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Friday, April 13, 2018

VAR would have probably chalked off Bergkamp's goal at Newcastle

By 1970's Gooner

I am glad that VAR's introduction into the PL has been put off till next year. It needs to be tried and tested a lot more than what has been attempted so far and it would have caused havoc with the enjoyment of the game by the millions round the world paying to watch it every week.

One of the greatest goals scored in the PL is undoubtedly Bergkamp's delightful pass to himself round the hapless Newcastle defender Nikos Dabizas.

However looking at it again (Arsenal's away goals at Newcastle are featured on it struck me that if VAR was in operation then it would probably have been chalked off. As Bergkamp gets himself in front of Dabizas his hand is stretched behind him on the defender's chest and pushes him off.

We face an away trip to Newcastle next Sunday. We have been abysmal away from home this season amassing to what I think is the second lowest number of points on the road!

Add the fact that a lot of payers will be rested and we may have to face another disjointed and uninterested performance.

Logical prediction: defeat
Hopeful prediction : away win