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Sunday, June 26, 2022

I don't agree with Paul Merson

 By 1970's Gooner

I must say that I cannot agree with Paul at all. Eddie Nketiah has shown that he has what it takes to become a very prolific striker in the Premier League. He has shown that given a decent run of games and the confidence of his manager that he has the attributes and the determination to rise to the occasion, improve his game and contribute towards achieving at least a top four position for next season.

The addition of Jesus will provide the fantastic forward that Arsenal so lacked last season. But you can't rely on only one forward all season. You need to have at least two who will push each other but also give support and step in when injuries, suspensions and loss of form occur. 

But they can also play together as Jesus is just as good playing on the wing or indeed they can play as a front two if Arteta feels that a switch to that formation especially when chasing a game is merited.

In my opinion Nketiah will kick on now and prove everyone who doubted him wrong. In fact don't be surprised if at some point he puts in such performances that he gives Arteta severe headaches in having to choose who to start up front.