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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Alex Song back at Arsenal?

By 1970' Gooner

It has been reported that West Ham failed to reach an agreement with Alex Song over a permanent move. He is now back at Barca as he is still their player until he finds a new club to either go on loan or on a permanent basis.

Surely this is the time for Arsenal to step in and reach an agreement with Barca to bring him back to Arsenal.

This is a a real opportunity to provide a second option in this vital position in the central defensive midfield area with a player who has proved he has what it takes to perform at the highest level.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hot hot news. Media report Benzema deal signed and sealed!!!

By The Transfer Wizard

Its happening. All the roumours are true!  Talksport are reporting that the Benzema deal has been done.  More news to follow.

Real accept bid from Arsenal for Benzema

By The Transfer Wizard

It seems that this Benzema transfer saga will just not go away. And judging by the way Arsenal carry on their business, in absolute secrecy, I tend to give more credence to these kind of rumours which come out of people who are in the trade, as it were.

Do you believe Rodney Marsh?

This is what he tweeted:

Rodney Marsh @RodneyMarsh10 13 hours ago
>No, I said Real had accepted a bid from Arsenal - more to follow  

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Real give the go ahead for Benzema transfer to Arsenal

By The Transfer Wizard

Reports are coming out of 'Metro' that the Benzema transfer is back on again. Reportedly Arsenal have now put in a bid of 46m and Real president, Perez, has finally sanctioned the move.

This can be tied in with what is being reported today in the press that Wenger has indeed been very active in the transfer market by reportedly bidding for both or either of Thomas Muller and Robert Lewandowski from Bayern Munich!

Can you imagine the impact and resonance such a transfer (of Benzema) will have on the Premier League, the Arsenal supporters but above all the Arsenal players who will now truly believe with substantially enhanced confidence that the title challenge is a very doable venture. 

However I do not really believe such talk because it does not stand to logic.

Firstly Real will be left with only Ronaldo as a central striker who however will have no real cover in case of any forced absence from the team.

Secondly Benitez will have an array of options to choose from in the front positions choosing any combination of Bale, Ronaldo, Benzema and James Rodriguez. He is not likely to forgo such riches.

Lastly even if Real want to sell they have to get in a new world class striker. So who will that be? The only two that can match their requirements are Ibrahimovic and Aguero.

So let's all cheer for Ibra to Real (because Aguero is highly unlikely to be released by City).

If this transfer happens expect Benzema to sign for Arsenal on the last day of the transfer window....

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Real reason Wenger hot in pursuit of Krychowiak

By 1970's Gooner

It is well known that Arsenal have sent their trusted scouts to assess the Polish international playing for Seville against Barcelona in their recent UEFA Super Cup final in Georgia.

He is first and foremost a very competent defensive midfielder who could provide equal competition and cover for Coquelin.

But for those who watched the game would have noticed that he played for 80 minutes as a centre back due to the unavailability of the first choice for that position.

Arsene apparently would value this dual role that the 25 year old could play just as Sagna or indeed Song used to provide.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Arsenal will bounce back and challenge for the title

By 1970's Gooner

Same old Arsenal you might say. Having won so well against Chelsea in the Community Shield every one jumped on the band wagon and tipped us to win the League. The problem was that the players started believing them too and unfortunately allowed it to go over their heads. This was the one of three major reasons that contributed to loosing the game against West Ham.

All players started the game with an approach that they were winners just by turning up for the game! They forgot that to win any game in the PL you have to work and toil hard, very hard.

Almost all the starting 11 were below par barring Koscienly and the Ox (who again though made the mistake of trying to take the ball out of the area rather than passing it away which resulted in their killer second goal).

Giroud was almost non existent. What's the matter with him? Is he affected by the talk of Benzema coming to Arsenal? Wenger has not managed that situation well enough IMO.

Ozil was made ineffective by a 16 year old! WAKE UP DOZEY OZIL.

Switching Cazorla and Ramsey does not work. You are making two mistakes in one move there. First Cazorla is playing out of position. In central midfield he has excelled all through last season and by playing him on the left wing weakened the team's offensive approach. And secondly Ramsey was not ready to take up the mantle in a competitive game (which the Community Shield is not) in central midfield.

The team also lacked creativeness in the offensive areas of the pitch. This was partly addressed by introducing Alexis but he was not yet fully match fit and it showed.

The second reason for the defeat was bad goalkeeping. Cech was palpable for both goals especially the second one. He was too slow to react to the shot which was from outside the area and not hit with any ferocity. However on both occasions the central defenders let him down.
For the first the marking was nowhere and the goal scorer had a free run in for his header. The second, bot the BFG and Koscienly just stood there and did not even go through the motions of closing down the scorer and the shot.

The third reason for the defeat was the strange change of tactics by Wenger, I assume. Why did, on every occasion that Arsenal went forward in the first half, they elected to swing in crosses for Giroud?! On almost every occasion. Surely playing against a team like West Ham who thrive on long balls do you elect to forego your passing superiority and go for the crosses? STRANGE.

A very bad day at the office all round. And one which the manager must take blame as it is his job to keep the players feet on the ground and focus them for the game in hand.

Maybe this defeat is a blessing in disguise. It's a kick up the arse. It will shake the players up and management alike from believing their own hype to get down to hard business working on the nitty gritty both on and off the pitch.

If they do this they have a good chance against a strong Crystal Palace away.

Remember when we lost the first game of two seasons ago against Aston Villa at home?

Remember the splendid second part of last season? We haven't suddenly lost our competitiveness. So if it's in the head that can be rectified. It has been rectified in the past and will be so again. Believe me.

We will go on very strong run again and challenge for the title....