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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wenger raises expectations for a star signing

 By 1970' s Gooner

It used to be that Arsenal did not buy the stars but made them. Do you remember? Arsene Wenger used to brag about it. But only a few days ago he made an exremely surprising statement. He said that we are now in position to buy the stars!

Not only has he changed his strategy he has raised expectations by making bids for 25m (Higuain) and 35 m (Suarez) for two players that are cosidered as stars! And as if this was not enough he announced that Arsenal want to buy Rooney and can afford his wages!

Forgetting the Rooney bid as a tactical non starter (he made it to make a point to prospective incoming players that Arsenal are in the market for the big boys) he is now running the danger that he may end up with nothing.

Real have agreed terms to sell Higuain to Napoli for 37m and then they may probably use the money to buy Suarez from Liverpool!

Arsenal and Arsene will be left with mud on their face.

And we will be sweating our squeaky bums for another tight finish for 4th spot again.