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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Rosicky and Eduardo to return to competitive action for their national teams

By 1970’s Gooner

It never rains but it pours! This is how one can describe Arsenal’s bad luck with Rosicky, Eduardo, Fabregas and Walcott out with longer term injuries.

But the same saying will soon be used to describe the situation when these players begin to return to first team action.

Apparently Fabregas is near to returning to action and may even make the Champions League game against Roma on the 24th February. Walcott will also be ready for action by the end of February.

The excellent news continues with Eduardo who has already been training hard and playing reserve games without any trouble. He has indicated that he feels ready both mentally and physically and that it’s up to Arsene Wenger to decide when he makes his first team return.

Wenger apparently is pushing Croatia’s coach Bilic, who has included Eduardo in his call up for their friendly against Romania on the 11th February, to play him the full 90 minutes.

Wenger sees this game as an ideal opportunity to ease Eduardo back to competitive action.

And the same can be said about Rosicky.

He has begun training with the ball, undergoing some strenuous exercises and running at London Colney under the close supervision of Arsenal fitness coach Tony Colbert.

He is pictured here on the right.

The expectations are that he will return to action in eight weeks time which, if it materialises, is excellent news.

Here we can reveal that if all goes well his return to competitive action may also be with his national team.

Petra Rada, the Czech Republic national team coach, has already indicated that he would expect Tomas to participate in the forthcoming World Cup Qualification games against Slovenia on the 28th March and on the 1st of April against Slovakia.

We are all keeping our fingers crossed wishing that everyone returns to action without any problems and along with Andrey Arshavin give the boost that the team needs to push forward.

Andrey Arshavin talks to “Arsenal Analysis”

For those readers who doubted the authenticity of our exclusive interview of Andrey Arshavin, well you can now find proof of that on Andrey’s personal site where he actually published the interview and even provided a link back to “Arsenal Analysis”!

This is the link to Andrey’s site

This is his interview as we presented it on our site: We are pleased to publish an exclusive interview of Andrey Arshavin to “Arsenal Analysis

On a personal note my son is trying to decide which University to join to study Business studies. Lancaster or Aston in Birmingham.

If any of you have any experiences of either of these two Unis can you share them with us by either leaving a comment or e mailing me (the address is on the right hand side).


Anonymous said...

Great s if they all return within two months.

- - - - - - Almunia

Sagna - Gallas - Djourou - Clichy

Arshavin - Cesc - Denilson - Nasri

- - - van Persie - Eduardo

Subs: Fabianski, Toure, Song, Wilshere, Walcott, Rosicky and Adebayor.

Top team, top bench!

Anonymous said...

Aston if he gets in, lancaster is poor

Anonymous said...

Sagna Gallas Toure Clichy

Arshavin Rosicky Cesc Nasri

Rvp Eduardo

all being well with injuries etc

The Editor said...

As good as he is, RvP may well go in the summer (for big money) and Arshavin will play as the second striker.

Fab, rosicky, nasri, arshavin, Eduardo, Walcott - it's a very high tempo ball posession team that will be able to unpick backs-against-the-wall teams. Bit lightweight though.

RvP is an amazing player, but he slows things down too much and disrupts the rhythm of the team.

Song played well today - he may become the team hub if he can carry on in that vein. Nasri was excellent again I thought.

Decent performance without Fabregas one of our most creative. Maybe longer term his injury will help the team grow.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Eboue available for man of the match selection? Ithought he was very decent to get himself sent off as he passed the ball more to spurs players than our own.

Anonymous said...

Saga Djourou Gallas/Toure Clichy
Walcott Rosic Nasri Fab Arshavin

Take the ball off that team!!!

Anonymous said...

Great news about Fabregas - I thought it was meant to be nearer April before he was back.

With regards to Lancaster uni, I can't really comment on the management school specifically but I did spend four years doing a physics degree here and am now staying on doing a phd. It's a nice campus and Lancaster the city is a great place to live as well - I'll probably stay up here. There are also lots of really beautiful places to see very nearby (lake district etc)

The management school also seems to rank consistently higher than aston in tables too:

Hope this helps.

ClockEndofTimes said...

Hey, thanks for the injury news! Is that a picture of Rosicky from last week or is it a file photo?

What a nightmare today.

It's great that we were able to bring in a player of Arshavin's talent. However, we needed the deal wrapped up in the first week of the window, not at the last minute. I understand we would have had to pay over the odds, but as it stands now we're likely to miss out on upwards of 45M pound in Champions League money.

Moreover, with City's spending and Villa's emergence as a credible top side, who is to say it will only be one year without the Champions League?

If we miss out two seasons in a row, Wenger will likely resign and surely the likes of Fabregas and van Persie will be off to Spain. I'd think the likes of Nasri, Sagna and Arshavin will also try to jump ship.

Anonymous said...

Im at aston Mate, doing business and management! any Q's email me

Anonymous said...

Aston has a better reputation with graduate employers!

BKK said...

I just did a quick Google search, and it appears that for Business Studies, Aston is the highest ranked in the UK out of the three you've mentioned. It ranks 6th, while Lancaster ranks 10th. Birmingham is 32nd. But these rankings are fairly subjective, based on peer reviews, but even still, it seems Aston is the 'best' of the three.

On to Arsenal: good stuff, granted they do come back as early as it is being projected.

Anonymous said...

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