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Friday, October 24, 2008

Eduardo not allowed to give interviews

By 1970’s Gooner

The excellent news coming out of Arsenal is that Eduardo is ahead of schedule and nearing a return to competitive action.

As revealed by “Arsenal Analysis” as far back as August Eduardo has been recovering quite well and ahead of schedule in Brazil under the guidance of the national team’s doctor Jose Luis Runco.

We did in fact post “that video” that everyone was talking about on the site showing Eduardo being able to run, jump and most important of all kick a ball.

It seems that Eduardo’s recovery has continued to improve at the same rate because, as Arsene Wenger revealed, he will be ready to join the squad for full training in three weeks time.

Such has been the club’s determination to get him back fit both physically and mentally that he has been dissuaded by Arsenal from giving any interviews while he is in rehabilitation.

This has been revealed by his cousin and legal representative in Brazil, Nancy Da Silva, who said that “he can not give interviews because of a request by the club, who only wants to see the player focused on his return to football”.

She also revealed that the player’s rehabilitation exceeded expectations even in Brazil but that Arsenal wanted to make doubly sure before he was allowed to start full training.

“When he left Brazil in August he was ready to play. The work done has been exceptional, he was already kicking the ball normally. But Arsenal, with all reason, preferred to be fully sure before he made his come back” she said to the Brazilian media.

Eduardo’s return will come at the right time for Arsenal just before the Xmas fixture congestion and at a time when the title chase begins to get even more serious.