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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Which team, apart from Arsenal, would you prefer to win the Premier League title?

By Aries

It’s a hard choice really having to pick either Chelsea or Manchester United.

Normally I would prefer the team that played the best football to win the title and Arsenal have done that in my opinion. There’s not much to choose between Manchester United and Chelsea in terms of football played. Both have had good and bad games.

But there is a big difference between the two in their financial standing.

Chelsea have bought the titles they won and by extension they will have bought this one if they do go on and win it. Their financial strength is derived from big handouts from their owner and benefactor and not from what they earn through the normal sources of revenue open to football clubs, such as TV money, gate receipts, shirt sales and other marketable products.

Manchester United on the other hand have tended to rely precisely on these incomes which themselves are not inconsiderable but nevertheless football related.

However much it hurts me to choose a team to win the title other than Arsenal then I will vote for Manchester United.

Maybe Arsenal will win it! We still have an outside chance you know…


Anonymous said...

I dunno. Would you rather die of cancer or AIDS?

Anonymous said...

Chelsea as i know way too many united fans that wouldn't shut their mouths (You won't be surprised to hear i live in London).

Anonymous said...

i live in london too and would prefer chelsea to win it because man utd have more glory hunters than chelsea still

Sean said...

I don't want Man Yoo to become the only team to win the league 4 times, so reluctantly it has to be Chavski

John said...

Neither would be ideal, let's hope that there is a miracle and we win it. Realistically, I don't want United to win 4 on the spin, and I don't want Chelsea to do the double. So Chelsea to take the league and Portsmouth to take the cup.

Anonymous said...

The Hammers.

bigkez said...

chelsea standard!! no way we can let utd win 4 in a row esp as its never been done before. cam on chelsea! as other poster said tho pompy for the cup! lol

Anonymous said...

As much as I hate it, I would want Chelsea to win. Ancelotti is a good manager, and I am quite frankly sick of seeing ManUre win. Just to change it up. ManUre will then only have one trophy this year, the worthless Carling Cup. Big fucking deal.

Anonymous said...

have we played the best football? both chelski and manure have scored more or the same goals as us and let in less! all our pretty box to box football is fine but not if you dont shoot or take advantage of your possesion.

Anonymous said...

Chelsea is the biggest rival at this moment (my opinion). Chelsea = Shit Club, No History!

Anonymous said...

Chelsea for me. I have enough of the red faced cunt. He has been using money to buy the title. I want him to go Wigan to make them champs. Yeah I know he is great manager blahlah winning the treble.
Generally people forget he was one kick away from defeat in 1999.
It's chelsea for me. They also use money but the manager is not so condescending compared to the red nosed er faced.

Anonymous said...

Le Arse have been battered from pillar to post this season by both Utd and Chelsea. You talk about glory hunters but have you seen your home crowd lately? Ours is quiet but the Emirates is like a morgue.

That Peado needs to stop fiddling with the kids you've got in your team else you'll win nothing for another five years.


Anonymous said...

Arrg...none! If liverpool were in the race i would have said them.

Maybe Chelsea but i hope they crash and burn in the cup

Anonymous said...

i would go for liverpool and/or burnley. but if i have to choose between chelsea and man u i'll go with chelsea because man u fans are the worst ever on earth therefore i hate to see them winning.and their coach as well....god!!!!! i hate man u with a burning passion

suresh said...

Oh dear. The wonders of timing. Quotes emerged from the boss last week that perhaps don’t quite chime with the feelings of many at the moment. “This year I feel we have appeased our fans a lot. We have always shown great attitude, a great response when needed.” What odds the interview that begat those words took place before the Spurs and Wigan games? Since then the wheels have come off a tad, haven’t they? Actually, to continue the car analogy, we’re left feeling we’ve been sold a bit of a lemon: it looks sleek and has excellent poke, but the exhaust can fall off when you go over a speed hump.
Personally, I still love the car. And I don’t see why a few tweaks won’t see it running like a dream for the foreseeable.

I do not share the same anger or desolation as many of the people contributing to this site and others. I don’t think the entire squad should be taken out back and shot. I find it hard to believe that people still bemoan Nicklas Bendtner as if he were the second coming of Chris Kiwomya; the fella has 9 goals in 12, many coming in high pressure situations. He produced a peach of a ball to set up an excellent Walcott finish v Barcelona. Yes, a Walcott finish. Anyone who was surprised that Theo could do that is either not watching or is desperately looking to scapegoat someone. His decision making leaves a lot to be desired, his crossing is pants, but the boy can run and the boy can finish, and those abilities are reason enough not to discard him. Alex Song, Thomas Vermaelen and Cesc Fabregas have been sensational. Gallas was superb when available.

The rest of the squad produced in fits and bursts, and it needs adding to in a serious way – this is no time for 19 year old projects or sub-£1 million cast-offs – but the way some of you lot have been going on you’d think we were Liverpool, or any of the other 88 clubs sitting beneath us in the league. While many of you might not want to accept it, the club has achieved something that could be more vital to us than a trophy. While Manchester United operate with a staggering debt looming over them that seemingly requires perennial success, Liverpool writhe about like a slapper on a Saturday night looking for someone to buy her a drink, and Chelsea and City live or die on the whim of benefactors, our club managed to maintain a level of competition that has given us Champions’ League football and two title challenges while also building a massive cash cow called the Emirates Stadium.

suresh said...

They paid off over a third of their debt in one year. They are beginning to make huge amounts of money. I agree that it’s a total waste if it’s not used making the club as strong as possible and giving the fans what they want, but give them a chance. Damn them for not doing so already if you like, but at least accept that they would have done it while damaging the club’s long-term financial position. Acknowledge the bigger picture even if you want to be critical.

Watching the disgrace at Wigan was painful viewing and I would not suggest that it was in any way good enough. Nor, I am sure would the manager. In the last few weeks he has been as forward in talking about the need to change things and bring in new players as I can remember him being. If he fails to bring in a keeper, or resolve the ridiculous injury problems we have then fine, he is fair game, but right now, a lot of you sound like United fans biting the hand that feeds them.

Five years without a trophy is a long time for a club like ours. But there are two caveats to that point. First, it’s not like this club hasn’t moved forward massively in other departments. Second, we’re in an age where other clubs with similar histories, like Villa, Spurs and Everton, have been feeding off scraps thrown from the table we have sat squarely at for a decade. The anger over the long arduous wait (approximately a quarter of the time Liverpool fans have had) is based on the period of excellence that preceded it. That wasn’t down to Bruce Rioch, George Graham, David Dein, Peter Hill Wood or Joe Bloggs ten rows back. The way some of us whine suggests we’re unaware of the club’s history pre-Wenger. Before Anfield in 1989, we had to wait 18 years to win the league!

I truly want to see this club strengthened, for the cracks to be filled, the days of projects and development above all else to be brought to an end. But I am not so blind as to suggest this club does not possess a very strong hand, or has the heritage of excellence that some, many, appear to believe. We all have reasons to be bitterly disappointed, but vitriolic? Leave it for the rest, this club’s a little too classy for it.

Anonymous said...

If memory serves the last time we lost a match when we had our first choice 11 out was the 06 CL final. RVP alone was a huge loss to us this year let alone all the others.
Chelsea can attest to what he did to them last season.
Some you win some you lose but a threadbare squad can compete on 4 fronts and pushing for the cups may have cost us the CL spot.
AW's job has been very difficult and he has taken the flak for the board who keep the keys to the vault but dont allow him access regardless of what they say.

There can be no doubt however that he will be given serious bucks to spend this summer because if they dont give him the readies they know that they lose him.
It is that simple.

I'm am pretty sure that he is sick of all the criticism from fans and media when he isnt allowed spend a fraction of the money that he has helped make for the club.
We profitted 30 mil on transfers last summer. You think Wenger wouldnt like a David Villa or karim Benzema in his side? Of course he fucking would. He just doesnt have the option and having to bring the club in line with the new UEFA's financial rules havent helped even though we are the benchmark in the sport.

Bring on the summer and since it is a world cup year the business will be done early.

This time next year Man City and Chelsea will be headed into court with UEFA over CL admission being denied and everybody will be heaping praise on our set up conveniently forgetting the sacrifices that were made and the intense criticism levelled suffered by AW to achieve it.

You cant have it every fuckin way.

Look at Liverpool. Bought Torres for monster money pay 6 figure sums for wages and now they are fucked and I do mean proper fucked. They are never getting back in the CL.

Those who complain need a better overview beyond their own chilish tantrums. Football is huge business now and there is more at stake than trophies. The next five years will bring a fucking cull the like of which has never been seen before. Debt and UEFA are going burn football in England and after the dust has settled we will see who is on fucking top.


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Chelsea, no doubt.

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Chelsea as i know way too many united fans that wouldn't shut their mouths (You won't be surprised to hear i live in London).

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