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Monday, June 16, 2014

Arsenal’s exodus begins. These new players can bring the title

By 1970’s Gooner

I thought that the mass exodus of players at the end of a season witnessed in previous years had finished. Last season was an encouraging development as we kept our important players and added a 42m player. Unthinkable in recent seasons.

But it seems that we are likely to lose or have lost important players this season. And a player who is not a starter is just as important. As last season has shown it is your bench that wins you the trophies. Having a competitive first 11 is just not good enough.

And the list of players wanting out is growing by the minute.


Sagna is already at Man City. This is a huge loss in my opinion as he was first and foremost an excellent right back who could balance defending and attacking in equal measure. But he was also a substitute centre back and a good one at that.

Added to this is the imminent departure of Vermaelen to Man Utd. Another central defender out. So we are now left with only TWO central defenders. Only TWO! And no real substitutes for them!!!

And we are left with only one right back, Jenkinson, with no back up!!!

Recommendation: Buy TWO central defenders and a new right back. Micah Richards can double as a right back and an auxiliary central defender. Aurier will be a good signing but he is young and needs to be more defensively minded.

Let’s carry on with the defence. It is reported that now Monreal wants out!

Recommendation: Convince him to stay otherwise sign Ashley Cole

Fabianski has already waived us goodbye. You need a goalkeeper who will be challenging Szczesny.

Recommendation: Don’t buy Casillas. Buy Swansea’s Vorm.

Midfielders we have a lot but Fabregas should have been brought in. It would have meant that Chelsea will not have strengthened. More importantly we would have had another high quality midfielder who is a leader and would drive everyone forward. Remember that we ran out of creative midfielders last season due to a glut of injuries. I also don’t trust that Ozil will have the stamina to last the season.

Central midfielders

 We do need another defensive midfielder though. Arteta is not up it anymore and having only Flamini will not be enough.

Recommendation: Buy defensive midfielder Bender from Dortmund

Wide midfielders

As far as wide players are concerned we do need another pacy winger, Walcott will not be ready for the opening games and we are vulnerable to his absences through injury. I feel that we lost the title last season when he was stretchered off against Spurs. Wenger may promote Ganrby this season and I wouldn’t disagree but why didn’t he do it last season?

Recommendation: Bring Joel Campell back

Cazorla now wants to return to Spain!

Recommendation: Convince him to stay


Whatever you do Mr Wenger BUY a centre forward. We cannot rely on one player and a rookie substitute. This was so obvious last season and the biggest mistake that Wenger did was not strengthening in the January window.

Recommendation: DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AGAIN. Make a marquee signing in the 30m-40m bracket that would show to the rest of the players  (and us the fans) that WE MEAN BUSINESS.

Recommendation: Buy Balotteli