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Monday, May 03, 2010

Arsenal’s goalkeepers are a joke

By 1970’s Gooner

When Arsene Wenger said that due to Almunia’s wrist injury he would give a chance to Fabianski to prove himself I smiled. Wenger is up to his old tricks I thought as Almunia has probably been dropped.

On the other hand how can Fabianski prove himself in only three or so games? Surely you need more games than that to decide whether a keeper is good enough to win you the Premier League?

In fact the only decisive conclusion that could come out of this short run of games with Fabianski in goal could only be on the negative side i.e significant errors being made ruling the poor guy out of the reckoning.

And this eventuality has surely materialised. Or at least I hope that Wenger has now realised this!

Fabianski is not good enough to take that goalkeeper’s jersey. He should at best be loaned out so that he can learn on someone else’s back.

Nor is Almunia good enough and that is in my opinion quite obvious too. He has been given chance after chance, season after season but also failed miserably to convince.

It’s time to get the cheque book out Mr Wenger.

No team with real aspirations to win the title can do it with a goalkeeper, of at best, average quality.

Please go out and get a top class goalkeeper. And spend the money you say you have and give this very promising team the backbone it richly deserves.

A backbone consisting of the goalkeeper, a central defender (of an age below 30) and another strong defensively minded midfielder.

That’s all.


Anonymous said...

another rubbish performence by the lads.. really lost my admiration for diaby aswell, always getting caught on the ball...rubbish..

Anonymous said...

wenger says he wants this team to achieve something, to strengthen the squad if needed.... Then why in the last 5 years has he never realised that we have the lowest quality goalkeeper in the top 4, and thats not even including citeh and the 'pool.... got the dosh out big man!!!!

Real Goon said...

What it looked like to me is that the players know they wont win the league and are playing for nothing. Also alot of players are not playing 100% as they have one eye on the world cup and want to be injury-free. The only players that looked good today was sol,eboue and rvp.
Our two main keepers could not get into the spurs team.
Look at paul robinson, he was a blinding keeper then he started to make mistakes and cost the team points so what did spurs do.
Wenger... you must wield the axe now and get rid of them both

Anonymous said...


arsen--not a gud coach idea of wat to do at arsenal anymore..he should just fuck off nd leave..

walcott--simple not gud enuf..he really sucks.and y should he get paid that much when he cant play anyfink..

silvester-- just an idiot..pack ur bags nd fuck off.

diaby-- not gud enuf..really annoying and keeps making mistakes and giving out the ball..

fabianski-- its a pity we have you playing for arsenal football club,but i wont lame you but the motherfucker ARSEN WENGER..

sagna--cant out in a cross,poor at do you guyz feel when you come out and say i am an arsenal player..pathetic


jason said...

You telling me no-one couldn't see that Prick Dunne backing into the players then onto the keeper? Cheating Bastards!
I don't blame Fabianski, I think he played OK. He wasn't protected at all!

Anonymous said...

This is so ridiculous. A team that was chasing the title some few fuck weeks ago is now even not sure 3rd spot. Wenger pliz do smthing or else we wil be competing 2 play the europa league next season. Can u win a title with fabians,sl',diaby,sagna,walcot,eduardo. NEVER I SAY.AM FED UP.AV KEPT THE FAITH BT AM NOT SEEIN ITS FRUITS.MAKE MAJOR CHANGES IN THE SUMMER. Out:almunia,fabianski,sagna,diaby,sylvestre,denilson,eduardo,vela. IN: hugo,mexes,melo,kjaer,cahil.chamakh,hazard.NO MORE JOKERS.

Anonymous said...

Don't let past preformances judge this display. Fabianski had a good, game, make a save from cheating Pederson. 1st goal, came and got a piece on the ball (better than letting Samba have a free header). If Nasri stays on his post he would have cleared the ball. The 2nd!, I can't understand why nobody says anything about Dunne with his head down backing into Sol which caused the problem.
Arsenal fans complaining about Fabianski is a load of shite. The guy did well given he got no protection from the ref or his team mates. I don't think that he is a number 1, yet, but should be held as a number 2.

Anonymous said...

No only the goalkeeper is a joke, the defender silvestre and the manager himself are even bigger joke. When defeat, Arsene blames everything except himself. Is big Sam new to him? He had been tormented by big Sam since the day he was with Bolton.

14 years without Champion League title, 5 solid years trophyless. Arsene is smart for not joining Real Madrid, guess he might be fired in a single season by Real Madrid if he has this kind of Mediocre performance there. RM will not tolerate this kind of nonsense.

We're a barely a football academy for Barcelona, Arsene should be a trader not a football club manager

Anonymous said...

If Arsene is renewing his contract to 2014, then:-

We will be 19 years without Champion League title and 10 years trophyless by the time his contract expires in 2014.

We need Louis Van Gaal or Mourhino who has proved himself with Port, Chelsea and now Inter Milan.

As manager, you need strategies and learn from past mistakes not just excuses

Anonymous said...

Mourinho Quote:-

“[Arsene] Wenger has been Arsenal’s coach for 15 years but he hasn’t won even a Carling Cup for six years.

“This is not the Italian mentality. To stay here I must continue winning and do well.”

This is very insulting to us, but is a cruel fact...

We need someone like Freguson that can lead us to glory. How many 14 years we need to wait?

Anonymous said...

Time for Change

In the past, Arsenal board always said that Arsene can have job for life, suprisingly that they have never said this anymore...

May be they started to realise their Fatal Mistake now

To win a Champion league, we need a manager with Champion winning menatlity and not a bad loser that always in denied mode...

Enough is enough....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why are you all moaning about fabianski read Wenger: It isn't an area I'd want to strengthen Arsenal Mania 10:17

Anonymous said...

Diabys issue, must learn when to release ball to the correct man, earlier!!!!!! And to tackle!!!

Walcott... learn how to use guile to pass defenders as well as pace, pick the right pass, fullstop.

almunia / fabianski - neads to learn from mannonie!!! best keeper at arse. he throws the ball to distribute first, kicks when needed. Its accurate!!!! Our problem is we always play plan B now and are not good at it!!! Ball usually comes straight back!!! And he commands the area. (Size may help in that)

Could go on, and on.

Anonymous said...

what did that guy that posted 4 say. Can anyone interperate that into english? I must be getting old or its some kind of african language?

Anonymous said...

Please excuse the poor gramma and syntax in above!!

Anonymous said...

No no no and no. Many of us said back in 2006, that without a new keeper, we'd win nothing. It's been four years since. We haven't won anything and will not without changes being made.

Anonymous said...

if these 2 clowns r still between the posts for us next season i am seriously considering never 2 watch another game till they fuck off, i cant put myself through another season where we promise so much get so far only for our comical goalkeepers let us down time and time again and then wenger stick up for them its beyond a joke now it aint funny no more......

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