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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Say it loud, say it clear Mr Wenger: “Fabregas is going nowhere”

By 1970’s Gooner

Fabregas’s departure, if it materialises, would be the final nail in the coffin of Arsene Wenger’s football model of development.

As reiterated on this blog on many occasions in the past this model of football development needs two vital ingredients to stay firmly cemented in place if it is to succeed.

The first is to strike and then keep in place the right blend between talented and technically gifted youth alongside experienced and hardened professionals.

In this way the team can be competitive against the more hardened teams at the top of the League, win trophies and at the same time bring on the youngsters under the guidance of the more experienced players to full football fruition.

A bit like Manchester United.

This Wenger has failed to do. He let or was not able to keep through stinginess and probably stubbornness (in not granting more than one year extensions to players over 30) experienced players who could have provided such a balance.

Players like Pires, Flamini and Hleb from the recent past. And if you want to go back a few years, remember Edu?

He left because Wenger and Dein tried to play hard when his contract extension was up for renewal. If he had stayed I have no doubt we would have won the league again at that time…

The second element is the need to keep the stars of the team while releasing the more aged players who have had their best years at the club, often at remunerative transfer fees.

Players like Vieira and Henry left leaving behind their best football years fetching about 15m each.

This policy keeps the finances in a healthy position ready to buy the next bunch of stars of the future. Players like Ramsey, Wilshere will be and like Fabregas once was.

Vieira, Henry, Overmars and Petit all, of course wanted out – but they were either 30 or approaching 30.

Which brings us to Cesc. If he leaves he will be leaving just at the time when he will be reaching his prime. He is only 24 and will be the youngest star to want out.

This past season has been Fabregas’s best.

Wenger pushed him just in front of two holding midfielders and granted him the freedom to roam in support of a main central striker. And he has excelled, providing more assists than any other player in the Premier League and scoring 19 goals!

Fabregas’s departure would give the message that Arsenal will for ever be a work in progress, getting near but not near enough, often clobbered by more street wise hardened opponents.

If you want to win titles and glory then don’t go to Arsenal….

In this coming season we are likely to see a physically and mentally more mature Fabregas ready to become a truly world star.

But will we? Is Wenger going to stand up to Barcelona, the money men, the Board and more importantly the player himself and say it loud and clear:



Anonymous said...

I Like That..Spot on man and well said.

Anonymous said...

fucking FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well said. Good post.

Anonymous said...

This is so inaccurate its unbelievable firstly....little things cesc is 23 and only just 23....

The reason Arsenal are in such a safe and financially sound position is because they don't run their club like Championship Manager, like the majority of Arsenal (Bloggers) Fans would like...

We have a structure that means Arsenal Football Club will be a top flight elite club and team for generations....

Look at the financial trouble of the other top teams....Chelsea don't make money they are in debt (but have a sugar daddy), Manue and Liverpool are in big trouble...

AFC forever, we have the right people at our club, intelligent, sensible people who don't have knee jerk reactions...

I am so proud to be affiliated to this club, we do things right...

GMR said...

It was Lampard who had the most assists this season, not Fabregas.

Also if Wenger wanted his experiment (Arsene's word, not mine) of building a young team & letting them grow together, then he should have built the team around a british player who was totally committed to the club, not a player like Cesc (regardless of whether he leaves this summer or not), who has said from day 1 that he wants to go back to Barcelona and play. It's no coincidence that our team which is full of foreign players is the one who has the big transfer rumours every summer. Man utd had it with Ronaldo but they don't get it with the british players, Chelsea likewise & so on. We are targeted by the big european clubs because they all know we'll sell our players because none of them love Arsenal. I don't blame the players either, after all if I was a footballer and playing in europe I wouldn't care which club I played for, as long as they paid me well & gave me an opportunity to play on the big stage it wouldn't matter.

Anonymous said...

Edu ? What are you talking about ? Has he kicked a ball since since leaving Arsenal ? If so I haven't heard about it and he's hardly pulling up trees. Just get real and understand that players come and go for all sorts of reasons. In most cases the players who have left were past their peak. Flamini ? Can't get into the Milan side. In other cases they moved to get away from the high physical demands of the premiership.

Anonymous said...




junior.richards said...

as far as i see arsenal can swap fabregas for iniesta plus 30 quid

Anonymous said...

In some aspects, you are right. First, Arsenal have got to have a well blended squad - talented youngsters playing under the guidance of hardened and experienced players. Secondly, there is some truth that other clubs, especially from Europe, are always eyeing Arsenal's up and coming young players. Fans hate to see Arsenal losing talented, young established players like Fabregas. Yound players are impatient and unhappy because at the end of the day, there are no medals to talk of! Ok, fourthly, there was also the cost of the stadium that had hampered Arsenal from buying then. But now Arsenal's finances have improved by leaps and bounds! So now Arsene Wenger and the Board have to change their rigid policies and release funds at AW's disposal to buy what he needs to make Arsenal a winning side again. Fifthly, five barren years is not really a matter of serious concern considering we are still within the top Four in the EPL, BUT it IS about time for Arsenal to go a few notches higher by winning some trophies soon! Moreover, now competition is getting much tougher than ever, with Spurs and other middle clubs getting stronger and too close for Arsenal's comfort! So, over to you, Arsene Wenger and the Board!

Anonymous said...

"He is only 24 and will be the youngest star to want out"

Anelka anyone????????

gt said...

Good articles and the bottom line is, if Cesc's mind is not at Arsenal anymore, his body shouldn't be neither. I still remember the consistent rumors surrounding TH14 and before that PV4 prior to their inevitable departure. Totally disruptive to the club. If Cesc wants to go, please make it quick so AW can fully focus on planning for next season. Cesc will be blessed by every Gooner faithful as he walks out the door.

Anonymous said...

Barca has been number 1 at poaching at players. Teach barca a lesson, no deal unless its at least 80K pounds. period.

Anonymous said...

Correction. No deal unless it at least 80m pounds.

Anonymous said...

We shud swap fabregas for messi. Will barca agree?

Anonymous said...

Guys I don't think all is lost if fabregas goes, think of who we could buy with the money? We could even get a player in exchange e.g. yaya toure.

If fabregas goes we will probably change formation as thr 4-3-3 was built around fab. If he goes I reckon the team could be like this for the 2010/11 season...

----------(hopefully new keeper here)-------
---------yaya toure---------------song-----------
-------------------------van persie----------------
(Basically rvp playing just off chamakh)

Its kind of like liverpools formation instead of gerrard playing off torres with 2 holding midfielders.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

i like to see the old sod wenger out

also fabregas is brave and should leave. he is telling wenger and the board , change before the others catchup

Anonymous said...

before everyone starts creaming their pants about cesc can i suggest a read of this:

Anonymous said...


JoshT said...

It’s damaging to the morale of the club to keep a player who has his heart/head elsewhere. Ramsey and Wilshire will fill in and do the job perfectly. We always exaggerate just how good our "best" players are when they wear the Arsenal shirt. But when they leave, we usually see that they're in fact quite replaceable.

Laurence said...

We're in an absolutely no win situation. If Cesc leaves it undermines Wenger's whole youth policy. But what's to be gained by keeping a player who wants out?

Anonymous said...

Time to reflect. The dust has settled on another disappointing season, which without a trophy for the fifth consecutive season is ultimately a failure. Where do we go from here? The two extreme schools of thought are: 1) Wenger’s project has failed. He has dismantled his team of Invincibles, replacing them with a bunch of overpaid, inexperienced, physically and mentally weak kids of which he is oblivious to their many frailties which we can all see. We will not win another trophy with him at the helm. 2) Arsene Knows. My feelings lie closer to the latter.

As the wheels came off our title challenge, it left me with an empty feeling. The summer ahead will be an important one. With Cesc’s departure seemingly imminent and the arrival of Marouane Chamakh, any other business conducted will have to be of the requisite quality. Top of the agenda is a world class goalkeeper. I have always thought that Almunia lacks the presence to ever be a world class goalkeeper, Fabianski has age on his side and sending him out on loan may be the best option for him to gain experience and confidence. Wojciech Szczesny looks to be our future number one, having received rave reviews following his loan spell at Brentford and Arsène Wenger even issued the bold statement that he will ‘certainly’ be an Arsenal number one. A world class defender to partner Vermaelen is required if Gallas leaves and a world class midfielder if Cesc leaves. That’s up to three world class players to strengthen the spine of our team and with the rest of our young squad one year older and wiser, a few young guns ready to make their mark on the first team and better luck with injuries, I feel we stand in good stead for next season.

I watched the recent question and answer session with our CEO Ivan Gazidis staged by the Arsenal Supporters Trust. Since his arrival, I have admired his intelligence and honesty. He is more in touch with the fans than other Arsenal board members and his involvement in the ‘Arsenalisation’ of the stadium shows that he appreciates that the fans are the heart of the club, something which has been lacking since the departure of David Dein. I thought he answered the questions with sincerity and assured us that the managerial staff will thoroughly analyse the team’s performance. One of the points he mentioned is that we may think that Wenger has an obsession with this team and can’t see things. However, he prefers not to publicly criticise his own players and I think this is the way a club that wants to be regarded with virtue should act.

Anonymous said...

Another issue that was raised was the significant number of injuries. Mr Gazidis attempted to answer this question by stating that we are a young team playing possession football and run more than any other team, so injuries were inevitable. He also pointed out that we have less rest days than the opponents we are playing in comparison to our rivals; 36 in total, compared to Chelsea 22 and United 24. The long term injuries have been impact injuries. Injury problems have plagued us for many seasons now and he did reassure us that this would be examined and also mentioned a new GPS system, which will be used next season to anticipate injuries.

Let the lot from down The Lane bask in their so-called glory with their manager losing the little dignity he had in ‘The Sun’ advert, having previously been charged for tax evasion and will undoubtedly leave them in disarray as he previously has the Hammers, Saints and Pompey. Look at the big picture. Having settled into our new stadium, we have one of the world’s finest sporting arenas, generating enough income to ensure our future at the top is secure for years to come. Once the debt has been paid off and other clubs are hit by the irrational management of their finances during a global financial crisis, plus the possibility of a spending cap based on income generated, we will be in a financial position of most clubs’ envy.

Wenger’s vision has made this future a reality. He knew we would be handicapped in the initial years and planned for this period of transition into a new stadium but couldn’t have foreseen factors out of our control i.e. Abramovich. We are fans for life. I’m not old enough to know what it was like during the barren spell post 71 but I’m sure that this doesn’t even compare and I’m also sure that one day the chickens will come home to roost for other clubs and we will be rewarded. Enjoy the summer
Victoria Concordia Crescit

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The reason Arsenal are in such a safe and financially sound position is because they don't run their

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