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Friday, March 30, 2007

A bid for Arsenal is on the cards. Reading between the lines….

Two significant items have happened in the last 24 hours.

First, Stan Kroenke has distanced himself from a statement made by a Mr. Mainka, a spokesman for MLS Colorado Rapids (which is owned by Kroenke). In Mr Mainka's statement it was claimed that Kroenke was not interested in making a bid for Arsenal!

So one can interpret Kroenke’s refusal to acknowledge Mr. Mainka that he is indeed interested in Arsenal.

Secondly Keith Edelman, Managing Director of the club, broke the club’s silence on the matter saying that the directors were committed to the club.

This does not however imply that the club will not be sold.

It may mean that the core of the Directors will remain at the club after a new owner comes in. This may be part of the deal that may already have been agreed! And this explains Fiszman’s initial sale of 1% of the club’s shares probably preparing for his full exit from the club (it also earned him a nice premium as the price of the shares has gone up since he sold the initial 1%)!

The transfer of shares from Friar to Hillwood falls in line with this interpretation. Yes, it may have been a past loan between the two but the reason the shares have been returned at this particular juncture probably implies that the latter wishes to dispose them! To the new owner?

Is Mr Wenger aware of what is going on?

Keith Edelman’s statement of “commitment to the club” probably implies that continuity as far as the manager is concerned is part and parcel of the deal.


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