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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Diaby, Aneke, Yennaris and Miyaichi impress in Malaysia

By 1970’s Gooner

It was a mixture of youth and more experienced players that Wenger put out in each half. What was very evident was the Arsenal players’ lack of fitness compared to the Malaysian players who are well ahead in terms of their preparations and hence in their organization and competitiveness.

And it showed in both halves where Arsenal had the more clear cut chances but could not put the ball in the net. Santos’s and Afobe’s failure to steer the ball home when left with only the goalkeeper to beat were prime examples.

Nevertheless these matches are there for gaining fitness (and money). And both objectives were obviously met!

A number of players impressed.

Firstly all eyes were on Diaby, starting his first game this season after missing nearly all last season through injury. There is no doubt about it. When he is fit he will be a fantastic addition to the Arsenal squad and I think first team.

He was pulling the strings from midfield, looked at ease and passed the ball forward and accurately. Let’s hope he suffers no ill effects.

Can you imagine what a choice of central midfielders we will have if all goes well? Song, Diaby, Arteta, Ramsey, Coquelin and Wilshere and Frimpong when they get back!

I would include in this list Aneke, who impressed me during his second half performance.

He is tall and strong and was almost faultless. He along with Song carried the game to the Malaysians and did of course score the winner after a beautiful one two with Miguel.

Niko Yennaris is coming up in leaps and bounds. He is much stronger physically and knows how to defend. He is also brave and is not afraid to go forward. He showed all these qualities today and set up the equaliser for Eisfeld.

Miyaichi showed he has quality and speed. He was always looking to get behind their defence and cut balls in. He is ready for the first team and I think should not be sent out on loan.

Chamakh again was dismal. Really what did Wenger see in him when he signed him on? The guy is not even championship material. He could not hold the ball or pass it accurately. The sooner we get rid of him and save his massive salary the better.

And on to the next game on tour. Next match Friday Vs Manchester City.

Friday, July 06, 2012

A new striker and formation for Wenger?

By 1970’s Gooner
I don’t see the Arsenal majority owners and Wenger forcing RVP to stay till the end of his contract. That will be financial suicide. Foregoing 25m for another year?

It’s a no brainer when you realise that these people are running a business whose main activity happens to be playing football. You only have to look what decision they took with Nasri and you will realise what the outcome will be.

So RVP is out. Let’s move forward. What will Wenger do? Blood in Giroud right at the deep end, a year earlier than he anticipated rather than the gradual introduction he would have planned?

This will not be ideal as time is not on his side. Who else does he have available? Chamakh is on his way out and can not cut it at this level. Park the same. Bendtner is soon on his bike.

Wenger has the option of buying another striker. Does he have one in mind? Is there someone out there who has the quality required and can be persuaded to join a team whose stars are jumping ship?

Wenger has another option which can be value for money as well as not requiring the usual adjustment period to the Premier League.  Promote from within.

Theo Walcott has I believe the ingredients to step up the plate and capture that position he always craved for. He has the technical skills and goal scoring ability. He will I believe prove to be a revelation.

And it’s not as though we will suffer in the wide midfield positions if he is moved elsewhere. There is the Ox, Podolski, Gervinho and Arshavin. Giroud will also get games thus releasing Walcott to play on the wing etc…

Wenger may twig the formation and way of playing to accommodate Theo’s main strength, which is his speed, by playing through balls behind the defence for him to run on. Just like he did when Anelka burst into the first team.

He may also encompass the Spain way of playing by not having a recognised striker as such, maintaining possession of the ball with the midfielders and forwards all taking up forward positions as the need arises.

Revolutionary? Mad? Call it what you like. But it may prove to be a master stroke….

Sunday, July 01, 2012

The comments and indignation from Spurs fans was brilliant. Mind the Gap?

By 1970’s Gooner
It seems that yesterday’s post “Tottenhams breakdown already beginning” struck an extremely sensitive nerve among the Spurs fans. It is not always nice to be told some very apparent home truths about the sorry state that your team is marching towards.

Arkadiy an Arsenal fan said:

“Judging by the Sp*r's response, it looks as if they are all afraid that what it says is going to turn out to be true. Maybe the window of opportunity has just closed!”

Although most of the irate comments that were left by the Spurs fans on the blog concentrated on berating the quality of the post, none really countered the logical arguments posited.

MJB an Arsenal fan put it succinctly:

“Interesting that most of the comments are by spuds who are stating the article is 'bollocks' but don't state why. Moan that a gooner is 'obsessing' over their team yet the majority of postings here, on a gunner site, are by spuds. Apparently they get insulted at an opposition supporter stating the bleeding obvious totally oblivious to the FACT their team is in the shit due to the departing players and sacked manager who put them in a strong position last season”

A lot of Arsenal fans indicated the gap that exists between the two teams both in history and tradition as well as achievements on the football front.

GoonerMac commented :

“A daft article with very little substance and didn't really need to be written, unless it's a complete wind-up of the spuds. However the comments and indignation from spurs fans is brilliant, if not completely misplaced. A lot are dismissive of the article as being short on substance & fact yet don't counter with any substance or fact of their own.

Facts are that Arsenal finish above Tottenham consistently (16 consecutive seasons now I believe), Arsenal consistently finish in the top 4 and play CL football whilst Tottenham have managed CL qualification only once and Arsenal are one of only 5 teams to have won the EPL (Tottenham not being one of the other 4!!).

Every year we get the "this is our year and we'll finish above Arsenal" from Spurs and it never happens.

With the self destruct button looking like it's been pushed by Levy in sacking their only decent manager & backroom staff in recent history the trend for Arsenal to be the top North London team looks to be continued for some time to come.

Forever in our shadow.....oh & mind the gap - it could be getting much, much wider.

An anonymous reader wrote:

“Spurs fans are always there to try and ridicule or laugh at us. You’re like the ugly sister constantly wanting bad luck on the pretty sister. Inferiority complex, which doesn’t help the team one bit. Concentrate in your own game.

Oh and do mind that gap”