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Thursday, December 08, 2011

There are two but I prefer only one way of replacing Santos

By 1970’s Gooner

I must say that I raised more than one eyebrow when the team sheet was announced in Athens last Tuesday. What on earth did possess Wenger to name Vermaelen AND Santos in the starting eleven when the game was absolutely irrelevant to where Arsenal would finish in the group?. 

Santos was the only available left back we had at the club! And he goes and plays him in Greece! Shocking decision…. Now we are facing a crisis for the next two to three weeks until Gibbs returns. 

What are the options then for the game against Everton? 

Wenger intends to play Vermaelen at left back. 

I really beg to disagree. 

Vermaelen should be kept at centre back. He has developed a very good understanding with Mertesacker and they complement each other perfectly as one is left and the other right sided. 

The quality of their performances as a central defensive pair have been very obvious for every one to see. I also think that Vermaelen is a top top central defender and he can cover for any of Mertesacker’s weaknesses much better than any other. 

If Vermaelen plays at left back then Koscienly will start in central defence. Don’t get me wrong. Koscienly has been in top form this season but I think the team will overall have a better balance with Vermaelen in central defence. 


Djourou Mertesacker Vermaelen Koscienly 

Ramsey Song Arteta 

Walcott RVP Gervinho 


Bismak said...

Not only do you make a fool of yourself by saying we play a very right-footed Koscielny at left-back when he can just swap places with Vermaelen (who was a LEFT-BACK before joining Arsenal), you also managed to make a fool of yourself by having two Djourou's in one team.

Djourou Djourou ???

Anonymous said...

ha! fair comment!

I think we should give Miquel a go there! djorou in my opinion is absolutely awful at right back and would keep Kos there!

Everton have coleman on that side i know but i still think miquel should be given a chance! Per and TV are developing a good relationship! This should be maintained!

Yuri Kostun said...

Djourou is so poor at RB I'd almost rather have the lineup as:

Kos Mert Djourou Verm

I'd be ok with:

Eastmond Mert Kos Verm

OR I'd be ok with:

Kos Mert Verm Miguel

Anonymous said...

You make a fool of yourself by having one Djourou in your team, much less two.

Anonymous said...

You rate vermaelen so highly you left him out of your preferred line up and put djourou twice.

Anonymous said...

Not going to lie i think we need some extra cover in the centre of the mid with Song and Frimpong apearing in the same line-up:

Kos Mert Verm Miquel
Frim Song
Arteta Ramsey
RVP Gerv

Anonymous said...

Djourou is useless.

I want him out of Arsenal ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Yep I agree that the line up should not include Djourou at RB. He is average at CB and massively exposed at RB.
Really showed a lack of composure and slow reactions in greece. The panic was setting in and he was blaming everyone else for his own mistakes.

Koscielny can play RB because he is fast, Miquel at LB is the best we can do I reckon..
That leaves Mert and Verm as a strong central pairing.

Yennaris, Angha and Coquelin as backups on the bench for CDM and Full back.

Arsenal man said...

Nooooooooooo Djourou...I'd rather see

RVP Mertesacker TV5 Koscielny


Wenger Merte TV5 Kocielny

Anonymous said...

Play a back three of Kos, Mert, TV with two wide players to push Everton back.

Theo and Gervinho track back well and are fast.






Song can cover the exposed space the full backs may leave just as he has been doing in recent games with the industrious Arteta and Benny holding the middle.

Ramboncan play in front of Arteta and Benny and link the midfeild to attack

And RVP will keep any defence busy with his recent form.

My real worry would be Theo covering but then the Kos would cover any of Theos misgivings.

Anonymous said...

I thought Miquel was really good when he came on... therefore IMO back 4 should be

Kos Mert TV Miquel

DJ should be on the bench.

Anonymous said...

Play Miguel LB he has been solid
every game he has played and looked more comfortable at LB than Djourou at RB and move Koscielny out there instead

Stefan_b said...

Our back four should be:

Koscielny - Mertesacker - Vermaelen - Miquel

Vermaelen is a far to good CB to be played at left back and Miquel and Koscielny are far better having at full back then either Djourou and Vermaelen.

Anonymous said...

Typical fans. Djourou was probably our best defender last year. That might not be saying much, but he certainly doesn't deserve the treatment he's received here.

Goons_with_Guns said...

Djorou at LB? Koscielny at RB? Are you having a laugh or just don't have a f**king clue? bwahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Coquelin Merts Kozza Verms

Coq played rb in reserves and in old carling cup games for us before his loan spell and has looked assured when coming on in midfield

Anonymous said...

C'mon guys, this is a BS site. I knew what I would be getting once I saw the site name. Never seen someone so smart as to play a right-footed centre-back at left back. Why not just play RVP there instead, huh?

Anonymous said...

song centre back!

frimpong or coq in the middle

Kos Mert Song Verm

Anonymous said...

Verm Kosc Mert Coquelin

Verm was a LB by trade and plays there for Belgium, he's the obvious choice. Kozzer has been brilliant this season and have no worries about putting him next to Mert, he's quick enough to cover for Big Per. Coq has played at RB many times - he's quick, got stamina, and has been v confident on the ball in all his appearances this season. Plus it'll give him game time.

Navarronlys said...

Our back four should be: Koscielny - Mertesacker - Vermaelen - Miquel Vermaelen is a far to good CB to be played at left back and Miquel and Koscielny are far better having at full back then either Djourou and Vermaelen.