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Monday, February 06, 2017

Wenger's succession turning into a sorry mess

By 1970s Gooner

Can you tell me if you know of any club which has allowed their manager's contract to run into its last year without having announced who his successor will be?

Can you tell me if you know of any club which is waiting into the dying embers of a manger's contract to find out if HE has decided to carry on or not?

You know the answer of course.

The fact that Wenger is not letting anyone know what he will do until the end of the season is bound to end up in disaster.

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What if he decides to leave, as it increasingly looks like judging by the recent awful performances and results?

The Board will then have a month or so to find a successor!!! Gross negligence and incompetence of course.

You can say that surely they are not sitting with their hands tied. They must have identified and began talks with a few possible successors, surely.

Don't be so sure.

I tell you they are not likely to find any successors at this juncture as the future successors themselves are not sure if indeed Wenger is actually leaving the Arsenal! So why allow themselves to be dragged along a merry go round and end up with nothing in the end.

We all know that the Board are begging Wenger to stay. But this policy is highly risky. Results may turn even more sour, 4th place not accomplished with the fans demonstrating outside the Emirates wanting Wenger Out.

Wenger may then decide to walk. What will those impeciles at the Board do then?

This indecision is affecting the players too. Ozil and I think Sanchez are waiting to see if Wenger will stay before they decide to sign an extension to their contracts. New players to be signed may also want to know who the manager will be.

Of course Wenger may decide to stay.

That may be a disaster too.....