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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Leeds Vs Arsenal. How the game will play out

 By 1970's Gooner

This game has become very important for both teams as it is coming right after they both suffered heavy defeats in their previous game prior to the international break. 

Arteta needs to not only worry as to who to pick in midfield in the absence of Thomas Partey but more importantly to bring back the vibrancy and energy in the players that was so evidently missing against Villa. 

If this does not materialise then it will not matter a single bit as to who will play in midfield or what formation he will pick. Or indeed as to whether Aubameyang will play through the middle with Willock providing the 'creativeness' that so many 'experts' decided that this is what has been missing. Aubameyang scored all those goals last season playing from the left and without Willock in the side may I remind you...

As far as the team formation and players to be picked is concerned Arteta should stick with the three at the back in a 3 4 3 system. Ainsley Maitland Miles should replace Saka as the latter has been overplayed by Southgate running the risk of burn out and injuries. AMN's selection I feel will also fall in line with the tactics that Arteta should follow. 

Leeds play a full of running attacking oriented game and the best strategy will be to adopt a more cautious approach (but not like Arteta played at City in which the team were overcautious) hitting them fast and at the spaces they tend to leave behind when their full backs roam forward. That's why AMN will be more effective when we are without the ball. And similarly Bellerin on the other side.

Arteta needs also to realise that Willian is not doing it at the moment (will he ever do it?). We can't carry passengers and we need to get the best available players out on the pitch. The same goes, of course, for Aubameyang and for Lacazette although I would start with both and have Nketia on the bench as I believe he can be an impact substitute. Pepe should also start, he is bound to play better than Willian, but only because Saka needs to be rested. 

Arteta may think about changing the formation to make it more offensive if we need to chase the game or score the winning goal, by getting Willock on the pitch (as well as Saka and Nketia). He can go to a 4 2 3 1 formation taking one of the 3 central defenders out and placing Willock in the middle of the 3 as a number 10.

Do all the above and the score will be Leeds 1 Arsenal 3.


Holding Gabriel Tierney 

Bellerin Ceballos Xhaka AMN

Pepe Lacazette Aubameyang