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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Diouf: “Arsenal deal for Nasri to be announced in a few days”

By Aries

Ben Arfa who has interested Arsene Wenger before may have now played a major part in Samir Nasri’s deal with Arsenal finally going through.

This is because Marseille, his new club, could not raise the cash to pay the transfer fee to Lyon unless they sold Nasri to Arsenal.

The deal for Nasri had been delayed however until the player and his agent agreed personal terms with Arsenal.

Arsene Wenger had admitted as much when he said recently:

“It is more complicated now because the wage differences (between the French and the English league) are not as big as they used to be.

“It is very difficult (to transfer players from the French league) but England is considered one of the two top leagues and the best players want to play against the best players.”

Now it seems that Ben Arfa due to his impetuosity accelerated the process of both players changing clubs in tandem, even further.

He had gone against Lyon’s wishes who wanted him to turn up for training with them by setting up camp at La Commanderie, Marseille’s training headquarters.

Lyon had no other choice but to reluctantly agree to the transfer going through.

They have confirmed on their official website that Ben Arfa has been allowed to sign for Marseille after the two clubs agreed a fee of 12 m euro. He has already been assigned the number 20 shirt.

Marseille’s president Papa Diouf is now very keen to close the Nasri deal and be done with it.

He did give an indication that Nasri’s move to Arsenal looked imminent.

“An announcement would be made in two days” he said to the French press today and then corrected it by saying that it will be “in a few days”!

Let’s hope that this saga finally comes to an end and Samir Nasri finally becomes an Arsenal player. Pre season training starts soon anyway.

I wonder which shirt number Nasri will be given at Arsenal...Hleb’s?

Wenger: “Nasri has a considerable margin for improvement”. But what about his wages?


Anonymous said...

This topic have a tendency to become boring but with your creativeness its great.

Anonymous said...

Such a nice blog. I hope you will create another post like this.

Anonymous said...

yeah, I cant wait to hear this story again, and again, and again, and again......yawns.

Haribo said...

You say the Nasri deal is delayed due to the negotiation of personal terms with the player.

You then claim Wenger has "admitted as much".

Your evidence for this is one quotation that Wenger made several weeks ago ion response to a question about Benzema staying with Lyon.

In conclusion - your writing is misleading, you are wasting your time adding up lots of twos to make fives, you have no idea what is happening with the Nasri deal, and this is all extremely tedious.

Anonymous said...

I think he will get Ljungbergs number 8 :)

Anonymous said...

this whole nasri thing is pissing me off

Anonymous said...

I have some official news unlike the innacurate ramblings of this blog. Nasri was meant to be unveiled today, but in his contract he said he wanted to announce his move on a sunny day. Due to the unpredictable weather we have, and the weather forecast predicting rain for the next 3 days, he will be unveiled on the next sunny day. This looks like it might be next Monday as he has the weekends off

TimR said...

I know exactly what has happened as I work for the Arsenal Press office. Truth is we lost him. We told him we would pick him up outside Victoria coach station at half past six last Wednesday evening but when big Pat went to pick him up there was no sign of him. We have started putting up posters on lamp posts around N5 but no one has called yet. As soon as he turns up we will announce the signing. Honest - so just relax.

Anonymous said...

HAHA, only Arsenal take DAYS to sign a few documents.

this deal is borrrrring.

i dont ever want to hear the word nasri again.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think Nasri will get rthe NO 8 shirt.

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