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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Judge forced to seek expert’s advice on authenticity of Eduardo’s signature

By 1970’s Gooner

The long legal process that Eduardo’s ex agent began last year is continuing and may threaten to affect the Arsenal forward's performances on the football field.

Agent Miljenko Radivojevic and his wife, who is also related to Eduardo’s wife, are claiming an amount of £950,000.

This represents about 10% of what Arsenal paid to Dinamo Zagreb for Eduardo’s transfer in 2007.

According to Eduardo’s ex agent he was unknown as a football player at the start of his career.

As a result he signed a contract under which he pledged to pay 10 percent of any future transfers in exchange for management and marketing services.

In the case where Eduardo was not transferred to another club or even retired from professional football, Radivojevic was committed to pay him wages based on the average Croatian wage for his lifetime (about €600 pm).

The agent claims that Eduardo signed an agreement with him in 2003 and produced the document in a Croatia court.

Eduardo’s signature appears on this document but Eduardo’s lawyer has claimed that it was either scanned or faked.

District Court judge Andrea Krstanovic was apparently left without any option but to ask the advice of an expert to determine the authenticity of the signature.

Eduardo has already begun legal proceedings against his relative, accusing him of acting as an "impostor".

Eduardo's lawyer, Miroslav Separovic, says the player and his wife are very concerned.

"They can't understand that someone's trying to take advantage of the transfer," said Separovic, ''especially someone who has done nothing for them, aside from buying him a pair of trainers."

Let’s hope that this saga is concluded as soon as possible so that Eduardo can concentrate on football matters alone.

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