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Friday, January 15, 2021

The four almost out of the box alternatives for Tierney's place

 By 1970's Gooner

It doesn't look like Tierney will be available for Monday's game against Newcastle. The fact that he has gone for an MRI implies that his injury might be a more serious one than at first thought of. And even if the MRI comes up clean Arteta should and probably will rest him for this game just to make sure.

So he has to consider what alternatives he has available as, with the loan departure of Colasinac, there is no recognised left back in the squad that could step in.

1. Saka

The young man has played there before, originally under Emery and for Arteta too, and he didn't disappoint. He is versatile enough to carry out his duties adequately and to bomb forward trying to create in the other end. He will have the space to do so as it is anticipated that Bruce is very likely to adopt similar tactics as he did in the cup game.

Arteta can compensate for Saka's absence from the attack by bringing back the fit again Martinelli to play on the right wing. This option will have the added bonus of Willian and Pepe sitting out as I think they don't deserve a chance to start. Lets hope that Arteta is not stupid enough to start either of them.

2. Xhaka

I bet you are surprised by this option but he has also played there before and he did perform ok although his lack of pace might be against him. Nevertheless the very probable inclusion of Partey in the starting line up against Newcastle will displace one of Xhaka and Ceballos so a midfield pairing of Partey and the more creative Ceballos might be the way forward. Especially when taking into consideration that creativeness is what is lacking recently when playing teams with a low block.

This option will allow Arteta to select Saka in a more forward role where he is more effective. In this scenario I would like to still see Martinelli start and either Aubameyang or Lacazette dropping out. Let's face it, neither did enough to warrant a place in the starting line up especially Aubameyang who has been off colour for 17 of the 18 games that Arsenal have played so far.

And may I remind you that in the fantastic win over Chelsea it was a front three of Martinelli, Lacazette and Saka that started and this is what I would recommend Arteta to select if he wants to win the game. A sure way to get the sack would be to select players that are simply not performing, like Willian, Pepe and Aubameyang. This team is not yet that strong to carry one passenger let alone two or even three..

3. Soares

Yes he is a right back but if needs be he should be able to fill in as a left back. The advantage here is that he is a defender so from this point if view he is experienced enough to keep a tight defensive line and defend properly any attackers coming his way. It also allows Arteta to freely choose the rest of the team without dragging someone from other areas of the pitch.

4. AMN

This would be the option that Arteta will choose I feel. He looked rusty against Palace as he hasn't played recently which is understandable. He will be given specific training and instructions to get into forward positions and improve his deliveries something which didn't happen often enough.

My preferred team:


Bellerin Holding Luiz AMN

Partey Ceballos

Saka ESR Martinelli


Arteta's probable selection: 


Bellerin Holding Luiz AMN

Partey   Xhaka

Saka ESR Aubameyang