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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Is Wenger logical? Surely it's time to recall Jenkinson

By 1970's Gooner

In my previous post I spelled out the 5 ways we can replace Debuchy. All of them were rearrangements of players positions from within the squad. None of them are satisfactory for me. We all know what Wenger will do. He will probably play Bellerin who I consider inexperienced and very green yet to perform in that position with the effectiveness and stature that is required.

If you want to consider the other options then this is the link: The 5 options for replacing Debuchy

But surely by far the best option is to recall Jenkinson from his loan to West Ham. SURELY!

Wenger recalled Coquelin from his loan to Charlton with great success as we have seen. Why not do the same with Jenkinson. He has already played more than 10 games as a first choice for big Sam and has performed with distinction.

There is some information that there is no recall clause in the loan agreement but what the hell, Arsenal are big enough to pay the necessary monetary penalty (as usually is stipulated in such agreements in the case one of the parties wanting out).

The alternative is for Wenger to buy that Central Defender he has been promising so long and hope that he will also be able to play RB!!!!!

But I ask you will AW buy a defender?

And if he actually buys one (which I doubt) will he buy him now or at the end of the window? By which time it may be too late.

And if he has not played in the PL before will he acclimatise almost immediately?

So you see logic dictates that Carl Jenkinson should start at RB against Man City.

But is Wenger logical?

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The five options for replacing Debuchy

By 1970's Gooner

It's a pity that Debuchy dislocated his shoulder. Arnautovic should have been booked. It was an excellent performance all round with Alexis Man of the Match of course.

 And I have to make a special mention of Coquelin who had another impressive game.  He is going to stay in the starting11 for a long time IMO, as I predicted right after his first appearence this season, much to the mock of some of the readers of this blog!

Still I am concerned about Man City away. We have to replace Debuchy and Wenger has some options available.

1. Play Chambers, I hope not!

2. Play Bellerin. Very likely as Wenger has opted for this option when he had to. I think this would be a risky decision as Man City have the players to put on Bellerin's side to really take advantage of his inexperience.

3. Play Monreal at right back and Gibbs at left. This could work.

4. Play Flamini. He has played at full back before but I am concerned about his lack of pace.

5. Here is the last but more interesting option. Play Koscienly at right back and either Chambers or Monreal at centre back. This would break the pairing of Kos and the BFG and I think this could prove risky.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Revealed: Inter's joke offer for Podolski and subsequent deal clincher

By 1970's Gooner

Wenger described Inter's original offer for taking Podolski on loan as not serious, a joke.

Well he was probably right because as I can reveal their offer which came from their Sporting Director, Piero Ausilio, was to take Podolski without any compensation whatsoever for Arsenal.

It is only when they came back with money that the deal was allowed to go through by Wenger giving the green light (yes he controls the money side of the transfers too).

The improved offer was indeed very much restructured:

Arsenal will get 600.000 euros ( about 470.000 pounds) up front with the loan agreement.
There will be another 400.000 euros ( 313.000 pounds) if Inter qualify for the Champions League.
In the event that Inter qualify for the Europa League then this drops to 250.000 euros (196.000 pounds).

Podolski himself will get a salary of 1.8m euros up to the end of June which converts to about 60.000 pounds per week. So Arsenal will only have to pay the rest of Podolski's contractual salary to make up the 75.000 pounds per week.

Sounds good to me!

From having a player who hardly played and obliged to pay him up to the end of June 1.8m pounds we now have received 470.000 pounds and additionally saved wages of 1.44m pounds. A total of nearly 2.0 m pounds plus additional moneys if Inter qualify for a European competition.

There is no clause in the loan agreement with regard to Inter having a first option to buy in the summer nor has a fee been agreed.

Friday, January 02, 2015

Fan on the pitch local from Hampshire

By 1970's Gooner

The fan ran with his arms outstretched in front Arsene Wenger as he sat in the dugout late on in the game at St Mary's.

Footage showed the man being bundled away down the tunnel by two stewards as Wenger and Bould held their arms out in apparent frustration at the intruder.
There is confusion as to whether he is an Arsenal or a Saints fan. It has been revealed that he is from Lymington, Hampshire and was being questioned last night by Hampshire Constabulary officers.

However staff at Saints were subsequently told that the fan was an Arsenal supporter, although Wenger was initially under the impression it was a home supporter.

Police said a 25-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of ''going into an area adjacent to the playing area contrary to the Football (Offences) Act 1991''.
A Hampshire police spokesman said: ''Police have arrested a 25-year-old man from Lymington following an incident on the pitch at St Mary's at the end of the Southampton versus Arsenal match. ''The man remains in police custody. Officers are investigating the circumstances to establish whether any criminal offences have been committed.''

Asked about the incident post-match, Wenger said: ''There was a young boy, yes. I think he was a Southampton fan. He was not aggressive at all. I don't think he said anything. Honestly, he was not aggressive at all.''