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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Arteta is not likely to start Jorginho today

 By 1970s Gooner 

Arteta is not likely to start Jorginho today as has been mooted in the press. 

This is because if he does then Rice will have to play further on the left which deprives the team of a more creative midfielder that will be needed to break down the most likely tactic to be adopted by Newcastle. That of a mid block just as Porto did.

It also deprives the team of a sitting midfielder adept at negating the counter attacks that Newcastle will deploy as part of their plan to hurt us. And Rice is the one to do that and not Jorginho. 

One of the options that Arteta can try to overcome a more defensive approach from the opponents is to on occasion try to bypass the midfield and play the longer ball to someone like Havertz. He can create promising situations nearer their area just as he did against City or get his head on crosses in the six yard box.

So I would expect that Havertz will start up front if Jesus is unavailable which I expect he will be. 

Which leaves us with a choice to make for the left side midfielder. And imo he will be Emil Smith Row who is fit and will be able to provide creativity and incisive passes in the box much better than Vieira who hasn't played a competitive game for a few months. 

Trossard could play there or indeed in place of Martinelli but his performance against Porto left a lot to be desired which is often the case with him: one good game one not so good.


White Saliba Gabriel Kiwior 

Odegaard Rice EMR

Saka Havertz Martinelli 

Saturday, February 17, 2024

The first 11 for Burnley and is the squad strong?

 By 1970s Gooner 

Arteta never gives anything away during his press conferences. Especially with regard to the availability of players. So you are not sure what kind of team he will produce.

However I doubt if he will give starts to any of the players that have recently been sidelined. This is because even if they are finally ready to contribute he will likely leave them on the bench to make sure that their longer term availability is not jeopardised. 

This is because we are now entering the crucial run in period of the premier league season and of course the Champions League. And the availability of players like Jesus, Zinchenko, Tomiyasu, Emil Smith Row, Vieira and Partey could prove to be significant in achieving the success we all are craving for. 

Wow. What a fantastic list of missing persons we've got! Who says that Arsenal's squad is thin. But is it really?

No problem about our goalkeepers right? Raya is proving a top signing after his initial wobbles. 

Centre backs ? Yes Saliba and Gabriel are top players and hard to replace but I consider Ben White in particular as a very competent deputy with the now fit Tomiyasu ready to slot in at right back if need be.

Don't forget that Kiwior is a centre back after all now playing at left back. He seems to be unsure of his role there but beginning to get used to it. 

Left back? We have Zinchenko, Tomiyasu and Kiwior. 

Central midfield? With the soon to be added Partey we have Rice and jorghino. Very strong.

Left and right midfielders? Havertz, Emil Smith Row, Trossard and Odergaard.

Forwards? We have four very good forwards in Saka, Martinelli, Jesus and Trossard for three places. But Jesus and Trossard can replace either of Saka and Martinelli and Havertz can play the false 9 as well as Trossard! The stand ins I consider not as strong eg Nketiah and Nelson.

Nevertheless with all the returning players I believe we are ready to go on a run deep into both competitions we are involved and maybe win one.

Let's make it five in a row by not underestimating Burnley today.


White Saliba Gabriel Kiwior 

Odegaard Rice Havertz 

Saka Trossard Martinelli