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Thursday, March 15, 2007

If you don't buy a lottery ticket ............

As wished for in the previous posting Silva did in the end play at centre half but again AW continues to select Denilson at central midfield where Diaby should have played. And Diaby is much less effective on the left wing. The man is not a winger! We all know that Diaby will be Silva’s successor so why AW persists in this selection policy is a mystery. Of course the whole of the team suffers for it.
I was also proved right about Aliadiere. He is not a natural goal scorer and the hat trick of chances he missed was ample proof of that. And as predicted he faded again in the second half. Maybe he only needs to score a few goals and get his confidence back or AW should consider playing him on the wing now that the team has a real need for such a player. I think he will prove much more effective from there due to his pace and can become established at this position saving AW from having to enter the transfer market and save a few million pounds in the process.
Due to the lack of goal scoring ability in last night’s forward line it was not obvious where a goal was going to come from. And fair dues to Baptista at least he is not afraid to shoot. And if you don’t buy a lottery ticket you don’t win the lottery! Lampard is doing it all the time so why not Baptista or Fabregas or even Hleb!
At least it was a clean sheet! Even with Senderos coming on again at the time of a set piece being taken against the defence. We wonder however whether against a more potent team if Arsenal would have kept the opposition out.

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