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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cazorla going through a patchy period

By 1970's Gooner

Santi Cazorla has not been at his best recently. His average performances culminated in a below par display against Anderlecht followed by another similar display at Sunderland.

In the absence of Ozil (in the occasions when he plays as a number 10) the team is crying out for a creative more advanced player who can play behind the number 9 and link play between the midfield and the attack. Sadly Santi has not stepped up the plate.

Wenger now has a decision to make. Does he persist with him or does he bring in someone else.

In my opinion Tomas Rosicky should be given a starting birth. He is fit, combative and very direct always looking for the forward pass. And more importantly he can score goals!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Arteta and Flamini may now become regular starters together

By 1970's Gooner

It was about time Wenger realised that his team selection was a little unbalanced. He has always in recent times selected only one defensive midfielder (either Arteta or Flamini) and played a more forward minded Ramsey (or Wilshere) in central midfield. The rest of the team barring the four at the back are all forwards. In fact the two full backs become wingers when we go forward!

Don't tell me that this is an unbalanced team formation. And of course slightly clever teams with fast wingers and explosive midfielders are set up to defend compactly and break forward with speed. They have managed to get rewards up to now. Especially when you consider that the back four are now a makeshift defence with Monreal at centre back and Chambers at right back.

It was no surprise therefore that for the away game at Sunderland Wenger having seen how disjointed and exposed the back four and midfield were in Belgium decided to offer more protection by leaving Ramsey out of the line up and started with Arteta and Flamini in central midfield (without wishing to brag about it I suggested prior to the Sunderland game that the line up should indeed contain Arteta and Flamini).

Indeed this formation of 4 2 1 3 should now become more common for the difficult away games and against our competitors for the top 4 spots. It will provide a more solid and compact defensive formation and the springboard for the more creative players to inflict the damage that they are so capable of at the other end.

N.A Monreal's performance at Sunderland was very good and he is improving with every game.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Rosicky the surprise starter against Sunderland

By 1970's Gooner

The horrid display at Anderlecht made obvious two major weaknesses that need to be addressed for the Sunderland game and the ones that will follow.

The defence is already weak and needs to be protected.

Monreal is playing out of position and looks it. He is not up to it. Chambers can do so much and he is bound to start having average games. That is why in midfield we have to offer them protection at least.

Flamini over Arteta for me for this reason but on their own will prove not enough. You can't have Ramsey and Wilshere playing there because they both roam forward leaving the rest exposed. This has to be addressed by playing both Arteta and Flamini with say Ramsey box to box. Until Koscienly comes back at least.

Cazorla is having a bad run of form. Keep him out.

In my opinion it's time to give Rosicky a run. It will be a surprise but a much needed change. He is much more direct than Cazorla and can defend well when needed (adding more defensive nous in the team). Cazorla remember was very near but not near enough for the first goals we conceded against Chelsea AND Hull!

The team against Sunderland should thus be as follows in a 4 2 1 3 formation:

Zscsesny, Chambers, Monreal, BFG, Gibbs, Arteta, Flamini, Ramsey, Sanchez, Rosicky, Welbeck .

The Ox, Podolski and Campell could come on if we need to get something out of the game.

Jenkinson to be recalled?

By 1970's Gooner

Wenger has only himself to blame. He overloaded on attacking midfielders during the recent transfer windows and neglected the dire need to get in competent, not necessarily technically gifted defensive midfielders and central defenders.

He let Vermaelen AND Jenkinson go and intentionally took a chance that his first choice defenders will not get injured. Hell they didn't. Even  a 5 year old knows that injuries do happen in football. But no he had to take a chance. Why didn't he at least keep Jenkinson... He can recall him now. That's the mature decision to take. Will he do it?

No chance.

This type of reckless behaviour is characteristic of a manager who is not under any pressure to win anything. Can you imagine Mourinho, Pellegrini or any other manager who WANTS to win the league leave his defensive cover so exposed?

They will get the sack if they do not win anything. But Wenger knows that the Arsenal Board are eating out of his hands because he gets the team in the CL places! Because the aim my dear fellows is to make profits for the shareholders not to please the fans necessarily.

Have you heard a top team in any league declare that finishing 4th is a trophy in itself?

Ok maybe it was when we were paying for the loan to build the stadium. But now? What's the excuse Mr Wenger?

You know what? Wenger cannot get out of the 'finishing 4th is good enough mode' I tell you.

It allows him to indulge in his biasedness of developing young talent into stars, playing an overbalanced attacking football (which renders his teams vulnerable to counter attacks from tactically more astute teams and managers) and recruits small technically gifted players at the expense of sturdy, tall and robust midfielders and defenders.

That's why, by the way, we get more injuries than any other team in the PL. You don't need an in depth study to find out why we get so many injuries!