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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lehmann back to his best

By 1970’s Gooner

The news coming out of Lehmann’s corner recently has been that he will stay in London until the end of the season; and this after taking into account his family’s wishes.

"My goal is to play for Arsenal again," said the keeper "I don't know if I can expect my children to change schools halfway through the year. I can't deny my family is more important than Euro 2008."

What usually happens when a period of uncertainty is finally brought to a close is that the settling of the mind brings the best out of the player (or anyone come to that). And Lehmann certainly produced his best during Germany’s game against Cyprus which was won 4-0.

You might say that playing well against the minnows of Cyprus hardly qualifies as a top level performance. You may be right; but this argument does not hold for a goalkeeper, as a save is a save whoever is firing the shot at goal.

Although Germany dominated the game the Cypriots created enough chances to have scored at least one goal but they were denied by Lehmann’s excellent saves.

He made goal saving blocks when the Cypriots were in on one to one on goal on three separate occasions and several saves from shots inside the area; all reminiscent of his saves when he was on top form for Arsenal.

One save in particular was from point blank pushing the shot on the post when it looked a certain goal.

“He had a good game and appears to be in good form even if he does not play for Arsenal a lot” said Joachim Löw, the Germany coach.

Lehmann’s decision to stay on is a major boost for Arsenal’s title aspirations as having two capable goalkeepers available for the rest of the season will provide excellent cover when needed; whoever of the two is going to provide that cover.

And judging by Lehmann’s performance for Germany last night who knows who will be the number one goalkeeper.


Anonymous said...

With lehmann back to his best Arsenal is now stronger to challenge for the title.

Anonymous said...

Lehmann is past it and he will not play for Arsenal again. not after making those remarks at Almunia.

Anonymous said...

We should welcome Lehmann back into the fold. He has been a great keeper for us and he can be extremely useful for our title challlenge.

Anonymous said...

Wenger's making a mistake in persisting with Almunia.

Almunia is a competent 'keeper and no more.

Lehmann is the calibre of 'keeper all trophy winning teams need.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous anon. Lehmann is top class and Wenger should take the first opportunity to introduce him back into the team.

Anonymous said...

,,,,No disrepect to Almunia, but I feel Lehmann is the better keeper of the two. Its the big games that I feel is the difference between the two, i'd rather have Lehmann in these games. But obviously Wenger thinks differently, maybe the defence lost confidence in him after his early season cock ups? The future looks good with Fabianski but we need someone for the present. Wrighty7

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this objective and decent post. Good to see a Gooner able to acknowledge Lehmann's good performances and form.

He's been excellent for us throughout the Euro qualifiers, has excellent communication with the back 4, only conceded three goals and keeps a clean sheet since more than 350 minutes now. I hope he doesn't jeopardise his place in the national team for Arsenal. It honours him that he takes care of his family's needs but I would rather see him leave Arsenal as soon as possible and move to a club, maybe in Germany, where his skills are appriciated and where they don't break out into tears as soon as a players doesn't hold still no matter what the manager does. It is a shame to see him rot on the bench at Arsenal.

I wouldn't be so sure that he really stays all season btw. In an interview right after the match he said he will see how it goes until January and then the time might come when he will go. Why should he stay anyway? To wait for Wenger to realise Almunia might cost the season and then to benevolently grant Lehmann his place in the Arsenal goal back? Or for playing the FA Cup? He already won that one for Arsenal and the Euros should be his last big goal.

I hope he comes back home. Should he regain his place in the Arsenal goal? Brilliant. Because no one can deny Arsenal plays some fantastic football at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Almunia is a solid and usually reliable keeper, but he doesn't save those "al;most certain goals" thaT Lehmann keeps out of the net. Mad Jens back in the fold provides certainly a better option for Wenger, whether he will play so quickly after emotions ran high has to be seen.

Anonymous said...

I also think that with Lehmann back in the fold Arsenal will be that much stronger. We need him.

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