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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

This is what Wenger saw in Arshavin

By 1970’s Gooner

Andrei Arshavin is a typical Wenger player. He is very, very quick, athletic and most of all possesses high technique and ball skills.

He reminds me of Alexander Hleb but without the timidness in front of goal and with a more direct style.

He is a player who hugs the touchline and his pace, devilry and work rate are almost unplayable.

More over he plays with his brain. His through passes, bisecting the opposing defence and playing his on coming forward through as you will see in the above video are exquisite and in true Wengerish style.

Andrei is 27 years old and captain of Russia. He has scored 15 goals for his country in 41 appearances. If he can do that for Arsenal from a wide midfield position he will be a far more effective player than Alexander Hleb!


Anonymous said...

Would he play come sunday?

ACC said...

He is going to be Awesome!

Anonymous said...

he cant play sunday but will be available for the replay against Caerdydd (cardiff)

Anonymous said...

His first words were "I have been a Gooner for some time". There is a guy who knows the score!

Anonymous said...

one thing i noticed about Arshavin is he didnt go looking for the ball when spain kept him very quiet up front. Unlike Helb who looks for the ball in impossible positions and loads of pressure on him - i noticed that Andrei didnt. Maybe that match was a one off but he has to be a lot braver without the ball here. And a lot off fans dont realise helb did shit loads of work off the ball. esp tracking back. I really liked Helb play even though he didnt shoot - he could hold a ball as good as anyone, his dribbling was very good, his eye for a pass was good and he battled. I hope Ashavin to be like that but with a decent goal record. fingers crossed.


"I tell you what. If this does not go through then a whole load of people need to be losing their jobs over this: Ivan Gazidis and Arsene Wenger ought to have some cardboard boxes for their office belongings at the ready.

Is this the fabled 'Arsenal Way' then?"

Thats a quote from someone on another blog who wastes their time taking speculation as fact from journo's with as much experience and qualifications in football as Ronald Mcdonald!!!!!!!

Why do fans bust a blood vessel over journo's - they are as credible as taking sex tips from mr bean

Anonymous said...

Wow. He has a good shot and like all good players has time on the ball. Will pass to others but is selfish when he needs to be, first touches are good and measured, very good when the goalie comes out to lift the ball. He is also used to wet, cold and windy weather, and already shows he has the strength to keep defenders at bay.

Anonymous said...

Wow i didnt realise this dude is tht good we should tear defences a new 1 when every 1 is fit! watch out prem league here we come!

bradical8 said...

those were some of the most brilliant passes i've seen..

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the Gunners,
Another egotistical troublemaker to the ranks
The rest of the league are laughing their asses off

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Melancholic Warrior said...

New Bergkamp...drooling for Van persie-Arshavin partnership

Anonymous said...

Can people please stop blabbering on about a player being more effective than Alex Hleb.

Hleb was effective, very effective. Yet some dullards can only think in terms of goals.


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