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Monday, November 26, 2007

Adebayor should start looking behind his shoulder. There’s a new kid on the block

Arsenal Analysis resident season ticket holder at the Emirates (North Upper Stand Row Q) was there to watch Arsenal’s latest win against Wigan.

He makes some interesting observations about Diarra’s resemblance to Makelele, Rosicky’s play maker role and Bendtner’s announcement of his serious pretentions.

By Eros

It had to happen I suppose, Sir Alex has been moaning about his injuries all year, we had to get our fair share as well.

What I never understand is how it’s possible to get unavailable players at the same positions. We were stretched to the limit in midfield at the weekend against Wigan.

Flamini got injured in training with ‘Les Bleus’, Gilberto was unavailable because he only got back to London on Friday, Hleb got injured playing for Belarus and apparently is out for 3 weeks, and Diaby is injured once again!

Robin Van Persie was supposed to be ready by now but as usual our medical department got their timescales wrong and he needs a couple more weeks to be fully ready. I hope that the Diagnosis for Hleb and Flamini are accurate as we have a lot of important fixtures coming up!

As was expected with a brand new midfield pairing starting the game on Saturday, we started the game slowly and could not get any tempo going in the first half.

Our passing was sloppy and the bullying tactics of Michael Brown in the middle of the park seemed to work as we could not establish our normal dominance, making our pass and move game difficult to execute.

As a result our forwards were starved of any decent service, and the chances created were at a premium.

Still we created two excellent chances that should have been taken; both created by the lively Walcott. First setting up Ade showing good strength and awareness and then with an explosive run and close control to feed Eboue that got his feet all wrong and managed to miss horribly from the 6 yard line!!!

Slight adjustment was made by Wenger at the interval he releasing Rosicky in a free role. His movement, vision and passing created chaos in the Wigan defence which did not know how to handle him. Still some slack passing in the final third made for a very frustrating game.

After a horrible challenge by Heskey on Walcott, Bendtner came on and was involved in the build up of both goals. First releasing Sagna on the right to cross for Gallas to head the first in.

And then getting the ball behind the half way line running at the heart of the Wigan defence and playing a good ball for Rosicky to finish the game off.

Adebayor should start looking behind his shoulder. There’s a new kid on the block and this kid seems to be for real.

After his blunder earlier in the year when he said some daft stuff in the papers – no it was not a coincidence that he was left out for a few games – he got his head down and has done extremely well every time he was given a chance. Reports say he is in line to start against Seville tomorrow.

I said many times Ade needs to sort his distribution out quickly or he will soon be playing back-up to Nicklas.

I was slightly disappointed by Diarra, starting in his preferred position and not playing his own game. What I mean is, he tried unsuccessfully to copy what Flamini does so well, hassle defenders into losing the ball, pressurise them into mistakes and break up play, which is not his game.

He is more of a Makelele type of player, reading the game extremely well, sensing danger and stopping dangerous situations before they arise. He tried to chase the ball a bit too much and Wigan were on occasion able to pass the ball around our midfield successfully.

It also meant that Denilson was dropping deeper and deeper all the time asking for the ball. This was of course ineffective against their five man midfield as we did not utilise our fullbacks at all, especially in the first half.

When we finally did we were a lot more difficult to defend against. Both Denilson and Diarra showed some glimpses of their incredible talent however, and considering this was their first start together they did ok.

Wenger had a moment of genius in the summer by appointing Gallas as the captain. He has grown immensely in the role and seems to have created a great atmosphere within the camp.

Also he is starting to turn superb all action performances week in week out, first it was the great tackle on Steven Gerrard at Anfield, then the controlled finish against Man U and yesterday he begun and finished the move that broke the deadlock.

If he stays injury free he will make sure that his young team fights for every minute of every game, and if we go through a lean spell at some point he will make sure that heads don’t drop like they have in the past.

Finally, a shout to Bac Sagna who was again excellent yesterday. He is very quickly establishing himself as the best in the league.

A great Saturday was capped off by news at the Reebok that ex Arsenal boy Anelka’s goal was enough to put United to the sword.

The league will be won by the team that copes with injuries the best and United looked decidedly ordinary without Ronaldo and Rooney on Saturday.

People in North London are starting to believe this can actually be our year.

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Anonymous said...

I think that Bendtner could if given his chance rise to the occasion and prove to be another gem uncovered by Wenger. He has tha strength, aerial ability but he is also good on the ground.

Rock said...

ok two things:

point one: you seem to be extremely harsh on adebayor since he's been superb this say for some time you have been saying that he needs to improve his distribution...i cant help but laugh but you do know distribution means passing, dont you? his passing has been excellent this season - it's his conversion rate in terms of finishing which is the only area he needs to work on, and even that has improved just look at how many he has notched this season. I do agree that slowly but surely in time bendtner will take over as he has the technical edge over adebayor and has no problem with his finishing, also extremely composed and confident when under pressure, qualities needed for winning championships.

point 2: Diarra trying to copy flamini? pressurising, being that work-a-holic type player in the middle of the park is not his game u say? my friend that is totally his game + the reason why he was signed. This is obviously the 1st game youve seen him play. I've followed diarra from his chelsea days and sparkling performance against us in the carling cup final last year where he was an absolute bull, he was like a rash all over players, hunted the ball, covered defensively and he has a lot of creativity in his locker he has top notch pace, drives past players with ease so he is not "all makalele" like your friend told you which led you to believe he would be a carbon copy to him, even though he does have some similarities. So lets get it straight, diarra in no way is some one who will just sit infront of the back four all game and break up play like makalele or gilberto - it is NOT his game.

patman said...

Agree with rock on his two points, especially about diarra. Ive heard over and over again how diarra is a clone of makele, if you actually take time to watch him you'll see he has so much more attacking and creative qualities than any of the defensive midfielders we have. Once he gets a run in the team I think you'll see this and change your incorrect view.

Anonymous said...

Diarra was actually appalling for Chelsea in central midfield the one game I saw him play there, the 3-3 with the spuds. He played almost 20 games last season as a right back-Mourinho's problem position and played well. He was outstanding at right back for France against Italy a month ago and he was excellent there against Sheffield United too.

Diarra is a clever player who passes crisply and read play. He is a very aggresive ball winner who can chase, but also sit. The only problem is that our midfield is extremely short-makes us vulnerable in the air

Anonymous said...

Totally agree on ADElosedaBAllYOR should buck up and stay back in training.

Distribution means Passing, How many times have ade made successful passes compared to unsuccessful passes. I think you should submit the point.

Yes Ade has scored goals this season. Mind you, Against bottom teams. Last season the balls went in hitting his shin and lucky shots.

Ade has only 1 thing that beats Bendtner. 2 actually. Ade has a slightly bigger presence than Bendtner. 2ndly, Wenger seems to see something in Ade which we don't, Like Cygan, Stephanov and Jeffers...

Ade must learn to score like Gallas, learn to pass like Bendtner, At the end, Ade should always stay back after training.

Blind Arsenal Fans who support Ade for the sake of Ade, go ahead and shoot.

Patman said...

I don't believe the garbarge that comes out of some peoples mouths, n it fustrates me deeply when it comes from our own fans. I'm the first one to hold up my hands when an arsenal player isn't pulling his weight but the critism ade recieves is astonishing. By the way people talk you'd think the guy wan't one of the leading goalscorers in the premiership!! The funniest thing is, i bet the same moany arsenal fans who hate on him are the same ones screaming his name when he has scored some VERY important goals for us this season. I'm not entirely happy with his conversion rate but take into account he's not had a regular strike partner for a while and has had to play as the loan striker for the past month or so. Get of the I hate ade bandwagon and realise the qualities he brings to your team. Stop bitching and support your fucking team!!!

Anonymous said...

I think Patman should realise that supporting a team does not and should not mean that one should blindly idolise and never criticise any player or even Wenger himself.

Wayne said...

I think the key point here is that Ade continues to strive for improvement as a player. At present his place is somewhat assured. With Bendtner given his chance @ 70 -75mins in place of Ade, I'm sure he will be kept on his toes & display more hunger & ruthlessness for goals.

Artur said...

I support Patmans view, Ade has really improved his game this season like all the Arsenal players. He improved his passing, scoring which is very important. He has been playing there on his own for the last few games and no wonder he has not been as sharp as we would love him to be, and he scored amazing goals especially the one against Totenham! We do miss another striker up there. Not sure which game it was now but there has been a few when he passed the ball and assisted on goals. I have nothing against Bendtner as I love all my Arsenal players without a doubt some need practice and practice and develop the skills as they go on. Is the same melachy with Hleb, come on guys let the players develop I'm sure if they are not worthy playing our clever Arsene would already know this by now?


We love you Aersenal, we do
We love you Aersenal, we do
We love you Aersenal, we doo

Ohhh Arsenal we LOVE YOU!!!!

T said...

The Ade has been superb this season. He is a team player, a worker, and a leader. He is still developing his game - everyone will ackonwledge that - but what he has contributed to leading the front line in the absence of RVP has been really commendable so to criticise him now is off key in my opinion.

Bentdner did look good coming on against Wigan and will be leading the line tonight against Sevilla - I hope the young forward does well.

On Diarra - I need more time to evaluate the player but I like the term 'pocket battleship' that I heard him described by one commentator. To me he looks to be in the Essien mould - he looks to have outstanding pressure-play plus good ability on the ball. For me he made a solid impact against Wigan given that it was his first league start- and really it is a steal that we got him at the price we did.

Anonymous said...

It's just the same people who were having a go at Hleb six months ago. And it's boring. Adebayor is a very important player for us. But I must ask why a section of Arsenal fans must ALWAYS have a scapegoat to have a pop at, does it make them feel important? Sad little poppets....

Anonymous said...

I agree with Patman also! I was frustrated with Ade at times but saying that he brings something to the team that most players cannot in which he comands a lot of attention. He seems to really trouble defences as much as you may say he doesnt score enough. I belive others score because of the trouble he causes believe is as he gets into the minds of the opposing team as a constant threat causing them to pay close attention. to tell you the truth i think he has been playing wonderful of late and i was pleasantly surprised at the way he played at Reading (great skill), and it seems he is continuing that form! another thing is you have to realize that Wenger just loves this dude in the line up whether u like it or not. one thing i wish would stop is some of toure's long balls he tries to play, i do not remember one of them working, though he is a wicked player!

Rock said...

Well well well, isnt it unbelievable how there's only me and patman who actually sound like there's genuine love for the arsenal.the rest of you really are pathetic. the squad cant be doing any better right now, top of the league, top of the champions league...winning games, playing football out of this universe, yet you continue to slag players like adebayor off, a man who gives absolutely EVERYTHING to the cause, works super hard for the shirt, never stops running for the ball, works hard on his finishing and other aspects of his game which is proven this season. sorry mr.anonymous your comment stating adebayor's passing is poor is so ridiculous and laughable its not true, everytime arsenal are on the attack in games this season, and when he is in possesson - 90% of the time his judgement of playing the correct ball is spot on, yet you proceed to call others blind? wow..People like adebayor are needed to win titles, he is "top shooter" on the opta stats this season. The proof is in the pudding friends. It really gets 2 me how people truly do not understand the game and start shooting theyre mouth off. Try watching a game once in a while before ever posting another message lads.

Anonymous said...

Adebayor is sick, trust me. When he switches in on he's unplayable. He'll be an Arsenal great I promise you. He has the correct attitude.

Anonymous said...

Being critical has nothing to do with being an arsenal supporter, or not - without which one [person and team] could not improve

pls let me say that adebayor is indeed quite substandard most time - who am i to say? i do watch almost all arsenal games: EPL, carling cup, CL and do know how to observe, i believe

adebayor simply has few clues how to break down a defence with the ball near and in the 18 yard box - count how many times he simply passes the ball back to players further out; surely warranted in some situations but not that often

Coupled with the fact that he loves to roam near the flanks thereby crowding eboue/ sagna and making the 18 yard box depleted of presence -he ain't no henry who could switch gears and strike coming from the flank

And how bloody hell he shoots is beyond me, as a striker - wouldn't blame him if he's a defender! There is little accuracy nor finesse - these things could improve with practice but has he really improved? What's the strike rate?

So when people suggest he passes well... well, look at how /where he passes and to what effect (or the lack of)

what's been encouraging however is somehow the team manages to pull through and that's the big picture

matt said...


MODRIC (possible transfer in jan) and all our other midfielders bar gilberto>>>>>>>>>>>>>Diara

Anonymous said...

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