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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

December is about the Premier League. Player’s ratings and goals on video

By 1970’s Gooner

Arsenal are about to embark on a series of away fixtures with a game on average every four days.

This fixture list includes an away game on Saturday at Aston Villa, four days later on Wednesday we play Newcastle away and the Sunday after that Middlesbrough away.

This is followed by Steaua home the Wednesday after and then on Sunday Ashley Cole’s return with Chelsea.

And it doesn’t stop there as we have Tottenham at home a week later! Oh and there’s an away Carling Cup game at Blackburn on the Tuesday night before the Tottenham game!

So Arsene Wenger was quite justified in fielding a weakened team against Sevilla.

The gamble he took proved too much as the rustiness apparent in the error prone Senderos, the tired Gilberto and Traore’s inexperience were more than enough to allow Sevilla to take advantage.

However as Wenger said having qualified from our group the priority had to be switched to the Premier League.

"An unbeaten record in the Champions League is not important. We had to make decisions because we have a very important December. We had to make choices between the competitions. December for me is about the Premier League."

It will be different on Saturday at Aston Villa.

Player’s Ratings:

Almunia 6; Hoyte 5 (Sagna 6), Toure 6, Senderos 4, Traore 4; Eboue 7, Gilberto 5, Fabregas 5 (Rosicky 6), Denilson 5, Eduardo 6; Bendtner 7.


Wrighty7 said...

I agree 1970's, last night was'nt important and December is the most crucial month in terms of fixtures of the season in the Premiership for us. We have some testing times ahead of us and we need to keep the squad as fresh as possible.

Wrighty7 said...

Also last nights game was a strange one. We were in control until the mistake from Senderos led to the first goal. After this our game seemed affected and Seville ceased on this. I understand Senderos and Gilberto are rusty but they were poor last night. The ref had a mixed nite, but it was refreshing to see him consult his linesman and over rule his own decision. Makes a change!

Anonymous said...

I think that the first goal changed things because heads dropped especially from the youngsters. This is the problem that arises when younger players are involved. We couldn't get into our rythm after that as Seville sensed this weakness and drew confidence from the goal.
If Senderos hadnot made that mistake then may be we would have noe be talking of a great Champions League perfromance!

gazzap said...

agre completely. the first goal changed the game totally. Senderos and Gilberto literally gave it away and made several other mistakes throughout the game. after that our heads dropped while seville's heads were up. we were OK for half hour and then we sort of fell apart. we needed the eboue penalty to salvage anything from the game but once that went begging it was goodnight vienna. Seville were cynical, but they were also very good going forward.

Anonymous said...

Ratings are more or less ok, but no way was Traore as bad as Senderos, Gilberto on the other should have been given the same rating as Senderos as he was just as bad and considering he has played for Brazil recently he should have no excuse for being as dire as he was yesterday.

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