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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Almunia, Clichy and Fabregas at fault

By 1970’s Gooner

When I saw Song ambling on as a substitute in the 85th or so minute with 4-2 up smiling and shaking hands with his team mates it reminded me of the Liverpool players in that historic game in 1989.

They also, with a minute or so to go, were congratulating themselves, prematurely. And then they paid for it of course.

We also paid for it because in all their naivety the Arsenal players thought the game was over. Well it aint over until the fat lady sings…

It was a pathetic defensive performance when with only injury time to go we let in two goals.

First at fault was Fabregas who on two occasions opted not to keep the ball and play the passing game in the last few minutes.

The first was when Sagna was asking him to play the ball from a corner near the corner flag so that they could waste some valuable time.

Fabregas, who had a quiet game throughout, decided to swing the ball in the area giving possession away.

The second and fatal occasion was in the last minute of injury time when in possession of the ball again he decided to play it forward to Adebayor rather than keep possession.

They won it back lifted it forward and…they equalized! In the 94th minute!

Almunia had a terrible game. There I was praising him last week for his safe hands but he was definitely anything but that tonight. Whatever you say when a goalkeeper is beaten from that distance (for their first goal) he is horribly at fault.

And as for their second, well it was a schoolboy error. You cannot spill a shot like that. You just don’t do it.

And lastly Clichy lost concentration again and got caught in two minds. Jenas was then allowed to run through and shoot from outside the box to score their third and give them hope.

I say Clichy lost concentration again because he did it last season too; in the last minute at Birmingham to gift them their equaliser.

I feel like pulling my hair out. There we were last Sunday making up some of the lost ground on the leaders only to throw it away again tonight.


Anonymous said...

almunia shud have saved the first goal anyway. for some reason he tried to tip the ball over the bar when it was nowehere near to the bar. he got to it easily, he needed to palm it aside, but he tried a save for the cameras and fucked it up.

cant believe no pundits picked up on that!

i am so angry its untrue. just shows that as good as we can play, we aint ready to challenge for the title.

spurs are a poor side and we reduced ourselves to their level.

stoke looks a tough game now.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it but it was pathetic - when do you remember the other "top 4" teams crumbling like that. Spurs were crap but took the chances that we gift wrapped for them. Then at the end we have to see that twat Bentley (who has the IQ of a rolling pin)raving about like he's just had his first shag. Disgrace

Anonymous said...

i cant believe wenger took off van persie & theo to bring on defence minded players when spurs couldnt even get the ballout of their own half,it is a fucking shocker of a decision,we let the come at us

Matthew said...

we f*cked it up.....what more can you say

as soon as fabregas tried that pass to Adebayor I said to the fellas at the pub, thats gonna cost us! bloody hell. Feels like a loss!!

Almunia was HORRID, Ade was INVISIBLE (other than the tap in) and look at the holes that were left in the middle between our midfield and defense. All three second half sp**s goals came from his hole. WHERE IS OUR DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER ARSENE????

and when will you see that Ade aint the answer, shuda left robin on, least he works

Im gutted

ausenal said...

Such is life as an arsenal supporter, from one high to the next low. As a previous poster said, this is where the other big 4 get away from us. Youth means bad decision making which costs points.

Anonymous said...

You left out the biggest culprit of all, Wenger. 4-2 up and cruising, takes off our best two outlets Nasri & Walott. It just invites trouble. How often has he gne negative from a winnng position and blew it, manys the game comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Just look at how much time the Tottenham players had on the ball and how much time our players had on the ball.

Fabregas was anonymous as he has been for pretty much the entire season now (yet he's praised like a God), Clichy played pretty well until there and Almunia was just horrible. As usual, we stand off their players to let them shoot and don't ever close anyone down. Don't forget Adebayor and Van Persie's simple tap-ins that they missed before Jenas' goal.

Anonymous said...

this was a reality check, even though i didn't need it.

we were 5 mins away from a great result, RVP back on song, a decent defensive showing barring the keeping, and now we have a fragile confidence going to stoke where we will face an aerial bombardment.

we lack the defensive midfielder we so blatently require. the amount of goals we have already conceeded from long range is testimony to that. all 4 of their goals came because they had too much time on the ball.

oh well, 4th is our target. we may play the best football, but we are nowhere near the best TEAM. 3 TEAMS are above us and it is up to use to stay 4th.

As for Almunia - he has been nothing short of great this season until tonight. he shud have palmed the first goal aside. IT WAS NOT A GREAT GOAL. it was bad keeping.

Anonymous said...

When Tottenham scored to make it 3-2 and then we scored again to make it 4-2 like a minute afterwards I thought of the away match against Liverpool last season but this time at least it wasn't being inflicted upon us. How wrong I was...

Jack said...

They had 2 chances, and scored 4 goals. That's all I can say!

Anonymous said...

I'm still in shock by this comeback

just because clichy made one mistake that made the game 4-3 does not mean that arsenal should try to make it 5-3 with only injury time to go.

this was an unacceptable tie and a waste of 2 valuable points that would have kept arsenal closer to the top. even though we went up 1 spot,(chelsea beating hull) we still have manu to play next weekend. if we lose that match.. manu will be 1 point above arsenal. (assuming arsenal and manu win this weekend's matches)

this is utterly ridiculous.

1. alumnia should've never let bentley's goal in.

2. alumnia should've either caught the ball or hit it somewhere else, rather than to the foot of bent

3. clichy's mistake. almunia couldn't do anything about it

4. fabregas and the rest of the team. trying to make it 5-3 when there was only injury time left. should've kept possession


Anonymous said...

We lost to three superb goals today. I say lost because that's what it feels like. Arsenal have had no luck this season - name any other side that has copped so many freakish goals and we've only been 3 months into the season. Liverpool have been riding their luck all season and are managing to ground out results. There are no excuses when the defence has failed on two occasions not to get a rebound off the post-mind you Spurs were lucky that each time it fell at their feet. Wenger has a lot to answer for by being so defensive with 10 minutes to go. Spurs were not an attacking force at this stage-why did we resort to playing one up front. The fact of the matter is that we drew to a bunch of muppets who had about 1/3rd the possession we did. I'm gutted.

Anonymous said...

Lads who are we kidding here. Look at the teams we've played so far, we should be out ahead of liverpool if we were worth our salt. With the top teams to play yet i really dont like the position we are in. Too many average players. Our back 5 are'nt up to it, bar Sagna are,nt up to it, and denilson i dont honetly believe would even make the bench for any of the other top teams

Victor. said...

We were absolutely great but inexperience, yes I said it, led to our downfall.

Did no one see when clichy gave the opposition the ball, that was the start of all things negative about Arsenal.

Wenger should have had enough sense to keep our outlets, in Nasri &/or Theo on the pitch. He is supposed to be the wisest. If our youth and inexperience brings about bad decisions, at the least we should count on AW to be able to spot them and make necessary decisions to combat them.

I now pray that AW SEES and realises our frailties and acts accordingly... bring in someone who can control the team from the midfield for goodness sake.


Anonymous said...

yep anon is right. if we were worth our salt we should be about 6 or 7 points better off. but were not, because we arent up to it.

tonight was nothing short of pathetic

Anonymous said...

Lads this inexperience lark is really begining to piss me off. our two most inexperienced players this evening, Walcott and Nasri, were two of our best players. Its our inept EXPERIENCED PLAYERS that are costing us. They just are'nt good enough for a title winning team

RJP said...

I totally agree, I fucked off with watching Arsenal piss up their lead because they muck around after going ahead. They should have learnt their lesson after playing Chelsea and Man United last season and fucking that lead up. To draw to spurs the way we did is like losing a cup final. If Clichy hadjust kicked the ball we would have won, if Almunia had held the ball we would have won, if Adebayor didn't miss a sitter we would have won.
However, Arsenals performance was highly enjoyable to watch.

Anonymous said...

i'm disgusted.

this team is way too relax so much after going a couple of goals up is unbelievably naive.

they've done it for the past three seasons and they just keep doing it.

no title this season that's for sure. these boys are talented, but they're not serious.

Anonymous said...

3-1 and u fooked it up 4-2 and u fooked it up muhwahhhhhhhhhh whos the lady now cesc fiberglass hehe DB from the halfway line nayim from the half way line oooooooh arggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Anonymous said...

Clichy is a right muppet// not only today, Birmingham last season and also forgot Man City last season he cost us a goal (all 3 goals came from straight show boating or school boy errors). Yea I know I know, he has been one of our best players this season and Arsenal through and through, however he is way too comfortable. He has NO ONE pushing for his spot, NO ONE. Traore is out at Pompey converting himself into a winger, Clichy needs a sounding. Almunia, absolute shite. Sure Fabregas to blame for the equalizer, but atleast he was trying to push for a goal. Clichy is the one who put us in the mess in the first place. If you are not sure, kick it out, being caught out in 2 minds so late in the game with a 2 goal cushion is unacceptable. I am so mad right now. Yes I was one of the fans booing at the end of the game. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

in control, good possession etc. Why oh why bring on two defensive midfeilders. What planet is Wenger on. To keep possession you need ball players not ball winners.

Anonymous said...

why havent you included Wenger in your list - he picks this team, its his tactics - he is mugging us off with his bullshit excuses. We are the Arsenal, a club with pedigree, history and character. Wenger has taken away all of these things from the club - we have no backbone, no guts, 1 englishman - we used to be the Bank of England club, now we are the bank of paribas!!!

Time to get rid of this bullshit and bring back the grit, the brave and the guys who sweat blood for the club - not some mincers and rinsers

khoune said...

Arsenal are repeat their careless and the lack defensive problem again ,leke they did in the game played with Hull city. also why Almunia was wrong in the two right side beatten goals?

jack said...

i love arsenal so much but i can not convince myself that we can win the title this year. stop dreaming about the title!!!!!!

khoune said...

The defensive mistake means the SURE for Arsenal to sign new experienced midfielder.

Anonymous said...

Ade is shite!

Anonymous said...

This team is just not good enough. I am bloody sick of hearing dreamy stories about potential. Fucking hell, Wenger has been selling us dreams for the last 4 years.
This is a team of style and beauty but no steel. The most frustrating thing is that they are so close and need just 2 experienced defensive players to be true contenders but AW will not buy because he is an arrogant dreamer far removed from reality.
He thinks he can win the title on a shoestring. Sorry, Mr. Wenger, you are not that good. It's a bloody shame noone at the club will ever tell him that, such is the completeness of his control of the club. I am pissed off beyond control. Which other top team would score 4 at home and still draw? Can't you see Arsene, the team cannot defend to save it's life!

Gooners, get ready for another sorry season and another round of spin about the team still learning and getting better and gaining experience blah,,bblah,,,. It makes me sick. The top 3 will skin this team.

maen said...

Arsenal play the best attacking football in England, and the WORST defending football. They outplayerd spurs by heart and wuality, but lost 2 points because they lack experience and maturity and willingness to work hard. Firt goal is Almunia's fault all together, although if we had a DM he could close down Bentley before the impossible shot, still the goalie should have had that one. Second goal - same crap, no closing down the shot, keeper did poorly and we Arsenal pay for it again. Same for the third, personal error, followed by no challange on Jenas to easily slot it past the keeper. And the 4th goal, again, no pressure on the shooter. So to rate players: Robin van Persien - MOTM, all midfielders at Arsenal get 0 for no defencive work whatsoever, and Almunia should be thanking whatever spirits he believe in if he keeps his place in the goal after the horror display with his mistakes. Even the old mad Jens didn't make that many mistakes in one game, he made them over several games, Almunia desided to put them all together in the most important game. And Clichy needs to buy new shoes and wish that the tooth ferie makes him more desicive. All in all a shit performance from an avarage team that cancel out thir superb attacking football with their total lack of defencive work, which makes the team in no position to even dream about getting close to any silverware. Mid-table is more likely if they keep dropping points like breadcrums.And Fabregas, next time: If u don't want to work to prove u'r point on the field, then shut tha hell up!!

Anonymous said...

4-2 and you fecked it up!!! You should have played your ladies team,still with Gallas crying at the end maybe that's what you did. Fabragas was shit because his alice band wasn't working and his hair was getting in his eyes!!! COYS

Anonymous said...

how the fuck did we throw that away, spurs werent even in the game, we controlled it throughout, and until the last 4 minutes i thought we battled very well, best for a long time.

clichy what planet are you on mate FAR too relaxed on the ball and cocky.

almunia is a disgrace of a keeper at fault for first 2 goals absolutely shocking! nowhere near good enough.

but the biggest culprit of all..arsene wenger, why take off your 3 best attacking players on the night (theo,nasri and van persie) our best form of defence is attack and we would have won if they'd stayed on.

song should have started, he played well against west ham and protects the back 4 far better than denilson. denilson is weak, a good footballer but not good enough to be playing week in week out for arsenal.

Arsene has a lot of sorting out to do..we are fast becoming a joke, we're never going to be title contenders like this

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you all but I blame Almunia for all 4 goals. i think when a keeper is beaten by a ball played outside the 18yrd box and been in the air for a second or a fraction more ....then it could only be the goalie's fault.Squandring Huddlestone's shot cos it hit him on the nose and then taking his time to react to snuffing out Bent's knock in was just f**king annoying, I felt like reaching into the set and ripping the f**ker's head off....and he wants to play for England the dope...F**king CALAMITY ALMUNIA!!!!


for me, the main issue is the fact we conceded 4 goals to a team that has only scored 2 goals once all season!
the reason: for me you can't blame clichy, the guy slipped, on the half way line and the ball fell to JERMAINE JENAS. he's shit, there is no way he should have been able to travel that many yards and get a shot away, thats where the real culprits come into things. Denilson/Wenger when denilson starts there is nothing protecting the defence, he doesn't get it, the team game and plays for himself. you can't pick 4 attacking midfielders, fact! our defense keeps getting slammed but if they had support we would have one of the best in the world.
finally, fucking get rid of that cock almunia, mourinho, fergy, benitez, all spent big on top class goalkeepers, it's about fecking time we bought someone who can save shots from retards shooting 40 yards out instead of showboating it into the back of the net...COCK

Anonymous said...

When will wenger / fibreglass learn to keep their mouths shut. They got what they deserved last night. Maybe if you had played the ladies team they would have done better. Even with our highly diminshed strike force, we still put 4 past you... Wenger is Not the God he thinks he is. Tactically very questionable, last night shows that. At 4-3 you fell apart... good job not 6 mins added on as you would have lost. You played some decent football at times, but we had so much room on the ball where as you had very little. As for Galas, ha ha ha the best thing he is good for these days is showing off after another shitty result. Seems to be getting more and more regular doesnt it. We may have shared the points last night, but to spurs it is a lift, it feels like a win. To the Arse, a confidence shattering loss of 2 points. Title contenders....... i think not

Anonymous said...

wenger is uttering rubbish...

Wenger: “I believe we were too cautious, we wanted to keep the ball in a negative way instead of scoring goals number five and six. We were not going forward with enough purpose and that is why we were punished. I believe that defensively we made some mistakes.

“At 4-2 they had given up but then we let them back into the game. Then at 4-3 they have nothing to lose. We have lost the ball in the middle and we had two opportunities to score goal number five but we lost the ball.”

Even assuming he's right, how the hell would we be attacking if he took off all the top attacking players??

Brigham said...

I am getting a bit tired of the same old lines being trotted out by Arsene. How many more times are us fans going to hear about 'this teams potential?'

We threw away a two goal lead against a very down and out Spurs side last night, but fair play to them for keeping up the fight. Did Arsene really expect the Spuds to lay down and have us tickle their bellies when we were 4-2 up. NO, he got it wrong again with his subsitutions and took the wrong players off yet again.

I was totally disgusted by our attitude towards the end of the game, all that showboating and high fives. It must have spurred (excuse the pun) the Spuds on even more.

I really don't see how we can hope to win the league again, particularly with the current way we seem to lose the lead so often.

Anonymous said...

Wenger needs to go. Simple.

This is not a knee-jerk reaction but has culminated over the last year or so. We may have played excellently for the most part last night but how many Arsenal fans can take consolation in that? Would you rather great football but CONSTANTLY surrendering leads (last season: Chelsea, Man U, Liverpool champs league) to your rivals or shitty scrappy football that gets RESULTS!? Because that's ultimately that is all that matters.

Yes, mistakes were made on the pitch but the biggest mistakes came from the touchline with those substitutions. The manager has a job to do. Win games, be successful. He has no obligation to keep producing young players (particularly those that always let him down).

The team aren't doing the business but yet Arsene continues to back them unconditionally. The squad clearly needs improving but as long as Arsene is at the helm, that wont happen. He needs to go soon before he undoes all his good work (which is exactly what he is doing!).

Anonymous said...

the thing (other than the result obviously) that annoyed me is the fact that this has happened in past seasons where we fail to close out games and we still haven't learned

Anonymous said...

Never thought I would say it but having laid down the basis of a great team and club, I think it is time for Wenger to go and manage France.
What we need now is a manager with some steel to add to the pretty play - any suggestions?
I alway thought Tony Adams would be the man some day, but I don't think he is ready yet.
Martin O'Neill would be my favourite right now

Anonymous said...

Essentially there is not enough protection for the back 4, and the centre backs need serious protection. We need a leader at the back, and Gallas is not that man !
Denillson is not the answer in central midfield, neither is Song, I'd stick Diaby in there, the ideal solution was Barry, he has the experience and would have been an ideal leader for the team. He would have lead by example. He can win the ball back, plays it simple and allow the flair players to take control.
Our problem yesterday was we had no one to win the ball back.
We have clearly not learned from last season, and we cannot keep hearing about immaturity etc. Wenger has decided to go with youth and I like this philosphy, but he then cannot use this as an excuse.
4-2 up, kill the game, none of the other big 3 would have allowed this to happen.
Adebayor = offside !!!!!
Van Persie was awesome, Diaby needs a run in the team, we are not strong enough in the middle of the park, bring some muscle in !!!

Anonymous said...

You can complain about Wenger all you want, but up 2 with a few minutes to go you have to lay the comeback at the players feet. 10 men should be able to keep a 2 goal lead for that amount of time. If Walcott, Nasri, or RVP had stayed on and gotten hurt in the last two minutes you lot would be screaming about how senseless it would be for them to still be on with a 2 goal lead. Eboue and Song for Walcott and Nasri make perfect sense, and Diaby is still a creative force so his sub for RVP also makes sense.

Basically, put the blame where it belongs - on the players.

Anonymous said...

When did another top four team draw 4-4 with Spurs afer leading 3-1?

Actually, Chelsea did last season. They also drew 4-4 with Villa after leading going into injury time.

Anonymous said...

c'mon chaps, the lads wanted to paste the spuds and failed to shut up shop going for number 5and 6 but didn't we all think that 5 and 6 were just coming? we did play some fucking good football though, our game at really high tempo,it was one in a hundred what happened and if we'd got 5 and 6 we'd all be righty purring wouldn't we?

Anonymous said...

adebayor also missed a few sitters.... get rid of him bring in huntelaar sum1 who has got sum technique.....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It's disgusting how some people are trying to blame this defeat on Denilson and Song (even though he didn't start, although he should've after his display at West Ham) when Fabregas was average and probably worse than Denilson. But no he's a favourite so he can do nothing wrong. Same for Gallas, he was fucking fantastic yesterday, what more do you want from him? If no one from midfield tracks runners then what the fuck is he supposed to do? Go in and try and make the tackle and leave his 'keeper exposed?

Wenger just seems to get so many obvious things wrong which no other top manager would get wrong (yes he has other qualities but as he's always saying you should strive to be the best and improve as much as possible). One of the worst thing about Wenger are his favourites. No one ever gets dropped or promoted based on form, if he ever does drop someone it's permanent and he'll never be a first team player again. Look at Lehmann last year, when Almunia got injured mid-way through the season and Lehmann came in he did a fantastic job but as soon as Almunia could play again he came back for that Birmingham game and he was at fault for conceding McFadden's opening free kick. The same goes for Senderos when he partnered Gallas in Toure's absence. He was brilliant but as soon as Toure could play he was back in the side (despite the fact that he wasn't fit and that he was playing crap).

It makes me think that Wenger already has a plan laid out years in advance and he'll never change it no matter what. In two years time Wenger will probably sell Adebayor to promote Bendtner even if Adebayor becomes a world class striker (no he's not right now). He talks about youngsters getting chances but look at the way Senderos was treated last year.

Anonymous said...

Mark my words. Fabregas will leave Arsenal next season. I think he's had enough.

lauritz said...

had wenger bought a top class DM in the summer, this shit would'nt happen... where the fuck is the commitment in getting the ball back in our own half? good, i missed flamini last night...

btw, anyone else thought 4min added time was a bit too much? did'nt like the smile on the fourth official's face when he showed up the board....

Anonymous said...

Arsene Wenger got it horribly wrong.

Bringing in Song and Eboue who did NOTHING both defensively and offensively was a HUGE mistake.

I am not sure who the supporters booed at the end, but it should have been for Wenger

Anonymous said...

Sorry it is all Wenger's fault, we screwed up after Song/Eboue/Diaby came in.

I believe these 3 didn't even have a single touch of the ball .

Almunia, Clichy and Fabregas are not to blame, they have built the game up to 4-2 , it was after those 3 crazy substitutions that we got killed.

leon said...

i am afriad i dont think wenger made mistake by taking off wilcatt and rvp,we were to goals up and it made perfect sence to protect the lead but what happend was they got to complaisent and took it for granted that they would win and took fit off the pendle,delison played very well for 85 minutes and that is typical thing what happens when have very tlanted players but not experiened ones,but i dont think that has anything to do with age, delisnson has very little experience of playing in dm,last season he only played 12 games and evon less the year before,same problem with song very good but also extremly raw, hardly played last season max 10 games and the year before that he was on loan,for me we need someone more experiened.however that should not be confused with age,as long as the player has at least 2 years first team experience in dm position.there is no dought arsenal have lack experience in midfield,for me our most experiened player in midfield is fab at 21 has played first football at least 3 years,in that match to all to see the best and worst of arsenal,they get very complaisent at times and you put that down to lack of experience. for me arsenal to lack a bit of leadership in midfield it cant only rest on fab, and a certin risisky would have helped no end

maen said...

We simply need a DM, a player that stays back behind Fab and snuffs out the dange, intercepts and most important closes down long shots, most goals agains us come from when our defence fails to mark a player and long shots. I say get Yaya Toure, I saw him for Barca and as he offered no attacking threat whatsoever, I saw him battle against 3 players for the ball at the same time, and come out with the ball and give it to Xavi, he ran tirelessly back and tackled like a mad man, in the end the opposition were afraid of him. WE NEED THAT!!! And we could have had in the summer, but Yaya wanter a 50 000 a week, Wenger said "fuck that" and refused to pay that. Now he's paying for it in other ways, like points. And now he wants Matuidi, a 21 year old DM. We don't need another potencial, another one for "the future" We need one for NOW!!!! Get it in your ignorant, stubborn, soon-to-be-bald head smelly frenchman!!!!

leon said...


Anonymous said...

Youth - myth !
Team on Wednesday...Almunia, Sagna, Silvestre, Gallas, Clichy, Walcott, Denilson, Fabregas, Nasri, Adebayor, Van Persie.

Lets not kid ourselves here, our back 4 are all French internationals with plenty of experience. Our front 2 are international strikers. Cesc is a Euro Cup winner. Theo is now an England intnl, and Nasri plays for France and also played most games for his French club side.
Denillson has limited experience.
Our keeper is over 30, and he aint gonna get any better !

I hope Wenger gives youth a chance, bring in Diaby, Ramsey and Wilshire for starters. Adebayor needs to improve his strike rate, how many chances does he need before he scores ?! I can only remember him for his goal on Wednesday !
Give Vela a run out instead...

Djourou and Song are not the answers at CB.

We gave goals away last season to Chelski and Utd and at Anfield, you would have thought that we'd have learned our lesson, ok, we got rid of Senderos, but we blatantly needed quality in the middle of the park...Why can Wenger not see this ?!

Anonymous said...

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