it on.

Anonymous said...

players are letting us down. keeper not good enough. clichy in particular at fault for a lot of goals in last few games. in these big games u must not let early cheap goals in. we have done every time, making it easy for teams to play us on break,. new keeper, new left back needed. if the game was nil nil with ten to go, we could have nicked it. but shoot ourselves in foot with poor basic defending. clichy needs a big game tomoro. goalie needs putting down. any shot on target is a goal!

Anonymous said...

To the last blogger,

Iv'e just taken a deep breath............ and I'm now ready to take on the world. Come on you gooners, be positive.

Anonymous said...

Second to last blogger is absolutely spot on. Players are not performing, and as Alan Hansen and Lee Dixon said after both MU and Chelsea! Arsenal have defensive issues.
Hansen compared it to last seasons CL Semi. So if he is right, then Arsenal have learn't nothing since. You are right on about Clichy! I cannot believe he went for a 'chat' with his friend (Oh great, he has one!!!!!) Nasri while a Chelsea corner is coming over. Unbelievable.
Maybe he will stay on his post next time?
You are right on the money about what they need also. A left back to begin with. I would add to that, a keeper and an imposing CB, in midfield a leader with an aggressive tackling attitude.
I am still at odds with this media thing and most fans idea that we absolutely 'must' have a striker! A new striker might be good sure! But if you look at Arsenal's scoring column, it is pretty damn good!Since that ill fated CL Semi Arsenal have conceded 2 1st half goals in almost all the games against the big 2. Any games where they did not hand out a 2 goal start. They handed it out in the 2nd half as an alternative.
That to me points the finger at the defense, or the defensive system!!!
The striker issue could be related its true, but I still think Mssrs Hansen and Dixon called it correctly. Arsenal are excellent when they have the ball but they do not know how to play when they lose possession. That creates problems because if you have 60% or 70% possession. You still need to know how to play effectively for the other 30 or 40% to bring home consistent results.

Anonymous said...

Chamakh is an Arsenal man for 5 years... Exclusive news from Canal+ (TV station) in France.

You guys complaining... happy now!!!
Those already not Arsenal fan please dont come back.

Excellent long posts from various anonymous!

Come on Arsenal!

Anonymous said...

外表往往與事實本身不符,世人卻容易被表面裝飾所欺騙了 ..................................................

Anonymous said...

are people honestly that stupid to read this article and think what this guy is saying is true?

dude what have you been smoking? come off it now.

sitting 3rd in the league with possiblity of overtaking UTd. now dont giv me shit about we lost to the big teams bla bla - UTD lost all their games to the so called top teams yet won the title - you need to wake up and smell the coffee.

if this project doesnt work then i am guessing there will be a complete change in policy for wenger - where in his last seasonal contract he will go all out and buy the big names.

Anonymous said...

I have lost the faith. I now no longer believe that Arsenal can win the league this season. Sunday has sent me into a pit of despair so large that I struggle to think of what possible, rational course of action there is left to take…

Oh! I know! Let’s sack the manager, the board, sell all of our players and burn the stadium down in protest at the single greatest injustice Western civilization has ever seen!

Jesus wept! What is this? The annual Geordies’ and Scousers’ whinge at why they deserve to win everything because they’re so special? Frankly, I’m disgusted at commentators such as Christian Alibert (Taxi For Wenger).

So, Arsène’s unfit to live and should be sent to Siberia by close of business tomorrow? Damn right he should – and while we’re at it, let’s get Rafa Benitez in to sort out this mess we’re in. After all, he knows how to spunk money up the walls, which is clearly the answer to all of our problems. £20m is a bargain for a player of Aquilani’s standard. For that matter, what about ‘arry? Alright, he’s got a murky past when it comes to wheeling and dealing, but at least he knows his way around a bunch of used fivers, no questions asked. Oh, and Roberto Mancini! Who can forget his master-stroke at signing Paddy V to a £150,000/week contract when he’s over the hill and injured? Quality stuff. Wenger’s put to shame by purchases such as Vermaelen and Arshavin; they’re simply awful and not fit to wear the shirt – done nothing all season, the pair of them.

The League Cup: that Holy Grail of footballing excellence before which we all prostrate ourselves because we are not worthy. You know, it’s never done anything for the club. Not a jot. In fact, one of the worst matches I ever saw was in the League Cup – Arsenal vs. Rotherham. Not one of those players ever did anything with himself after that. Definitely not that scraggly little lispy Spanish tosser whose name I forget… something like ‘Fabregash’ – anyway, it doesn’t matter ‘cause we haven’t heard of him since, the poxy no-hoper.

Anonymous said...

And how dare Wenger run the club on a sound financial keel? What does he know? Personally, I’d love to be hundreds of millions in debt with no way of paying it back, just like Utd and the Hoof are. Did you know that Utd may have to sell Old Trafford just to stay afloat? No? Well, it’s a small matter anyway. Let’s just forget small details like that and pray for the day that our saviour, Usmanov the ex-prison bird, comes in to be our sugar-daddy, just like Chelski and City have! God, I truly cannot wait for the day when we are more like Chelsea in every way – including having f**k all future if a certain Russian decides to pull the plug.

As to the players, this is a criticism to respond to seriously. Wenger has always had one major blind spot: goalkeepers. We all know Manuel is not good enough. Full stop. As for the others, well, who can ignore Song’s progress to being one of the best midfielders around? A year or two ago however, I suspect that many of the current critics were calling for him to be shipped out. Denilson has showed some class at times, but in recent matches has fallen off the pace. Why this is we do not know – but perhaps there is behind-the-scenes stuff going on with him. Let us wait and see. Clichy? Well, we’ve got a great replacement for him, but he’s in with the physio for the rest of the season. This is clearly Wenger’s fault! As to not having bought ‘a world-class striker’, well, we do have one; RVP. Sad thing is that he’s been out for virtually the entire season with torn ligaments – but, of course, that’s Wenger’s fault. But we should have bought a £30m striker in January – they’re easy enough to find as a short-term solution. Did anyone else notice the dearth of major signings? Perhaps the old guy is onto something when he says that there’s not much money around at the moment…

Ah, the Cup. I love it. As an Englishman, I am attached to it at the hip. If it were up to me, we’d go for it all guns blazing every season. But it’s not up to me: it’s up to one of the most proven managers in the world who has the club’s best interests at heart. Our club’s best interests at heart. He has turned this club from a good English side into a European powerhouse. So he might have slipped up? He’s human then. Lest we forget, we were 1-1 with 15 mins to go. Had that all turned out ok, no-one would have said a thing.

To all those calling for a taxi for Wenger, shut up, f**k off, and go and support United – after all, they beat us at the weekend, so that means you’ve a better band-wagon to jump onto now.

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18 English clubs owe 56% of the debt of the 732 European clubs licensed by UEFA

Manchester U and Liverpool liable to be excluded from Europe under new regulations

There is a secret UEFA report called “The European Club Footballing Landscape,” which reviews the finances of football. The latest available edition is that which trawls through 2007/8.

It looks at the 732 clubs licensed by UEFA to play in its international competitions.

Why it is secret, no one is saying. After all what could be more important in football today than to reveal the extent of the financial crisis which threatens the very existence of the game in its current form? But that’s UEFA for you – keep it under your hat as long as possible – especially when it turns out that your richest league has 56% of all the debt in European football.

Anyway, the secrecy failed because the Guardian has got a copy. They say that the report shows the combined debts of 18 EPL clubs at around €4bn. They exclude Portsmouth and West Porno (or West Iceland as they were then) because they were not licenced, because they were both on other planets at the time.

So the EPL debt is four times the debt of La Liga, the second most indebted league, and La Liga is considered by some to be a basket case in its own right, with Real Mad spending money in a way that is unrelated to any known system of economics, and paying for Da do Ron Ron on the basis of shirt sales.

Simultaneously the EPL made loads more money from TV etc than anyone else. The average club took away €122m in rights and royalty fees compared with €79m in Germany.

Anyway UEFA are now going to publish this report in full, and come out with a new set of Financial Fair Play rules, which it says are agreed in principle by the big clubs and their leagues.

These require clubs to break even financially from 2012-13. There are suggestions that the loophole of putting money into shares so it doesn’t show as debt is being closed in the new regs.

What’s more the report specifically (and yes it is specific on this) identifies Manchester IOU and Liverpool Insolvency as catastrophic in its own right, and there is implied criticism of the way the EPL and the FA have simply closed their eyes and said and done nothing about the disaster.

According to the Guardian the report says, “Just over half of [the Premier League's] commercial debt has been placed into the [relevant] clubs [or at a holding company level] recently as a result of leveraged buyouts, so far acting principally as a burden rather than to support investment or spending”.

Anonymous said...

Amazingly (and this is really taking us into fairy land), the EPL has responded to the news of the report by defending the EPL club debt saying that as they earn more they can borrow more. In other words the EPL is resisting the reforms (tiny though they are) at UEFA.

According to the report 47% of the licensed clubs made a loss in 2008. Now let us compare that with the EPL, where as far as I can see only about 15% made a profit, and some of that is dubious as the accounts are hidden in the Virgin Islands.

So the EPL and FA have now cobbled together a new plan, which is to accept UEFAs new rules but to seek an amendment so that “benefactors” can put in money without being accounted for in the new rules. This would allow not only the KGB in Fulham and Manchester Arab to continue as before, but also to allow Aston Hold Your Head Villa, Bolton, Everton and others to continue using their system in which the owner lends more and more money to the club each year.

This is not to suggest that the head holders, for example, spend all the owner’s money on wages – they have built new training facilities and new facilities for supporters – which is what UEFA wants. But as the UEFA model stands that would make no difference unless there were to be a fixed repayment plan (as in a conventional mortgage), and I am not sure that is in place.

AV could find a way out of this if they could fill their ground for each game and get into Europe, without spending any more money (and then avoiding the idea of deliberately getting kicked out of Europe by fielding a weakened team), especially if they schedule the debt repayment over a very long period of time, but that depends on getting an amendment to the rules – which UEFA seem unwilling to give, not least because of the intransigence of the EPL and FA overall.

Arsenal will continue to be safe because the debt on the stadium is being paid off on monthly repayments of the mortgage, and the club is far more profitable as a result of the development of the ground than it was at Highbury. Tottenham will be safe because their accounts are in part hidden off-shore.

Quite what Manchester U and Liverpool can do is unclear. Chelsea and Man City can hope for a rule fudge to allow them to hide the money from the owner, but the condition of Man U and Liverpool is so awful, and they are so flagrantly bust, there is, under the present rules, no way in which they can get a licence to compete in Europe.

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Does anyone still think Arsenal will win a trophy this season?

Most Arsenal fans now are very dissapointed with Birmingham result. Arsene has to take full responsibility.

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Remember this, Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis

“We can talk about football as a business but, fundamentally, this club exists for the fans and they don’t care about financial reports, they care about what happens on the pitch.”

“Second, third or fourth isn’t good enough. We want to win something this season”.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone still think Arsenal will win a trophy this season?

Most Arsenal fans now are very dissapointed with Birmingham result. Arsene has to take full responsibility.

If Arsene still think his current squad is good enough to win trophies and does not need to buy players in the summer then let us say, Change the coach or give us a Billionaire owner and probably David Dein. Because a new coach like current Barcelona or Inter Milan coach definitely will buy players. The other way is a new billionaire owner will push the coach to buy players. Let us all with many hardcore Arsenal fans and players to pressurise Arsenal coach (Arsene or anyone) to buy establish and already very good players (don’t be stingy and frugal) because we (most of Arsenal fans) only want a trophy, period. Furthermore, Arshavin and Fabregas might leave Arsenal because these players hunger for at least a trophy !

Remember this, Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis

“We can talk about football as a business but, fundamentally, this club exists for the fans and they don’t care about financial reports, they care about what happens on the pitch.”

“Second, third or fourth isn’t good enough. We want to win something this season”.

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