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Monday, May 07, 2012

Blaming the defence is not enough Mr Wenger: Two weaknesses need correction

By 1970’s Gooner
Arsene Wenger blamed the defence for their poor performance against Norwich. Well I am sorry. The poor performance at the back has to be viewed in the wider context of an overall poor team performance. Only then can we make sure that this is corrected for the crucial game against W. Brom next Sunday.

Mr Wenger has to consider the following:

Aaron Ramsey was the weakest link in midfield

He had another poor game where he neither provided midfield creativity nor did he attend to his defensive role when it was necessary to do so. He was almost a nonentity. And a team at this level cannot be carrying a player….

The central midfield’s inability to dominate the game created extra pressure on the defence which it has to be said did not rise to the occasion. But to only blame the defence is not enough.

Correction: Play Benayoun in midfield and bring in the Ox.

This will give another viable outlet on the wing for Arsenal (as well as Gervinho on the other side) and at the same time Benayoun will add tenacity and experience in midfield. Something that Ramsey could not offer.

The mental attitude of the players has to chang

It was quite evident that the players were affected by the significance of the game in deciding Arsenal’s Champions League status. Passes were unusually going astray and the overall nervousness was quite apparent especially in the 1st half.

When the chips were down this was corrected for most of the second half. But Mr Wenger has to prepare them mentally for the next game so that they start AND finish in the same tempo and on a high.

Correction : Show the players the video of the home games say against Man City or Newcastle even the Milan game if you like. That’s the level of performance we would like to see.