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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Why are Henry, Fabregas, Silva, Rosicky and Djourou speaking out at the same time?

It’s déjà vu! For another year instead of being linked with players to come into the team our best players are touted around Europe. But for the first time I am not unhappy about it! There is logic behind my madness.

Arsenal Analysis resident season ticket holder at the Emirates, South Stand: Row 5 has an explanation for the recent comments made by some of the Arsenal pros.

Thierry Henry speaks out or comes out?

Thierry Henry has over the last few years been linked with all the top European clubs. However never in the past has he openly spoken against the club or gave any indication that he wanted to go.

Even last year when he was very close to joining Barca all he said was that he needs time to make his mind up. For the first time this year he is openly talking about his dissatisfaction for some of the staff going on and how Dein was so important to the club.

However, Henry is well aware that if he goes to any other club in Europe, the whole team will not necessarily be set up around him. At Arsenal Wenger provides him with all the tools to showcase his talent to the full. I am not sure that that would happen elsewhere.

And he knows that without Wenger he might not be as good a player as he is now. Arsenal Analysis in a recent post “Henry for Barcelona” argued that there are strong reasons for Henry to stay at Arsenal. I don’t for one moment think that he is seriously thinking of leaving.

If this is so why is he allowing some doubt to creep in? Is it intentional?

Cesc will stay if Wenger stays

Last year Cesk signed a new 8-year contract. I don’t believe for a second that he agreed the new deal without being given some assurances that Wenger would be at the club for at least a significant part of that contract.

Wenger is the best coach of young talent of the world. If he leaves now Cesk might never fulfil the early hype. It is no wonder then that Cesk has said that if Wenger were leaving then he would probably do the same.

Is this a threat aimed at the Board?

Not only that but Rosicky, Gilberto and now Djourou almost in tandem are coming out stressing the importance of the coach and the captain remaining at the club.

You don’t normally see these kind of comments coming out from a club’s senior (and not so senior in the case of Djourou) players.

Are all these comments somehow connected?

I think all the noises coming out are simply some muscle flexing by some of the pros at the club’s playing side. It looks as they are trying to make sure that the Board understands that without Wenger and the talent he has assembled, the club is in danger, especially with the debt that they have taken on to fund the new stadium.

If standards on the field drop then they won’t be able to charge the same high prices or sell out the stadium. And the servicing of the large stadium debt will be jeopardised.

In other words are these players sending a message to the Board to get it together and see some sense? To take it a step further, are they trying to pave the way for the return of the Wenger and Dein show?

The long term success of the club depends on Wenger staying at Arsenal until at least 2011 and the return of Dein may indeed be connected.


Anonymous said...

I hope what you are saying is true and that henry and fab are not leaving

Anonymous said...

For henry to say that he is lattered by Milan wanting him it means he is probably thinking about leaving. But we can cope without him. look what happened when vieira left. Cesc tok up the mantle.

Anonymous said...

They are all trying to send a massage to the board. I hope this doesn't affect the football side of things next season