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Monday, March 14, 2022

White and Martinelli could prove key in beating Liverpool

 By 1970's Gooner

Last night's convincing victory over Leicester  has helped keep the players confidence at high levels which could lay the foundations for a victory over Liverpool that will shake the football world.

For this to happen Arteta has to choose the right tactics and work in parallel on the players mentality. 

He will remind them of how close to a victory over Man City the players were earlier in the season and how it was snatched away from them by key referee and VAR decisions.

He will also remind them of the much healthier state they are in at the moment as compared to when they last faced Liverpool ( for the Carabao Cup). And we weren't so far away from them...

Tactics will be be important of course. But a paricular tactic that was used effectively in the game against City at the Emirates proved quite effective. The ball behind their right back for Martinelli with Tierney supporting him. This stretched Man City quite a lot and resulted in Arsenal's goal.

I mention this because Liverpool like Man City push their back four quite high up. They also have Trent Alexander Arnold push even further up to support their attacks. But this leaves gaps behind him and Ben White with his long ball accuracy can connect with Martinelly and I hope the rest will be history.....