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Monday, October 30, 2017

What's happened to Mustafi?

By 1970's Gooner

I am worried about the game at Man City. I am not worried about them, their performance and form are all there for all to see. They will play the full attacking game and put pressure on the ball when they haven't got it.

I am worried about two things. One is the tactics that Wenger should employ to nullify their threats and the other is Mertesacker.

In previous seasons, in similar games, Wenger would ask his players to play their open attacking game and then get slaughtered. There have been two deviations form this.

The away win at Man City a few years back which set us on a winning run but was soon abandoned thereafter.

The other was this season's away draw at Chelsea where a beautiful balance was struck between defence and attack. We restricted Chelsea quite adequately and were unlucky not to win the game.

Can Wenger though play the same way against Man City? Remember in the Chelsea game both Ozil and Sanchez did not start (Sanchez came on as a sub for Welbeck).

I think Wenger will start both of them but I simply do not see Ozil carrying his defensive duties when we are not in possession.

My other main worry is Mertesacker.

He was awful against Swansea. He was too slow, got caught in possession and of course with his lack of pace was vulnerable to speedy attackers taking him on.

He was also at fault, along with Xhaka, for Everton's first goal.

Which brings me on to Mustafi. Where is he? Wrenger told the press last week that he was close to being available for selection after overcoming his injury. But he was not even on the bench against Swansea, Holding was!

Now has Mustafi returning on the 18th of November!

It's not that I rate Mustafi highly, he is at best an average defender who needs to improve his game. But a fit Mustafi would have got in ahead of Mertesacker.

Still I was saying the same thing before the FA Cup final and Mertesacker was probably man of the match!


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