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Monday, May 10, 2010

The Arsenal fans demand a new keeper

By 1970’s Gooner,

Arsene Wenger made an extraordinary statement in his weekly letter to the Arsenal fans. I get it on my e mail but I almost always ignore it as it usually reiterates an amalgam of his post match comments.

This time it attracted my attention as it was very direct and a little bit angry.

He asked the Arsenal fans to leave the transfer policy to him and we will see the results…

Is he getting fed up with everyone telling him to buy and buy and buy?

You bet he is.

But I am with the majority of the fans who are desperate and fed up to watch year after year talented youngsters play attractive football but get slaughtered by the big guns when the business part of the season arrives.

And there is one transfer that simply has to happen if we are to have a cat’s chance in hell to win anything next season and that is buying a new first team keeper capable to pull out those performances that will win you those points that Almunia and Fabianski certainly failed to do.

Van de Sar has been doing it season after season with Manchester United. Funnily enough Wenger passed on the chance to make that call that Van de Sar was expecting from him when leaving Fulham!

Shay Given, one of the best keepers in the League, was similarly available but again Wenger passed…

Petr Cech has been a top class keeper with Chelsea during those title winning years inclusive of this season of course.

Even Spurs have a better keeper than us. Gomez singlehandedly destroyed our chances to win the title.

I need not go on and on.

In fact the vast majority (82%) of nearly 2000 Arsenal fans that voted on our poll (see above) are clear that if Wenger does not sign a new keeper our chances of winning the title next season will evaporate EVEN if we buy all the outfield players that we need!

That is a strong message indeed.

There are numerous goalkeepers out there who are infinitely better than our lot.

David James may be old but so is Van de Sar. Joe Hart or even Shay Given at Manchester City, Gordon at Sunderland, Green at West Ham, Schwarzer at Fulham.

The list is endless and there are many, many keepers abroad which I am sure if Wenger puts his mind to it can come up with a decent choice.

But will he bother?


Shazbut said...

van der sar? Ha! He is average, at best, and has never been top quality. Thats why Juve got rid of him.

Shay Given? Great shot stopper but rubbish at commanding his area. Massively over rated IMO.

If you are gonna use examples of decent keepers, just stick with Cech and Reina! Although Freidal or Jussi for a year or 2 till Chesney is ready wouldnt be a bad deal.

Shazbut said...

David James, Rob Green???? You are fucking joking right???

Anonymous said...

Fuck me, if he's annoyed that we're asking for a new keeper, we are in serious trouble, as for me its glaringly obvious.

beck said...

our title hopes ended at birmingham to suggest gomes or spurs ended our season is hyperbolic nonsense unless you believe we were going to win 6 games 6nil on the trot.
its bad enough having to give them credit when its due without giving them kudos not grounded in fact

Anonymous said...

Shay Given agreed terms with Arsenal on less wages than he is on at Man City (just before agreeing terms with them) but Wenger wouldn't pay the asking price

Anonymous said...

Did you read that in the Sun, or Daily Star???

Anonymous said...

If wenger don't get a Keeper he can just f'off!!

Obviously it would make him incapable of managing us!!

Its basically out of: Hart, da russian/mexican keeper, buffon, frey, neuer someone who's been around making saves for a while!!

Anonymous said...

get real people, van der sar? given? you really think that wenger has more money than united or city???!!! in my opinion the best options for us are: hart, sorensen, lloris & akinfeev. all those are in crappy clubs and I'm sure they would love to play for arsenal, the only problem here is wenger that won't give more than 10m for each one of them... :(

Anonymous said...

looks like news of the world hav got most arsenal fans this summer wrapped round their little finger :D

Anonymous said...

anon 22;31

True dat!

Anonymous said...

somebody said lloris plays for a crappy club. he just signed for lyon and reached the semis of the CL. Some people jus post bullshit on this. Brainless tabloids readers.... Besides, ur lookin at least 20 mill for him, he does play for lyon :L

Anonymous said...

Boruc from Celtic would be a great buy.

gt said...

Maybe among all positions, GK and CB are the hardest to develop, and finished product in the market instead of the academy is the way to go. Remember when we signed Fabianski, he was supposed to be the best thing since Polish sausage? Turns out he doesn't seem to make the grade. Same for Richard Wright (if you even remember who he is). There are many quality keepers out there; Mr. Arsene, please just get ONE. I personally would hope for one of the three: Lloris, Neuer, or Boruc. And our own Szeceny can backup.

Anonymous said...

If Arsene doesn't get a new goalie it's ok provided the gunners play to win . Cut out the twenty thirty passes and shoot. And for heaven's sake don't try to thread the ball thru the box when surrounded by monstrous sized defenders.These guys won't hesistate to injure/maim any gunner so committed is to his thou shal not pass policy.
Btw Ancelotti has said winning is everything and not pretty scccer played by the gunners.It's obvious to all that Arsene's beautiful soccer is getting nowhere except to the inventor.Enough has been written about getting mugged,etc.
Let's hope come Aug 2010,it
will be the start of a new dawn hopefully with a new goalkeeper or playing system with emphasis on winning by fair/foul/ugly means.

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frode said...

every keeper in the world is better than what we have, we nedd buffon or akinfejev, then we will be contenders for the title:)

gazzap said...

I feel ashamed to be an Arsenal fan when I hear again about our own fans booing one of our players. Disgraceful.
Our fans booed Bendtner, Eboue and Song. All now get our support.

Look at Gomez, seemingly hopeless when he first arrived, now highly rated and spurs fans consider him a key part of their success.

Our booing of Fabianski was needless. It cannot help him or the club. If wenger wants to buy a new keeper, then he will - I think he has seen the evidence. I used to think we had the best fans in the world - I certainly dont anymore.

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Anonymous said...

So here we go again. Cesc has hardly put one foot on Spanish soil and the Spanish media are all over him again with all kind of stories about his move to Barcelona.

Now to understand how things work we must know that in Spain you have newspapers that are almost from the first to the last letter all about football and sports. Those newspapers are fighting a struggle with each other and have to come up with the best headlines possible. Some of the most important ones are Marca and El Mundo and Diario Sport.

You can imagine that a headline: “Cesc stays at Arsenal” does not sell many newspapers in Spain or in Barcelona. What could sell you more newspapers is a headline: ‘Cesc on his way to Spain”. The average Spanish sports fan would buy the paper to see that it possible only says that Cesc is coming in with the plane to join the national team. But the main thing would be that they have sold a newspaper.

You can imagine a headline: “Cesc is on his way to Barcelona” will sell you many newspapers, especially in the neighbourhood of Barcelona. Again when you read the article could find in it that Cesc is on his way to join the Spanish national team and that he is flying in from London to Barcelona to meet his family. But the main thing would be that they have sold a lot of newspapers.

Now imagine for a second that you are another Spanish sports newspaper and you have to make sure that you sell also a lot of newspapers. What would you do? Well you could invent “friends” of Cesc. Or you could invent “family” of Cesc. And you could invent that they have said that “Cesc is coming to Barcelona and that he has agreed a 4 year deal”. Now how about that. I think this will sell a lot of newspapers in Spain.

Now what the Spanish newspapers invent to sell newspapers is one thing. The thing that is frightening is that many bloggers and even main media take this up and reprint it as the truth and nothing but the truth. Even if you have only one brain cell working properly you must take everything that is printed in those Spanish newspapers not with a pinch of salt but with a whole mountain of salt.

Unfortunately some people don’t even have that one brain cell properly working and they believe what is written in those newspapers or should I say tabloids because that is what they are in fact. And so we have the whole summer once again with the same old stories over and over again. I can bet for a few pounds that let us say in 2 weeks time there will be a newspaper or a blog that runs the story all over again and again the same blogs will bring it as new and hot news and declare that Cesc now really will be leaving and that we are doomed and that all is lost.

I think sometimes it must be tiring when you are Cesc Fabregas. Every word you say will be misquoted whenever they can and will be pulled out of the context just to make new headlines.

By the way, the story that Cesc has agreed a 4 year contract with Barcelona and now the only thing in the way is a transfer agreement between Arsenal and Barcelona would mean that Barcelona, Cesc and his manager all would have broken the rules. Cesc is still under a contract with Arsenal and Arsenal and Arsène Wenger have on many occasion stated that there are only 3 players allowed to leave this summer and that are: Campbell, Gallas and Silvestre because they are the only one who are at the end of their contract.

I think this was clear enough or should be clear enough for everyone that Arsenal will not allow anyone to even talk to Cesc, let alone let him sign a contract.

So I would just ask to the Arsenal bloggers out there: please don’t fall in the trap from the Spanish media. If they want to spread lies and rumours just let them. If the media in England want to step into the trap set up by the Spanish press and reprint these story there is nothing that can be done about it, but we can be smarter and laugh it away.

Anonymous said...

To finish up I would just like to add one little story that I heard today from a friend of mine who has been living in Spain the last couple of years. He heard from his cleaning lady who knows someone who is living near the home of Messi that they have seen a car with a French plate driving slowly by and in that car there was a person who looked like Arsène Wenger and who asked they way to Messi’s home.

In his car was a document clearly visible on official Arsenal paper with the words “contract” on it. According to this source it said something like 10 years and had clearly the name of Messi on it.

So what do you make of that? If the Cesc thing would be the truth, maybe it could mean that Wenger has asked Barcelona to swap a Cesc for a Messi.

Don’t believe this? Then why believe the story of the friends from Cesc thing? I can make it up just like they do. Or maybe I do know someone who knows someone who knows Messi? Nothing is easier spread than a lie. Remember this until the next season starts and we will see our captain back in our red and white leading us to victory.

Anonymous said...

The basis for the move to The Emirates was to extract enough money from us 60000 fans at every match to have the funds to compete with the top teams in the transfer market.
Well the fans have done their bit and swelled the coffers of Arsenal FC but to date I do not feel the club have come up with their part of the bargain
I dont think I can bear another close season of scanning the internet for news of the new signings we so desperately and obviously need, only to keep drawing a blank.
I predicted at the start of last season that we would win nothing without a world class goalkeeper and it gives me no pleasure to see it sadly happen. In my opinion EVERY PL team had a better keeper than us.
I have been to a large percentage of the games since we moved to The Emirates, but if Wenger stubbornly refuses to buy a new keeper then I may question whether I can stand the agony and the ecstacy any more. Those who accuse the likes of me as not being a true supporter I suspect are armchair fans. If they ever went to The Emirates then they would experience the very great frustration that truly exists among the real fans. The club is treading a very dangerous path. Another season like the last and the automatic 60000 sell-outs may well disappear

Anonymous said...


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