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Friday, June 26, 2015

Apart from Cech no new major signings for Arsenal

By 1970's Gooner

Cech is having a medical today. The sooner the better in case that man Mourinho puts a spanner in the works. It is also very important to go ahead as the security Cech will bring will have a disproportionately much larger effect on the efficiency of the whole team.

And indeed the net effect might well be 10 to 15 points. Now that is huge. Cech's impact in a problem position for Arsenal will be as so obviously substantial as the sudden and momentous impact that Coquelin had on the rest of the team just by performing in a position that was so obviously lying vacant for so long.

But apart from that it appears to me tha Cech's transfer will be our lot this season.

Lets look at each position in turn.

Goalkeepers now no need.

Right back, Bellerin and Debuchy more than good enough.

Left back, Monreal and Gibbs again more than good enough.

Centre back, here you have only three players in koscienly, The BFG and Gabriel. I believe we need another defender here but I think Wenger will, wrongly, ride his lack wishing no injuries happen to two of these three at the same time! He will be assuming that if need be Monreal and Debuchy can fill in if and when needed. He certainly will not buy an established starter as this will unsettle the other  players.

In midfield there is a plethora of creative midfielders in Cazorla, Ramsey, Wilshere, Rosicky, Arteta. But he only has two defensive midfielders one of which is excellent, Coquelin and another whose efficiency has deteriorated, Flamini.

Here he needs to add another defensively minded midfielder to cover adequately for Coquelin. Again I do not see Wenger buying a first team starter as he would like to obviously continue with Coquelan who has been impressive. I rate him higher than Matic...

What Wenger might do is buy a young and promising defensive midfielder who could fill in when needed. Somehow however I do not see it. He will use Flamini and also Wilshere. Yes Wilshere, who in my opinion he will be ideal for this position. He has the aggression the physique and the technical quality. There are of course question marks over his ankles but if he has trully got over that problem then why not try him in that position if the need arises?

For the forward positions again we need a proven goal scorer but Wenger will look at the goals scored last season and see that the goals were shared throughout the team. So he will not want to rock the boat there. There is Giroud who scored 14 gols having missed 3 months early in the season. There is Welbeck and of course now there is Walcott (with the Ox ready to play on the wing if need be).

So there you are. We should be buying for three positions (cb, dm and cf) but Wenger is likely to look for solutions from within.


Clive Bullen said...

You forget Chambers, at CB and potentially DM. Welbeck, Wilshere, Walcott and the Ox will add more goals this season as they develop.

So I agree with your conclusion, we have quality and depth throughout and should forget all speculation about (expensive) Higuain etc, Wenger only buys up and coming bargains.

Dig Dict said...

You forgot Chambers as CD. And we need an at least equal quality player of coquelin type to play two DMs in some away games. Artera and Flamini are not up to that job - Arteta lacks defensively, Flamini lacks in possession. And you got too much ahead of yourself saying that Coq is better than Matic :-)

Belve said...

I agree with the thought that Wenger won't be making any major purchases. I feel like the actual squad is actually a bit bloated and the real movement will be those on the fringes. No one has even mentioned Belik who can play DM as well. Add

One thing Mr Wenger values that other managers seem to discount is squad harmony. Can this group who have all had a chance to develop relationships and stay healthy for an entire season? In this case, Mr Wenger has pushed a large chunk of chips onto the table.

Denis Zeneli said...

GK Cech
RB Bellerin CB Per CB Koscienly LB Gibbs
DM Vidal MC Ramsey
RW Ox\Sterling AC Ozïl LW Sanchez
ST Wolcott

jaipur escorts said...

@Belve I do agree with you I think Belik is one who can play DM well enough .. ! __ Jaipur Escorts

Anonymous said...

Hmm, there are some players lacking but what we do have is (likely first choice XI):

Debouchy, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal
Walcott. Sanchez
Subs from:
Bellerin, Chambers, Gabriel, Gibbs
Oxlade-Chamberlain Welbeck
And we still have Gnabry, Zelalem, Bielnik, etc.
IF we buy more players, we need to think about the 25 players rule (21+/home grown). Also, IF we buy players, we need someone who will come in and improve the starting XI. Getting players like that is not easy (current club willing to sell, player willing to live in London, player fitting in, right price/wages, etc).

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