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Monday, September 27, 2010

I hope Wenger drops more players

By 1970’s Gooner

Almunia has been dropped of course. Arsene Wenger has used this cheap excuse of a phantom injury to drop Almunia in the past usually right after similar howlers.

It is not all poor Almunia’s fault of course. Arsene Wenger chose, for whatever reason, not to replace him this season and now he has to drop him and play another suspect keeper who hasn’t put a foot right in almost all his important appearances in the first team!

God help us, for if Fabianski doesn’t mess up big time in Belgrade he will likely play against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge….

Yet that”pathetic” as I called it, performance against West Brom was not only down to the keeper. There were a host of other players that let us, the team and themselves down.

Players like Clichy who hasn’t been himself lately,

Sagna who looked tired when Thomas just went passed him,

Koscienly who lacked pace,

Diaby who looked out of sorts,

Song whose covering and passing let him down,

Eboue who failed to give width and

Arshavin who this season gives me the creeps because I fear he may be passed it (I hope I am wrong).

I would give Denilson a chance. He looked sharp whenever he came on and looks much more mature, physically and mentally this season.

I would rest Clichy and if Gibbs is fit enough (he is travelling with the squad) I would give him a game. He deserves it and he has been in good form lately.

I would also give Sagna a rest. He needs it. Eboue can deputise.

Rosicky should come in and play on one of the flanks.

I wouldn’t start with Wilshere in Belgrade, he is too young to face a partisan crowd and players.

I would consider saving Chamakh for the Chelsea game as he is the only real choice for this position and we do really need to get a result at Stamford Bridge.


Eboue Konscienly Squillaci Gibbs

Denilson Song


Rosicky Vela Arshavin

Bendtner’s tattoo says it all

By Aries

Nicklas Bendtner and his other half, TV Baroness Caroline Fleming, have given an interview to Elle magazine which is to be published this week.

Extracts from the interview which have been published in advance show that the young Arsenal striker is very much in love and enjoying family life with his super rich partner and her two young children.

“When I got into Caroline's life with the kids and all, it was a huge change and something I had never tried before.

You look always for the right person, one who can mirror yourself in and hit it off with. With Caroline, I got almost the whole package at once and it is a gift "said Bendtner.

Nicklas Bendtner is now stepfather to Caroline's two children, Alexander who is six and Josephine almost four years and he enjoys it:

"Sometimes Josephine goes up on your toes, because Caroline always goes on toes, because she is accustomed to walking in high heels. These are small things, it's nice to notice.

Alexander and I play hockey and soccer in the hallway. We move things just by the way and then we play. It's great when children love sports”

Nicklas and caroline are so much in love that they have tattooed each other’s name on their left wrist. So when you see Bendtner kissing his left wrist after he scores you will know why he is doing it!

“It's pretty funny because I was never a person who would tattoo. Very modern. Super Modern. It is like a jewel. I think it's so beautiful, "said Caroline Fleming”

In three months Nicklas becomes a father for the first time and he is very happy with his lot:

“When you are in love and enjoying your career, you can not be anything but happy” said Bendtner.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

What a pathetic performance

By 1970’s Gooner

What a really pathetic performance. Everyone except Nasri should really feel ashamed of himself. This goes to prove what is well known in football. It doesn’t matter if you play against the lowest opposition, you simply have to play at your best to beat them.

And the Arsenal players thought that by just turning up West Brom will lie down and roll over…Maybe they thought that they will save themselves for the “real” games against Partizan and Chelsea.

Almunia, what a clown.

Wenger’s inactivity in the transfer market is coming back to haunt him. Almunia gave away the penalty and then saved it well and that would have been ok but of course he gave away two really soft goals and the three points.

This does not absolve the rest of them of course. There was no movement, no pressing down their midfielders and the passing was woeful. Very unlike Arsenal where passes are crisp, precise and penetrative.

When Nasri had the ball there was not really a player moving into position to receive it and the opponents were given the space and the time to play their game. They played well and took advantage of the gifts given to them.

I expect that against Partizan and Chelsea we will see a different Arsenal. We may even win those games…

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bendtner faces the blame for his long injury lay off

By 1970’s Gooner

Nicklas Bendtner’s problems with his groin began with that car accident he suffered at the end of 2009 on his way to training at London Colney.

He has now admitted that he compounded the injury by forcing himself to play for Denmark in the World Cup.

Speaking to Danish paper “Politiken” he said:

“Both you and I can figure out that if I had a two and a half month break, rather than going to South Africa, I would had been much further ahead now. I would have been close to playing again, both for Arsenal and the national team”

"I am a young player, but I do not know when such an opportunity comes again - that I can play in a World Cup finals. And again, no, I have not regretted anything”

The impetuousness of youth I say…

Just as well Wenger learnt from last season’s experience and made sure he got another striker in otherwise we would have been playing with Arshavin up front again for the next four weeks or so.